Libertarians To Host Only Presidential Debate in NC

Libertarian Party of North Carolina Press Release

RALEIGH (Dec. 9) – The Libertarian Party of North Carolina will host the only presidential debate scheduled in North Carolina. It is set for March 7 from 9 to 10:30 p.m. EST and will be webcast on Google Hangouts On Air. The debate will feature candidates for the Libertarian presidential nomination.

Carolina Journal Associate Editor Barry Smith will moderate the debate from a location in Raleigh. Candidate will participate from locations across the nation.

“We’re excited to be hosting a virtual debate with our candidates for president so that the public can see and hear their views on the critical issues neither the Democrats nor Republican candidates and parties will address,” said J.J. Summerell, state party chair.

“We especially encourage the 25 percent of North Carolina voters registered unaffiliated to watch, as well as independents across this nation,” he added. “National polls show that a vast majority of Americans want a choice outside the old parties. The Libertarian Party offers that choice.”

The debate will be held one week prior to North Carolina’s March 15 Presidential Primary. Participants in the debate will be selected by online poll conducted by the LPNC from a list of a candidates who will appear on the March 15 Presidential Primary ballot.

Those candidates are: Marc Feldman of Ohio; John Hale of Kentucky; Cecil Ince of Missouri, Gary Johnson of New Mexico; Steven Kerbel of Colorado; Darryl W. Perry of New Hampshire; Austin Petersen of Missouri, Derrick Reid of California; Jack Robinson of South Carolina; Rhett Smith of Texas, and; Joy Waymire of California.

The Libertarian presidential and vice presidential candidates will be chosen by delegates to the party’s national convention scheduled for May 27 to 30, 2016 in Orlando, Fla. To be nominated a person must be a sustaining member of the LP, defined as someone who has given $25 or more to the party in a year, and Constitutionally-eligible. In addition, he or she must secure the written support of at least 30 delegates.

State parties select the delegates to the national convention. Delegates must be party members. States are allocated delegates in proportion to the number of LP sustaining members in the state and votes for the Libertarian presidential candidate in the most recent election. Each delegate is free to vote for any person nominated, or for none-of-the-above. Party rules to not allow for unit voting or committed delegates.

6 thoughts on “Libertarians To Host Only Presidential Debate in NC

  1. Derrick Michael Reid


    Newport Beach – Costa Mesa CA Tea Party:

    Thank you for the response.

    I have given 4 speeches to date, each about 10 min, though I could speak for hours. These speeches, and many more to come, in the aggregate, will allow most people, who review my speeches, in short order, to get an understanding of the comprehensive plans for solving major systemic problems facing the US. These solutions are integrated, and all solutions work to support the other as a sweeping set. I am the only candidate with the skill, plans, qualifications and know how to fix major US problems. I have, in the 4 speeches todate, touched upon fiat money, economy, foreign policy regime change, national insolvency, systemic socialism, immigration, global peace, tax overhaul, green peace, prison over population, political strategies, inter alia.

    I AM THE ULTIMATE TEA PARTY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. I AM A Christian and Social Conservative, generally. Speeches links:

    The next speeches I would like to do:

    1) FED nationalization, state charter banks, local distributive banking, saving the Middle Class and Main Street, which has to do with protecting average Americans from the abuses of wall street, the FED, and totalitarian socialistic fascist DC.

    2) Ending systemic racism, infrastructure build out, KKK and the rebel flag, promoting social harmony.

    3) Tolerance and respect within “domestic tranquility” of the US Constitution, promoting social harmony.

    4) DEM/REP corrupt political pandering, stagnant political processes, decaying Americana, unpayable 20T$ debt, 50m hungry, 100m unemployed, social anarchy, economic collapse, concentration of totalitarian socialistic fascist political power in DC. The problems facing the country are systemic and wide spread, embedded through Constitutional debasement, cemented by political corruption, and perpetuated by DEM/REP pandering electioneering. Only I know how, can and will fix it.

    Very Truly Yours, in Liberty and Freedom,
    Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D.,
    2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party,
    Engineer, Patent Lawyer, Military Scientist,
    Market Analyst, and Geopolitical Analyst.

    To NC LP:

    In reviewing the DEM REP LIB candidates, none of them address in significant regard the major systemic problems facing the US with credible solutions. Generally, all presidential candidates fall into 5 classes as follows:

    Presidential candidates are either:
    1) DECEITFUL (they know problems but pretend their band aids will work);
    2) CORRUPT (they know problems but bankster money bribes them not to cure);
    3) INCOMPETENT (they know problems but dont know how to fix them); or
    4) IGNORANT (they dont even know what the problems really are, and merely pander bases).
    5) IDEOLOGUE (They dont care about the problems or the Constitution, and will install ideological laws)
    6) PANDERER (They dont care about problems or the Constitution, and will pander any vote possible)

    Their pandering methods are clear:
    1) Vote Buying Pandering: Vote for me, and not for the USA, and I will give you the government goodies and hand outs.
    2) Meaningless Pandering: Sound goods, warms the heart, mobilizes bases, but has no plan for accomplishing result.
    3) Band Aid Pandering: Offering a plan that will not work to solve major problems and has no real effect upon the US.

    There is at least one who is astounded at the pathetic empty shallow pandering employed by all presidential candidates, bar none.

    There is even one Libertarian Presidential Candidate, (I kid you not) seeking the oath of office, upholding the US Constitution, defining a federal government, yet seeks to abolish that government, giving rise to term oxy ——————————- moron.

  2. Derrick Michael Reid

    In a political analysis, generally speaking:

    The US is like a terminal cancer patient in an emergency room suffering from insolvency, social chaos, and economic deterioration, (generally suffering from totalitarian socialistic fascism at the federal level in the brain).

    The DEMs run in and choke the patient with socialism and moral hazards.
    The REPs run in and put on many nice sounding superficial band aids.
    The LIBs run in seeking to disembowel necessary government functions.

    May of 2016 will give the Libertarian Party an historic opportunity, one not seen in the US for 150 years, to:

    1) save the nation from social anarchy and economic collapse,

    2) restore the Constitution, the Republic, honest money, honest markets, capitalism, social responsibility and tolerance,

    3) cement global peace through uniting Russia China US EU as moving forces to dispute resolution, and

    4) create a nationally competitive 3rd political party absolutely necessary to restore real choices in the voting booth.

    The Libertarian Party delegates in Floria 2016 will have an awesome responsibility to the nation, for it will not be just the nomination of a token head as in 2012, but a means of solving major systemic problems facing the US.

    The Libertarian Party delegates will be remembered in spite of themselves.


    Washington, D.C.
    December 1, 1862

    I do not forget the gravity which should characterize a paper addressed to the Congress of the nation by the Chief Magistrate of the nation. Nor do I forget that some of you are my seniors, nor that many of you have more experience than I, in the conduct of public affairs. Yet I trust that in view of the great responsibility resting upon me, you will perceive no want of respect yourselves, in any undue earnestness I may seem to display.

    Is it doubted, then, that the plan I propose, if adopted, would shorten the war, and thus lessen its expenditure of money and of blood? Is it doubted that it would restore the national authority and national prosperity, and perpetuate both indefinitely? Is it doubted that we here–Congress and Executive–can secure its adoption? Will not the good people respond to a united, and earnest appeal from us? Can we, can they, by any other means, so certainly, or so speedily, assure these vital objects? We can succeed only by concert. It is not “can any of us imagine better?” but, “can we all do better?” The dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise — with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.

    Fellow-citizens, we cannot escape history. We of this Congress and this administration, will be remembered in spite of ourselves. No personal significance, or insignificance, can spare one or another of us. The fiery trial through which we pass, will light us down, in honor or dishonor, to the latest generation. We say we are for the Union. The world will not forget that we say this. We know how to save the Union. The world knows we do know how to save it. We — even we here — hold the power, and bear the responsibility. In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free — honorable alike in what we give, and what we preserve. We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth. Other means may succeed; this could not fail. The way is plain, peaceful, generous, just — a way which, if followed, the world will forever applaud, and God must forever bless. A Lincoln

  3. Derrick Michael Reid

    I would very much like to come to NC and debate anyone so daring. The problem though, is that, I am in another dimension from most libertarian party candidates having a very limited focus as to just tolerance and liberty agenda, by and large, for I dont pander one or two issues respecting, just to raise libertarian fervor, but address the comprehensive whole, offering sweeping, integrated and comprehensive solutions to the major systemic problems facing the US. It is difficult to “debate” others when they stand on shallow footing and I upon a mountain top surveying the comprehensive whole. While much of solution set offers significant increases in freedom and liberty from government, it goes on to a much greater extent, with real solutions, as a solution set that is absolutely necessary in the US, here and now, and in our time.

    Nonetheless, if invited, it would be a pleasure to come to NC.

  4. Jill Pyeatt

    Derrick, I believe the article says this will be a virtual debate, and I think it says you will be invited.

    I do tend to just skim articles, though, and possibly misunderstood.

    I’m curious to hear how your visits to the local tea parties went. I would think they might support some of your statements. Have you been able to get supporters from the ranks of the few Republicans left in CA?

  5. Derrick Michael Reid

    Well, they went great, but as expected.
    I did get to give one speech.

    They had a Cruz and Trump person show up, and spout out.
    Without mentioning names, I destroyed their thunder, which was enjoyable.

    They like messages (as expected).

    In January going to San Diego convention for another speech. In January I will have an interview that will also be made into a clip. This series of speeches will lay out the program in 10 minute clips, so that people can see and hear easily as a first form of communications. In addition, I plan to visit many state conventions next year, and give like 10 minute speeches, on various topics in connection with the comprehensive plan, so that there will be a collections of clips from LP state conventions, interviews, and local meets, that would, in the aggregate explain the program, without people having to reading that huge blog of wall text. I have the FB, twitter, and email LP broadcast communications methods in place. I also have Tea Party, Occupiers, Greens, Latino, Minorities inter alia communications paths established.

    So, the communications paths are established but mostly now for LP communications leading up to the May 2016 national convention. The message for the country is defined and comprehensively fixes the major problems, as a clear choice. The campaign political timing is perfect. The political strategy to sweep the nation is sound, rallying all major political groups. The DEM/REP opposition is pathetic in the extreme.

    All systems a go go.

  6. Derrick Michael Reid


    Today was a remarkable day, as history was reviewed. The period in question was the 1880s to the rise of T Roosevelt in the early 20th century. Solutions proposed, that will work to solve many social evils, include “state chartered banks” tied to the FED under the control of the Treasury, “real money in circulation” and “wealth transfer elimination” by eliminating debilitating debt and interest payments through the use of fiat currency, as I have proposed, were, today, to my surprise, something not totally really so new in American history. Though the situation is different, the problems and solutions are different, the parallels are remarkable. In 1892 the 3rd party “populus party” proposed “free silver” “Postal Savings Banks” “Anti-trust” break up of the railroads and wall street, the monopolist of the 1890s. Prosperity generally suffered as Republican led absolute laissez faire concentrated wealth in a few at the expense of the many. Some of the solutions proposed now are similar to solutions proposed then, as the problems are similar to the problems then.

    Today, silver is not tied in a ratio to gold, but suppressed by the bullion bank manipulation at direction of the FED to keep fiat money alive, fiat money being the tool used to rob the middle class every day and concentrate wealth in the few.

    Today, wealth transfer is through the use of that fiat currency to transfer wealth from 99% to the 1%, to corrupt congress, to enrich the banksters and greedsters, as opposed to the solution of the use of glass-steagall state charter banks, as oppose to dodd-frank wall street rape, for protecting local people and businesses from and economically distributing prosperity to those who work, rather than concentrate wealth in the monopolistic corruption centered in wall street.

    Today, the wall street banks are to big to fail and to big to jail, as political systems are corrupted, as the judiciary is corrupted, as markets are corrupted, as the dept of justice will not even attempt to shut down criminality. Just note the string of criminal activity JPM, (a per se RICO crime organization) has had over the last 15 years, rigging every market on the planet.

    There are many problems today, that will be fixed. The middle class is now a shrinking minority, good jobs are vanishing, 20T$ insolvent national debt accumulates increasingly so, 50m are hungry, 100m are unemployed, the manufacturing base has been destroyed, government functions are corrupted, the Constitution, Republic, Markets and Money all have been defiled, all in the name of wealth transfer to the few wall street and transnational titans.

    Here is a copy of the “populus” party platform, of 1892. Ask yourselves if it sound familiar.

    Very Truly Yours, in Liberty and Freedom,
    Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D.,
    2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party,
    Engineer, Patent Lawyer, Military Scientist,
    Market Analyst, and Geopolitical Analyst.

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