Libertarian Party: Oppose phony trade deals like TPP, embrace real free and open trade

Press Release via the Libertarian Party:

Secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade bill lets foreign governments and foreign special interests control American medical care, banking, the Internet, and even civil liberties

Republicans howled when Nancy Pelosi famously said, “We have to pass [Obamacare] so that you can find out what is in it.” Now GOP lawmakers, who control the U.S. House, are following suit in their passage of a new Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade bill.

After rejecting an earlier version of the bill last week, the House passed a new TPP bill on June 18 which gives President Obama carte blanche to negotiate and sign a massive anti-American trade treaty with eleven other Pacific nations without public oversight or news coverage. They’ll have a short period of time, after the hundreds-of-pages-long treaty is finally published, to cast an up-or-down, take-it-or-leave-it vote.

Although Congress will get to see the text of the final treaty before the final vote, they and the American public will have insufficient time to review it. Congress will be under intense pressure to pass it, and serious objections will likely be given short shrift. This appears to be their plan, allowing them to avoid public scrutiny of TPP’s provisions until after it is passed and the heat is off.

“The two old parties will happily work together to get special favors for particular industries and interests, even if they have to hide the specifics from the American people to do so,” said Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee.

While the current version of the treaty remains hidden from public view, portions of it have been released by WikiLeaks. They already show that it betrays and trumps the U.S. Constitution, sells out American freedoms, and grants foreign governments vast control over American medicine, the Internet, banking services, intellectual property, and civil liberties. It also grants multi-national corporations the right to sue the U.S. government where domestic companies are forbidden to do so.

“The Libertarian Party opposes TPP and other secretive pacts being negotiated between the U.S. and countries worldwide, including the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and the Trade In Services Agreement (TISA),” said Sarwark. “The Libertarian Party supports free trade with all people and countries around the world.  Real free trade is the reduction of barriers and the de-escalation of trade wars — not secret negotiations over winners and losers.”

“The vast majority of job losses in America did not result from trade agreements,” he continued. “The real culprits are the politicians and special interests who push for onerous government regulations, high taxes, and trade barriers that weaken American companies and which also prohibit American families from openly and freely shopping for the best buys for their families.”

“To actually help the American economy, we should simply repeal laws and withdraw from trade agreements that violate the Constitution or restrict free and open trade. This will stimulate the American economy, preserve and expand our diminishing freedoms, and maintain our sovereignty as a nation,” said Sarwark.

2 thoughts on “Libertarian Party: Oppose phony trade deals like TPP, embrace real free and open trade

  1. dkmeller1

    I still intend to support the LP lower tier candidates, on the local, state, and Congressional levels, but Trump is looking like an ever more attractive choice for President. GJ and Weld have to get a grip on themselves, and on Libertarian philosophy-at least to the extent of truthfully advocating it to the American public, whether he gets in the Presidential debates or not.

    This means a demand for the full legalization of all currently restricted or “controlled” substances-not ONLY marijuana-this means a complete return of welfare and education responsibilities to families, charities, churches, and local communities, with NO benefits going to immigrants (eventually for anybody else!) a total commitment to the Constitution, ESPECIALLY the II Amendment (needed now more than ever!), a full and independent audit of the Federal Reserve, with an eye toward its replacement and abolition as soon as possible, and closing down all military bases overseas (a la Ron Paul) as quickly as possible. If he and Weld can’t or won’t distinguish their politics from Democrats tepid and hesitant support for civil liberties, and Republicans’ even more tepid support for economic freedom, and balanced budget, and ‘limited government”, Trump would be our reasonable choice. At least he HAS distinguished much of his platform and intentions from the Stupid Party and the Dumbercrats!

    I could go on, but you everybody who will vote for him (and Weld) should understand. If they can’t, or won’t, or even believe that they shouldn’t do this, then we must look for other alternatives and kiss the LP Presidential effort this year good-bye, preparing for better days on the local, state, and Congressional levels.


  2. langa

    I agree with all of the above comment, except for the part about voting for Trump. Not voting at all (which is what I am most likely to do) makes a hell of a lot more sense than voting for Trump.

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