Christian Science Monitor Article: If Trump Wins Nomination, Will GOP Elite Bolt to a Third Party?

Donald Trump

From Peter Grier at the Christian Science Monitor:

Donald Trump has signed a pledge to not run as a third party candidate if he loses the Republican Party presidential nomination. That hasn’t ended speculation he might bolt the GOP under such circumstances, though, as he continues to mutter that he must be “treated fairly” by party leaders, or else.

But that’s a game two sides of the coin can play (or something like that). There’s another scenario to consider here. What if Mr. Trump wins the nomination, and the party deserts him?

In other words, what if another top Republican decides Trump is so toxic to the GOP brand that they mount a third party effort of their own?

“While the other Republican presidential candidates signed the same symbolic loyalty pledge to the party nominee that Trump signed, we are already hearing that some prominent Republicans would oppose Trump if he were the party’s nominee. Perhaps one of them could run for president,” write University of Virginia political scientists Larry Sabato and Kyle Kondik, raising the issue in their latest “Crystal Ball” newsletter.

Wow. A three-way general election with Trump in the middle would be huuuuugely entertaining, to borrow a favorite Trumpian word. Journalists would dance with happiness. It would be the apex, the capstone, the cherry on top of a sundae of a political season that’s already as unpredictable as any in a generation.

And a third-party GOP candidacy makes some political sense. Republican Party officials now see that it’s a real possibility that Trump will be their standard-bearer, and many aren’t happy about it. They are worried that a divisive Trump will lead to a down-ballot wipeout for other Republican candidates.

Read the full article here.

34 thoughts on “Christian Science Monitor Article: If Trump Wins Nomination, Will GOP Elite Bolt to a Third Party?

  1. jim

    If those “GOP elites” want to guarantee that the Democrat candidate wins, this would be by far the most likely way to achieve that.

  2. Dino Salazar

    Trump has a good chance to win the Presidency regardless of whether it is as a Republican or as an Independent. The GOP establishment’s goose is cooked.

  3. Thane Eichenauer

    Ernest Hancock and Dr. Phranq Tamburri NMD talk about Donald Trump and the recent leaked memo from Ward Baker on their weekly segment “The Trump Report”. Tamburri talks with Hancock for two hours which is recorded at Vimeo. Hancock produces an audio/video internet show three hours a day five days a week M-F called “Declare Your Independence” which is distributed via Liberty Radio Network.

  4. Thane Eichenauer

    I’ll second the claim by William Saturn that “That is not an appropriate image to use.” Per the about page for IPR, “providing a forum for the intelligent discussion thereof”. That picture in my opinion doesn’t advance that assertion.

  5. Jill Pyeatt

    “Serious”, William?

    How serious do we look with comments like the one from Don Grundmann a few days ago?

  6. William Saturn

    Comments should not have the same standard as articles. If he wanted to post such a disparaging photo perhaps it would have been more appropriate in the comments.

  7. paulie

    We’ve always balanced seriousness with humor. I’m for the writers having some leeway on that. Generally, I limit jokes in articles themselves (as opposed to comments) to April 1st and, on other days, to accompanying photos.

  8. Jed Ziggler Post author

    Trump is a major party duopoly candidate. We’re a news site focused on minor parties and independents. Why wouldn’t I use the most unflattering photo possible? I’m not changing it.

    Perhaps if you want serious discussion, you should actually discuss the article instead of wasting everyone’s time nitpicking and writing love letters to Don Grundmann. Billy Saturn has just about worn out his welcome at IPR.

  9. Dave

    I do think if Riley Hood of all individuals was given a um, flattering photo,( at least one he apparently used) Trump should be afforded the same luxury, just for professionalism sake. Especially since it’s still hypothetically possible he’d split the GOP and be a Perot like factor in a general election, so would be of interest to this site’s readers.

    As for the article, Apparently the GOP bigwigs came out with a memo back in September advising candidates on what to embrace and discard from Trump and his message if he became the nominee. So I don’t think you’d see the party itself move against him. That said, I don’t think he’d get many endorsements or appearance from most of the big names amongst Republicans. My thinking is that the GOP would try to prevent him from getting the magic number of delegates and attempt a brokered convention before trying anything else. And even if that failed, I’m not certain they’d have time to get on enough ballots if they only started trying in March or April when his nomination became certain.

  10. William Saturn

    Okay I see. Jill and Jed collectively speak for IPR and they are talking trash behind my back. I’ve been very nice to you two but maybe that’s been a mistake.

  11. Jill Pyeatt

    Several of us speak among ourselves, William.

    This really shouldn’t be news to you because a couple of us have spoken to you about our issues. We have the right to our opinions, as you do.

    Just don’t read our opinions if you don’t want to hear them.

  12. Wang Tang-Fu


    During the interview both Jones and Trump were very complimentary of each other and Roger Stone, Trump’s former top adviser who is still a vocal supporter of the billionaire.

    Jones told Trump that 90 percent of his listeners were Trump supporters and the two took a moment to thank Stone for setting up the interview.

    “Roger is a good guy and he is a patriot,” Trump said.

    When he signed off at the end of the show, Trump promised to be successful for Jones: “Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down,”

  13. William Saturn

    I don’t know if anyone else watched the History Channel special on Trump from earlier this week, but it was very interesting. The only problem I saw was when it discussed the 2000 election. It was a bit sketchy on the details of the infighting within the Reform Party, saying it hit its peak at the Convention leading to Trump’s withdrawal. However, the split National Convention (August 2000) was long after Trump exited (February 2000) and was not even between the same two factions. The Perot-Ventura battle over control of the party (location of the Convention, creation of a corporation, etc.) culminated in a ruckus February 2000 meeting in Nashville where Ventura man Jack Gargan was voted out as chairman because the Perot-faction members packed the meeting and achieved a quorum despite questions of proper notice. Trump withdrew after that, though Trump withdrawing was more or less a reaction to Ventura exiting the party due to infighting right before that.

    In the link Paulie provided above, it says that Trump inherited $200 million from his father. This is true but that didn’t actually happen until Trump’s father died in 1999. Trump did receive a $1 million loan from his father early on but Trump benefited more from his father’s connections than his money. It was Trump’s idea to buy property in Manhattan. His father was opposed to it. Trump was more of a marketing genius than his father.

  14. William Saturn

    I actually interviewed Roger Stone earlier last month. I asked him about Trump and he gave some very interesting answers. However, when I asked him whether Trump 2000 was a ruse to hurt the Reform Party and stop the potential spoiler effect of Pat Buchanan (Trump continually called Buchanan a Hitler-lover) on the GOP, he refused to answer (This was Pat Choate’s theory). He also refused to answer about his potential Senate bid or comment on Augustus Sol Invictus. Initially I was going to publish the interview with Stone alone on Wikinews but there isn’t really enough there. So I’m hoping to use it as part of a super article on important figures from Trump 2000. I recently interviewed Dave Shiflett who co-wrote The America We Deserve with Trump as a kind of companion piece to the 2000 campaign. Interestingly, Shiflett has since become a songwriter and no longer follows politics. I plan next to chat with Russ Verney who was chairman of the Reform Party when Trump first started his run. I’ve tried to contact Bay and Pat Buchanan but I haven’t had much success.

  15. Robert Capozzi

    The big concern I’m hearing now is Trump gets the R nomination and the entire R slate is decimated down ticket, especially in purple states.

    That could create an opportunity for a libertarian party, but probably not a Plumbline NAP party, which is more a philosophical game rather than a serious attempt to enhance liberty.

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  18. NewFederalist

    “Wow. A three-way… with Trump in the middle would be huuuuugely entertaining…”

    Only if it were Mrs. Trump! ;D

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