Stein: European refugee crisis is “inevitable consequence” of U.S. foreign policy

JillSteinGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein’s campaign said Thursday that the U.S. government “must recognize its moral obligation to make a major and immediate commitment to humanitarian relief for the refugees pouring into Europe.” The campaign said the United States “cannot walk away from this crisis, given the major and direct role of U.S. foreign policy in militarizing the Middle East and destabilizing societies there.”

Stein added, “The present crisis of refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria is the inevitable consequence of a foreign policy that puts oil profits, weapons sales, and support for totalitarian regimes above people, planet, and peace.”

14 thoughts on “Stein: European refugee crisis is “inevitable consequence” of U.S. foreign policy

  1. jim

    That’s odd. I don’t think she ever advocated the illegals from south of the American border be accepted by European nations. After all, Spain already speaks the language.

  2. ctomp

    It is also largely the the fault of European foreign policy. European states participated in international events that led to this displacement of people.

  3. paulie

    It is also largely the the fault of European foreign policy. European states participated in international events that led to this displacement of people.

    True…European imperialism and colonialism coming home to roost.. much like the US-led drug war.

  4. Brandy

    That’s the one thing I don’t like about IPP.

    Too many racists in the comments section because most of the rest of the “third” parties are right-wing.

  5. paulie

    I’m a Libertarian and I don’t consider us to be right wing at all. I think most IPR regulars are against racism. Most of the openly racist comments are actually one troll posting under many different handles, who is actually a neo-nazi and has a website with swastikas all over the place (but oddly enough also calls himself both a Green and a Libertarian….go figure)…and no, I will not link that vile trash.

  6. Steve Scheetz

    Funny.. Someone criticizes Europe, and “IPP” (whatever that is) is charged with having racists in the comments section of the articles…. Actually amend that.. I think the post by Brandy is HILARIOUS! Thank you Brandy wherever you are!!


    Steve Scheetz

  7. paulie

    I think she meant IPR. There are some racists in the comment section here, but most of the open racism has come from one troll (or group of trolls working together) posting under multiple fake names and IP anonymizers. After several years of taking their abuse, we have started erasing it whenever we catch it.

  8. Steve Scheetz

    Paulie, yes, she meant IPR… Anyway, there will always be racists and bigots spouting their ignorant bullshit, and frankly, I would much rather that be out in public than hidden away in some idiot’s basement while they plan violence against those whom their hatred is directed toward, for whatever reason du jour.

    IPR, from what I have witnessed over the years, has NEVER advocated anything bigoted, or racist. Unless by reporting on a racist 3rd party candidate constitutes “advocating for,” (in their twisted imagination,) there are no examples they can point to.

    If anything, IPR, while trying to be mostly centered, leans somewhat to the left.


    Steve Scheetz

  9. paulie

    We don’t try to take any position – left, right, center or libertarian for that matter. We just cover the range of news and opinions among alt parties and independents. We don’t choose who comments here (except in rare cases where a small handful of people have been given the boot for long term egregious trolling), but most of the people who have chosen to comment here over the years have been libertarians, and a fair number have been left-leaning and/or radical libertarians. However, that’s not site policy. Our original site owner was a radical libertarian who turned into an anti-voting anarchist; the subsequent site owners have been libertarian-leaning Republicans. Our site policy is not to editorialize in articles (for editorial pieces, what we are doing is just reporting what someone else said, which may or may not be something the person reposting it here agrees with). The only exception is if we all agree on something, and given that we have everyone from Constitution Party to Greens signed up to post here that hardly ever happens.

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