LA Newsrag: Vermin Supreme Meets with California Libertarians, Discusses Presidential Bid


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Vermin Supreme Meets With California Libertarians, Discusses Presidential Bid

By Jonny Stryder

October 22, 2015

Might Mr. Supreme appear on the 2016 primary ballot as a Libertarian competitor to the nominee of the National Libertarian Party? Whether the thought makes you grin, grimace or shrug, Vermin was on hand to greet local Libertarian supporters and help raise funds to support the Southern California Conference of Libertarian Parties planned for January 23, 2016. The small band of donors met at iconic Chez Jays, in the small private room in the back where Marilyn Monroe was said to have enjoyed intimate dining with JFK back in the day. Indeed the donors sat on the same vinyl-covered benches that reportedly once supported the shapely rump of Ms. Monroe and the powerful but ill-fated buttocks of Mr. President, and toasted to the good health and electoral success of Mr. Supreme.

Vermin is not just some guy with a lot of Youtube views, a minor celebrity for his performance during the 2012 New Hampshire candidate debate (viewable here) and similar antics. He is a “serious” candidate, at least one with papers, an official Treasurer and campaign staff, and plans to raise enough money in 2016 to qualify for Federal matching funds. Talk around the table concerned not only Vermin’s platform for 2016, but also personal history, beliefs and plans for 2016. Vermin’s 2016 platform is similar to his 2012 platform with some refinements, such as pony drones capable of blasting wedding parties to keep America safe, pony conversion kits to convert domestic pets to animals that more closely resemble ponies, and many other policy proposals too fantastic to believe, but that somehow resonant with the consciousness of those concerned about coercive authority. Underneath is all is a gentle and perfectly sane soul on a mission to improve the world, if only by providing a stinging parody of an electoral system and powerful government that is increasingly viewed as a source rather than a solution to injustice and poverty.

Beneath the parody of Mr. Supreme’s campaign schtick lies an earnest anti-authoritarian message that resonates with more and more Americans tired of the relentless regulation and increasing criminalization of healthy and productive human action. Mr. Supreme is an anti-capitalist as well as an anti-authoritarian. His activism grew out of the leftist peace movement of the 1980’s. Specifically, while residing in Baltimore in 1986, he encountered and was impressed by the Great Peace March For Nuclear Disarmament as it passed through town. The rest, as they say, is history. Vermin was committed to leftist political activism from that time on. He met his wife of 23 years during another activist event, and the two live together in an off-the-grid cabin in the woods, from whence Vermin dreams up his (literally) bitingly satirical campaign platforms and organizes his activism.

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4 thoughts on “LA Newsrag: Vermin Supreme Meets with California Libertarians, Discusses Presidential Bid

  1. Andy Craig

    He’s playing a character to make a satirical point. Performance art at its finest. Joke candidates are rarely worth a second thought because most are about as thoughtful as the average YouTube comment, but if Vermin wanted to get his name on the ballot for a Libertarian presidential primary in the handful of states that allow us one, I think that’d be something to welcome. Particularly since LP presidential primaries are truly meaningless, aside from the (usually underutilized) publicity value.

    It might even make a good opportunity to make a point against providing political parties with state-run primary elections, alongside Mr. Supreme’s usual milieu of anti-authoritarian and anti-politician satire. If nothing else, probably make a bit of a splash and generate some interest for whatever state party can get his name on a primary ballot.

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