Update on Libertarian Party of New York Candidates

Mark Axinn, the chairman of the Libertarian Party of New York, had this to say in a comment on IPR’s October Open Thread October 2:

The New York Board of Elections has certified the ballot. The statewide (non-federal offices) candidates are listed here .

Michael McDermott

We are listed for the four statewide races and the 5th SD (Gigi Bowman) and 37th (John Kevin Wilson) and 139th (Mark Glogowski) ADs.

Additionally David Casavis is running as R-l in the 73rd AD. He submitted but did not get enough sigs to qualify for Libertarian line as well.

Unfortunately, Gia Arnold did not qualify for the 62nd Senate District. The BOE Comissioners found she did not have enough valid signatures.

The lawsuit filed against Gigi Bowman by the incumbent Republican Marcellino has been moved to another county, Albany. However, Mrs. Bowman’s name WILL be on the ballot. IPR will keep this article updated with news of the lawsuit as it progresses. We reported on the filing of the lawsuit here .

Michael McDermott is running for governor. He and his campaign team have issued a few videos. Here is the text that accompanied the first video, along with the video:

Michael McDermott, Libertarian, for New York State Governor.

Michael McDermott is a Libertarian running for New York State Governor.

He is running because he believes that for decades our future has been dictated by the failed policies of the Democrat & Republican parties and their entrenched special interest groups, resulting in an exodus of jobs and people leaving New York.

As a Libertarian, his plan is to reduce Government in a responsible way, through a well thought out step-by step process. There will be a dramatic reduction of Government intrusion into the lives and business of New Yorkers. Using Libertarian policies, I will see to it that every New Yorker will be less burdened by red tape, failed policies and wasted spending of YOUR money under my leadership.

Mr. McDermott asks one thing from you – VOTE. Vote for the ONLY candidate that is going to reverse the ever growing state government and give YOU back the power. Freedom and liberty ARE worth fighting for. Together, we will reduce your tax burden, increase your freedom and restore the liberty and pride that every New Yorker wants to have in our great state.

Only 48 days to the election and we need to get our message of freedom and liberty to every New Yorker which takes money. The major media outlets won’t cover us, so we need to ask everyone who can to donate, share emails to your own lists and help us get the word out as much as possible.

Thank you very much.

The McDermott Campaign Team

Here is the second video:

And, here is another:


8 thoughts on “Update on Libertarian Party of New York Candidates

  1. Mark Axinn

    Michael McDermott will be on WBEN radio 930 AM (Buffalo, NY) on Sunday from 11 – 11:30 AM. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell everyone to listen in! You can also catch him at http://www.wben.com/ and click on “Listen Live”.

  2. Mark Axinn

    Still planning on the Buffalo debate (middle of next week).

    No word yet as to whether Cuomo or Astorino will accept.

  3. paulie

    Thanks for update. It’s possible that a public pressure campaign may help.

    As of the last time I heard, Astorino wants only himself, Hawkins and Cuomo in the debate. Cuomo says he wants McDermott included as well. Since Cuomo is way ahead in the polls and doesn’t need the debate he should be in a good position to dictate the terms, if he can be persuaded to make it a priority.

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