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Prohibition Party Nominee Jim Hedges Interviewed by Lee Prince

Jim Hedges

Last week, citizen journalist Lee Prince posted an an interview with the Prohibition Party’s 2016 presidential nominee Jim Hedges.  Hedges is a longtime member of the Prohibition Party and holds the distinction as the party’s only elected official of the 21st Century and the first since 1959.  He served as Tax Assessor for Thompson Township in Fulton County, Pennsylvania from 2002 to 2007.  Last July, the Prohibition Party nominated Hedges for President.

As Richard Winger first reported at Ballot Access News, Prince, the interviewer, is attempting to interview all 2016 presidential candidates through his WordPress site, .  Thus far, he has posted interviews with 50 candidates.

Audio of Prince’s interview with Hedges from YouTube is posted below:


  1. William Saturn William Saturn Post author | November 3, 2015

    I added this to “Right-wing minor parties” category because of previous discussion. However, it should be noted that Hedges said in this interview that the Prohibition Party supports single-payer health care. Though Hedges’ progressive views have been documented previously, this is the first time I’ve heard about the party’s official view on the matter.

  2. Jed Ziggler Jed Ziggler November 3, 2015

    It’s still a right-wing party because of the party’s signature issue. Hedges seemed to stumble over his words quite a bit, but overall an interesting and informative interview.

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