Video/Song Released for Loser Campaign

Carl R. Loser is a Libertarian Candidate for Senate District 10 in the state of Virginia.

His website can be found here.

14 thoughts on “Video/Song Released for Loser Campaign

  1. Andy

    That was great. I did not realize that the black guy doing the rapping was not the candidate at first. He ought to consider running for office. It is refreshing to see somebody who is not a white campaigning for the Libertarian Party. I have long thought that there are lot more non-whites (and women too for that matter) who agree, or would agree if they knew about it, with the Libertarian Party than have been represented in our party ranks. I am glad to see that this guy is out there, and I hope to see/hear more from him in the future.

    This video out to be made into a TV commercial.

  2. Matt Cholko

    The rapper, Sage, is the Loser campaign manager. I’ve met him. We spoke for an hour or so about outreach to minorities. He seemed to understand the issue, and the importance of it. I hope we see a lot from him in the future, and I think there’s a good chance that we will. He strikes me as a “doer”, but not one that will be easily discouraged and disappear after a year.

  3. Andy

    “This video out to be made into a TV commercial.”

    Should read, “This video ought to be made into a TV commercial.”

  4. Starchild

    I’m right there with Andy on both counts… (1) I thought the rapper was the candidate until I read the comments, and (2) the first thing that came to mind when I saw the headline was the Beck hit!

    Nevertheless, the campaign song rocks! Musically he has great flow, it’s very listenable, and lyrically it delivers. It’s not easy to accomplish all that at the same time in a political track that’s trying to communicate a serious message. I want to hear the rest of the album, when will it be out? 🙂

    The name “Loser” really has all kinds of potential for an LP candidate who’s willing to play with it as Carl evidently is. The fact that Libertarians are often branded as losers makes it funny — turn that shit around and own it.

    I do think it would still be cool if the campaign did something with Beck’s smash hit “Loser”… All it needs are a few new words! If Sage is up for rapping it, I’ve got the lyrics… 🙂

    First verse…
    In this time of elephonkees, I’m a porcupine
    They sayin’ I’m deranged but our freedom’s on the line
    With the public’s eyeballs glazed over like vegetables
    Dog food sells cause to sheep it’s lookin’ edible

    Rubber-stamp the winners and pretend to be neutral
    Kill the Bill of Rights it interferes with their control
    Back in Iraq with the military
    Police in Ferguson now they got their own Humvees

    Someone keeps saying I’m insane to complain
    About the pigs with the guns and they treat us like dirt
    Don’t believe every lie that they weave
    You’ve got parking violations and a worthless degree

    We sang Amazing Grace, now they got us on welfare
    Save me from the food stamps
    Sure as shit don’t need Obamacare
    Yo, cut it!

    Soy libertario
    We’re all Losers baby, so why don’t you feel me?
    Soy libertario
    We’re all Losers baby, so why don’t you feel me?
    Soy libertario
    We’re all Losers baby, so why don’t you feel me?


  5. Andy

    Great lyrics Starchild! Seriously, somebody should work on a remake of that Beck song using Starchild’s lyrics. Make a new video for it using the reworded lyrics from Starchild, and make sure the there is contract information for the Libertarian Party in the video. I could see this blowing up on YouTube and getting millions of hits.

  6. Andy

    “Soy libertario”

    Even though saying “libertario” may fit the structure of the song, it might be better to use the word libertarian. Why? Because we don’t want to confuse the public into thinking that there’s a “libertario” party. We want them to know the word libertarian, and even though libertario and libertarian are the same thing, it may be best to not cause any confusion.

    Just something to think about before anyone hits the recording studio.

  7. Starchild

    Thanks all, for your positive feedback!

    Andy, I understand the concern with using the term “libertario”, but respectfully differ. As you mention, it fits the structure of the song — it’s easier to sing in that context than “libertarian” — and Beck’s original line is in Spanish (I tried to adhere to the sound and feel of his lyrics in the revised version as much as possible).

    Furthermore, I think getting people more acquainted with the term “libertario” is a good thing. And Spanish speakers will appreciate it. Last but not least when LP materials get translated into Spanish, we are the “Partido Libertario.”

    But if there’s interest in actually recording these lyrics and I end up writing the rest of the verses for that purpose, I’ll see if I can get the word “libertarian” in there somewhere!

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