New York Conservative Party is Unhappy that Rob Astorino is Going Ahead with “Reform Party”

Rob Astorino

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

This article says that Rob Astorino, the Republican nominee for Governor of New York last year, is going ahead with plans to change the name of his puppet party, “Stop Common Core Party”, to “Reform Party.” The story also says the Conservative Party of New York asked him not do this, but to no effect.

From the article cited:

On Monday night, the state’s Conservative Party held its 48th annual conference in Albany. There, the state executive committee unanimously passed a motion questioning the need for a reform party.

“It was a single-issue party, and I think my leaders feel hurt that they worked so hard to get Rob on the ballot, and now, they’re going to change the name to the Reform Party,” said Michael Long, chairman of the New York State Conservative Party.

Conservative Party critics say there are already too many parties in New York State. Common Core got more than 51,000 votes last fall, meaning it automatically appears on the ballot in 2018. Astorino’s team plans to file the paperwork next week with the state Board of Elections to change the party’s name.

The dispute is similar to one Cuomo had during the campaign when he created the Women’s Equality Party. That, too, got more than 50,000 votes, which means it will also be on the ballot in 2018.

“I remember that whole debate,” Long said. ” That was a direct hit, I think. He did it to effectuate for two reasons. One, to gather women’s votes, and two, to hurt the Working Families Party.”

2 thoughts on “New York Conservative Party is Unhappy that Rob Astorino is Going Ahead with “Reform Party”

  1. AndyCraig

    Any word from the Perot-founded Reform Party? I understand they don’t have ballot status (or even an active affiliate?) in NY, but still… “Reform Party” is an actual alt.-party with a modicum of name recognition, even if it’s faded. There are a lot of people out there who voted for Perot as the “Reform Party” candidate in 1996. They still have FEC registration, if I recall correctly. Is it possible for them to hold an enforceable trademark on the “Reform Party” name?

    I find New York’s sham D/R-controlled fusion parties to be distasteful, bordering on dishonest, and harmful to actual alt. party efforts because it provokes a push-back on ballot access. It’s one thing if you have a party, like Conservative or WFP, that selectively nominates the D/R nominee as a fusion line. But parties created for no other purpose than to give the D/R nominee multiple ballot lines with fuzzy-sounding vote-getting labels? Blech.

    In 2014, Andrew Cuomo (D) appeared on the ballot four times. Rob Asotrino (R) appeared on the ballot three times. At what point does it start to be an equal protection problem for the other candidates who only get to appear once? In a couple years, are we going to start seeing ballots with six or seven ballot lines for each of the major-party nominees, and only one line for the third-party candidates? How is that not rigging the ballot design, just as much as if the Dem/GOP candidate names were printed several times bigger than their competitors?

  2. Mark Axinn

    Not only that, but then the ballot (outside NYC) was physically designed to put the Libertarian Party candidates in the most obscure location.

    The Conservative Party is a parasite, just like Working Families and the two new shams. There once was a time when the Conservative Party had some backbone and occasionally nominated its own candidates separate from the Republicans, the most notable of course being James Buckley who won the 1970 election for US Senator, but that is long gone. It was no big deal for them to get Astorino on the ballot this year (Long’s quote about how hard his leaders had to work is total horseshit; it’s very easy for a recognized party in New York to get its nominated candidates on the ballot in New York).

    The only reason they are ticked is because the newest parasite will be sucking at the same teat and they won’t get to keep as much of the spoils for themselves as before.

    Aw gee…

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