Carl Loser accused of sending threatening email to campaign manager’s ex-wife

Corey Fauconier and Carl Loser

Corey Fauconier and Carl Loser

From Markus Schmidt at the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

A Libertarian candidate for state Senate has sent an email to his campaign manager’s estranged ex-wife, threatening the loss of her home and custody of her daughter if she went public about a child support issue with the campaign manager. […]

“Contact the Richmond Times and I promise I will personally take action to ensure you no longer have a home, and Corey will have custody of your daughter,” [Carl Loser] wrote. “You have my word.”

In a brief phone interview Friday, Loser refused to elaborate on his email but did not deny that he had sent it.

Read the rest of the article at the Richmond Times-Dispatch.


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16 thoughts on “Carl Loser accused of sending threatening email to campaign manager’s ex-wife

  1. Stewart Flood

    How stupid can you get? Did he really believe that threatening her in an email message would have any other result other than to see the message hit the media?

    This isn’t just campaigning 101, it is LIFE 101. Another black eye for the word Libertarian…

  2. Andy

    You are assuming that Carl Loser actually sent this email. He may or may not have sent it. I’d like to see more evidence myself.

  3. Andy Craig Post author

    I’ve heard from those in LPVA (but nothing published) that he’s pretty much admitting to it and defending why he did it. So it isn’t really in doubt, and the internal debate within the party about what if anything to do about it is ongoing.

    I also was told (but haven’t confirmed) that both his Republican and Democratic opponents have called on him to withdraw.

  4. You Experts Don't Know Jack

    He made what was clearly a threat of legal action. Big deal. The thing about legal action is just that: it is LEGAL. It’s how you settle disputes in a civilized society.

    I suspect he has learned a lesson from this and will go on from here.

    Meanwhile his D & R opponents are busy building the Police State that routinely slaughters people and steals their property.

    But, yeah, this is far more important, I understand.

    Grow up.

  5. wolfefan

    Yes, it was a threat of legal action made by someone who is not a party to the dispute. For those of you who are libertarians, how does this fit in with the NAP?

  6. Steve M

    Actually it was the ex-wife that threatoned to bring the Loser 4 Liberty into the dispute.

    “responding to a message she had left through his campaign website relating to her ex-husband, Corey Fauconier.

    In the message, she said Fauconier owed her thousands of dollars in support of their 16-year-old daughter. She warned that she would reach out to the media if Loser and her ex-husband did not agree to have a conversation with her about her ex-husband’s new position and salary with the Loser campaign.”

  7. Barbara S.

    Wolfefan, I personally know that he sent it because his campaign manager’s ex-wife is my cousin and she called to tell me about the email she received. I personally have served court papers on Corey twice from the New York court system on behalf of my cousin for failure to pay child support and refusing to show up for court dates.

  8. Steve M

    I believe Carl Loser could have handled this better but he was dragged into this by Delsa who’s action borders on extortion. There are correct ways her to have handled this. She could have gone to court and asked that the Loser campaign be ordered to garnish Corey Fauconier’s wages (assuming a libertarian state senate race has funds to pay a campaign manager).

    Delsa chose to publically drag Carl into this and I am going to go with the as they say in the music industry… there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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