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Liberty Hangout and Charles Peralo from Podcast with John McAfee

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Published on Dec 29, 2015

Yesterday, Liberty Hangout and Charles Peralo from had the privilege of being one of the first outlets to chat with tech mogul, security expert, and founder of a centi million dollar web security company, John McAfee, about his 2016 presidential campaign. We asked John about a number of his policy stances, ranging from intellectual property, to social security, free trade, Bitcoin, and more. John also unveiled his unique way of rolling back and eventually abolishing wasteful government agencies such as the TSA. This is an interview you will want to listen to from start to finish!

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  1. Caryn Ann Harlos Caryn Ann Harlos December 30, 2015

    Okay will need to listen to this.

  2. Stewart Flood Stewart Flood December 30, 2015

    It was interesting. I would say that McAfee is much more of a minarchist than an anarchist, even though his public persona in the media in the past tended to present him as a radical anarchist.

    He mentioned not wanting to sign the NAP until it was explained further, yet this video was made AFTER he joined the party — a task that requires attesting to the NAP. It was a small, but critical error on his part. Perhaps he didn’t read before signing the party’s EULA (pun intended).

    Other than that, the interview showed him to be far more rational and in touch with reality than I thought it would.

  3. Caryn Ann Harlos Caryn Ann Harlos December 30, 2015

    Will cue it up to tomorrow. I hadn’t listened yet to his Anarchast appearance either.

    Hey AWP didn’t consider attesting to the NAP and then denying it a big deal so why should he?

    And ironically, people saying they have reservations about it don’t trouble me either terribly much if they were willing to attest to it, it is the outright attacking by a candidate that will turn me into an opponent.

    As far as his minarchism, though a philosophical anarchist myself, I don’t hold that as a litmus test but rather how good (or not) they are for the Party which includes being able to unite the two factions (there are more than two obviously but that is the context here). And if I am wanting someone to be a unifier, I have to be willing to be unified. Which I totally am.

    Kerbel (whom I support) is definitely not an anarchist. I also support Perry who is, but it isn’t because of his anarchism per se.

    It would be a very tight circle indeed if we had such ultimate litmus tests.

    I am hoping we get to see him mature rapidly into solid Libertarian positions if he is going to.

    When Johnson gets thrown in, things will be really interesting.

  4. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt December 30, 2015

    I predict that everyone will be tired of AWP by then, and will start looking at the serious candidates.

  5. Stewart Flood Stewart Flood December 30, 2015

    Petersen is looking stressed, he’s seriously flubbing lines that he’s visibly reading, he interrupts himself to talk about questions he gets that he never actually addresses, and the attacks on party members are getting rather stale. He’ll either shape up quickly or he’ll be toast.

    I didn’t find many “ouch” statements in McAfee’s interview. I thought that he presented a rational minarchist position on a lot of issues. He does need to learn a few interview skills, but everyone has that problem the first time they run for office.

    This election cycle is starting to become interesting. The South Carolina state convention was last month and our nomination convention in May will be a short one-day event where we focus on the candidates who filed to run, so the first opportunity that our state’s delegation will get to see the candidates will be at the convention. We only have 14 seats in Orlando, so there’s no reason to expect a candidate to travel here instead of to one of the larger state’s conventions that weekend.

    We’ve been contacted by a few of the candidates, so I’m going to try setting up online sessions with our delegation with each of the candidates to allow them to address us and answer questions. I’m not going to try to get them to debate each other. We’ll see that in Orlando.

  6. Caryn Ann Harlos Caryn Ann Harlos December 30, 2015

    At our convention in March, we have candidate debates scheduled with Kerbel, Feldman, Petersen, and hopefully Perry. I believe we have invited McAfee and I hope he can come. I am really glad the “no personal appearance” thing appears to be null. If Johnson declares, then I hope him as well. Petersen has claimed that no Party member he has attacked has ever challenged him to “his face” as it were. Well, I think my radio phone call counted, but nevertheless, I will be at CO, and I will be challenging if the rules allow delegate questions. I do not know that yet.

    Wow, that is coming up pretty soon and we have so much to do!

    I am hoping though we have a lot of state candidates to speak to and that we can focus on that as well.

  7. Caryn Ann Harlos Caryn Ann Harlos December 31, 2015

    Watched it this morning. He comes off reasonable but worrisomely naive about the party, its ideology, its history, and the factions of people he will need to convince. The part about the Pledge was more than troublingly naive…. he apparently doesn’t realize he already signed it, or that is what is being referred to or its importance in the SoP other than issues of assuring the government.

    While I understand minarchist arguments, the hand-waving, “but we have to have government… ” (who will build the roooooaadses) just is going to go over like a lead zeppelin to those who have spent a great deal of time thinking about it. He might be right…. but breezy dismissal isn’t a good tactic. While an anarchist myself,I am a very pessimistic one… I am not convinced it is actually *possible*— which is why I often say I am just a “philosophical anarchist” and that is why I have no issue working in politics. I want to go as far as it can… which I suspect isn’t even minarchism which I also am not convinced is actually sustainably *possible.* It’s a nice thought, and if we got there, I would find a new hobby. I don’t hate “government.” In a voluntary society, I would choose quite a bit of it. I object to the state… but it seems McAfee has not yet even considered those distinctions.

    That being said, in the areas he will differ, he certainly isn’t in on some ego trip to become the new “Libertarian trailblazer.” He has his opinions and that’s that.

  8. Caryn Ann Harlos Caryn Ann Harlos December 31, 2015

    Tom Knapp,

    I would think though you would be more troubled by his hints at immigration and borders stances.

  9. paulie paulie January 2, 2016

    Actually, his immigration views are pretty good for a crossover. I’m more surprised that some other things don’t seem to bother Tom about McAfee, such as McAfee’s strong support for net neutrality for example.

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