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Mark Axinn, Chairman of Libertarian Party of New York, Is Interviewed About Libertarianism

Mark Axinn, who is currently Chairman of the Libertarian Party of New York, is interviewed by Debora Vincent D’Souza, a Columbia Journalism School student.

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Jill Pyeatt

Jill Pyeatt is a small-business owner and jewelry designer from Southern California. She currently serves on the Judicial Committee of the Libertarian Party of CA. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. paulie paulie February 18, 2015

    She’s offscreen asking Axinn questions, which Axinn answers, mixed in with scenes of maxing and relaxing.

  2. Mark Axinn Mark Axinn February 18, 2015


    Deborah asked lots of inciteful questions, so it was easy to respond to her.

  3. Darcy G. Richardson Darcy G. Richardson February 18, 2015

    Yes, I couldn’t agree more. That was a great interview by Mark.

  4. Andy Andy February 18, 2015

    Good job in the interview.

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