8 thoughts on “Gary Johnson urges Susana Martinez to sign New Mexico civil asset forfeiture reform bill

  1. Mark Herd

    Gary Johnson needs to take a tax policy class. Or he can read this. A flat tax is not a fair tax. A flat tax is a punitive tax as it punishes the poor and middle class who will pay the most taxes while the 1% couldn’t care less. It’s also Washington’s way to sell us a new and ADDITIONAL form of taxation. Stop this republican governor who never pardoned all our stoner prisoners. Gary blew great libertarian opportunities when serving as a Republican Gov.

  2. Mark Herd

    Andy, your video has lots of great msm characters and I love the Alex Jones genre music in the background. Now back to my good book “Who killed Kennedy, Oswald or Castro?

  3. Andy Craig

    I doubt it, but couldn’t have hurt. She was on the fence about it, supposedly, and only signed it literally a few minutes before it would have been pocket-vetoed with the leg. out of session for the year.

  4. paulie

    I think it’s possible. I think Gary told me they’re friends, but I could be mixing up which NM Republican female state official he was talking about.

  5. Andy Craig

    I remember him saying he voted for her in 2010 but not in 2014 (neither race had a Libertarian candidate). There’s a video of that out there somewhere. He gets asked with some regularity by the local outlets in NM to give his take on state politics, as most ex-Governors are.

    As an aside, he technically isn’t term-limited any more (the limit is only on more than two consecutive terms). I doubt he has any interest in it, but he could run for NM Gov. in 2018 as a Libertarian… 😉

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