Kenn Gividen & Bob Whitaker to Run for President & Vice President for the American Freedom Party

Kenn Gividen

Kenn Gividen, who in 2004 was the Libertarian Party’s nominee for governor of Indiana (31,664 votes, 1.29%), has filed with the FEC to run for president with the American Freedom Party. Gividen serves on the AFP’s board of directors. From the AFP website:

Kenn Gividen is the editor of, on online news presence with a focus on conservative, libertarian, and paleo-conservative perspectives. Kenn writes extensively on black-on-white violent crime. He was the 2004 Libertarian candidate for governor in Indiana where he currently lives with his wife of 38 years and manages his direct marketing business.

Gividen’s running mate is Bob Whitaker. According to Metapedia:

Robert W. Whitaker also Bob Whitaker (born in 1941) is an American white nationalist, writer and political activist. He has been a college professor, international aviation negotiator, Capitol Hill staffer, Reagan Administration appointee, and writer for the Voice of America. He has written numerous articles and three books in his own name. He is perhaps best known for being the creator of The Mantra, a strategy to fight white genocide. Robert resides now in Columbia, South Carolina.

Jamie Kelso announced the ticket March 8th on his radio show, The American Freedom Party Report.

4 thoughts on “Kenn Gividen & Bob Whitaker to Run for President & Vice President for the American Freedom Party

  1. Richard Winger

    It’s odd he chose the American Freedom Party, because most of the leaders of that party left and started the American Eagle Party. I don’t think there is any substance remaining for the American Freedom Party.

  2. Jed Ziggler Post author

    In 2012 the AFP was on the ballot in Colorado & New Jersey as “American Third Position”, and in Tennessee as “Independent”.

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