John Arndt to Challenge Rep. Sensenbrenner (WI-5) as Libertarian, Focus on Term Limits and Limited Government

John Arndt (L-WI), cand. for WI-5 U.S. House

John Arndt (L-WI), cand. for WI-5 U.S. House

Press Release from the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin: 

Arndt to Challenge Sensenbrenner as Libertarian for 5th Congressional District, Focus on Term Limits and Limited Government

John Arndt announced his candidacy today to challenge Jim Sensenbrenner, as the Libertarian candidate for Wisconsin’s 5th congressional district for the 2016 election. John is 56 years old, was born in Milwaukee and grew up on Milwaukee’s northwest side. His father was a life-long union member, owned and operated his own construction company for 59 years, and was of Swiss and German descent. His mother was one of 16 children, a migrant farm worker of Mexican descent that traveled the Midwest as a child picking vegetables. Arndt served in the United States Army from 1984 to 1987 in West Germany as a medic with the 8th Infantry Division and 7th Army Medical Corps.

John was married to his wife Silvia in 1986 and has three daughters, Rachel, Sarah and Amanda, ages 29, 24 and 18. Rachel and Sarah are registered nurses and Amanda is studying to be a CPA and currently attending UW- Waukesha. He is a graduate of Milwaukee James Madison High ’77 and graduated first in his class in 1990 from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas business college.

John has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1992 and presently owns and operates Arndt Consulting LLC, a three-person public accounting firm located in Brookfield, WI that specializes in individual and corporate income taxes and audits of companies that receive government funding.

As a candidate, John Arndt believes the Internal Revenue Code and IRS policing of the code is insanely out-of-control and needs to be replaced, saying “I favor abolishing the Internal Revenue Code and IRS and replacing it with a national sales tax administered by state government.”

John is a strong believer in individual rights, liberty, the right to keep and bear arms, limited government and self-reliance. He believes the federal government is bloated and wasteful. “Our present two-party system is dependent upon special interest contributions for re-election and is largely responsible for the federal government’s massive budget and excessive waste.”

John believes election to public office should not be a lifetime career and is a strong proponent of a two-term limit for both the House of Representatives and Senate. “Our government needs to be responsive to the needs of the people and not beholden to special interest contributions that were necessary to get re-elected on a continuing basis.”

“My two greatest modern-day heroes are Milton Friedman and Ron Paul, Friedman for his genius in promoting liberty, freedom and the free enterprise system and for improving the lives of countless people across the globe who followed his advice and Paul for his courage and conviction and willingness to stand alone if necessary.”

John believes it is time to end the war on drugs and legalize the possession and cultivation of marijuana for personal use. “The war on drugs has ruined more lives than it saved and needs to be ended. Marijuana is a gateway drug mainly because it’s ‘illegal’, it endangers the lives of our children because it puts them in contact with criminals who are willing to sell them more profitable and dangerous drugs such as meth and heroin.”

John believes we need to end the war on terror and stop being afraid. “Peace is not created by fighting, but through love, generosity, and consideration. Jesus said ‘Love your enemies.’ Stray bombs and bullets kill innocent children, every innocent child killed creates an untold number of new terrorists who are vowed to the destruction of America with a vengeance and hatred… If the shoe was on the other foot and ISIS was dropping on Waukesha County, we too would become terrorists, only we would call ourselves ‘patriots.’ ”

“We need to refocus the energy of our military and refocus the creative energy of our nation by working together to rebuild our inner-cities and
national infrastructure, and again make America the shining beacon of freedom that it once was .”

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26 thoughts on “John Arndt to Challenge Rep. Sensenbrenner (WI-5) as Libertarian, Focus on Term Limits and Limited Government

  1. Andy Craig Post author

    John is running in the district next door, covering most of the western half of Milwaukee County outside both the city and the 4th District. I’m glad to have him on board, I think he’ll make a great Libertarian candidate against an opponent who sorely needs one.

  2. wolfefan

    I wish Mr. Arndt well. Are term limits an issue of particular interest to Libertarians? It seems to me that if I wish to vote for the same person to represent me for 1, 2, or 20 terms that it should be my decision, not the governments.

  3. Andy

    Politicians tend to get more corrupt, and more disconnected with the rest of society, the longer they are in office, and this is why a lot of libertarians favor term limits.

  4. Andy Craig Post author

    Our state party endorses term limits. There’s the usual debate within the party over it, but as the state platform stands that’s in it. It’s a somewhat more salient issue in WI because it’s one of the few states with no term limits for either Governor or state legislature, and the possibility of implementing them has been a perennial topic of discussion. It’s doubly relevant in this race, against an incumbent who is running for his 19th consecutive term.

  5. Sean Scallon

    He may well be the only opposition Sensenbrenner gets so more than anything thanks for running if only to preserve democracy in the one-party state that is the Milwaukee suburbs and exurbs.

  6. Debbie

    No he is not the only person running against Sensenbrenner. And why would a libertarian be running on Term Limits? I thought they were supposed to be for freedom, not taking away my rights with more government mandates! NO THANKS! It is obvious this is yet another candidate who is going to run on “principle” and of course not bother to hire any real staff or raise any real money, then when they lose because they werent smart enough to run a real campaign, they will just blame the system instead of themselves for having an overblown ego. SMH. Why does every single libertarian candidate website say the same, old, boring crap? Pot…. liberty…. Ron Paul…. I hate everything and every one.

  7. paulie

    It’s a spam control measure. First comment from a screen name/email combination gets autofiltered and usually approved quickly as soon as our all volunteer team gets around to it. After that you can comment freely if you don’t include 5 or more links per comment and if the automated filter does not have some weird hiccup.

  8. paulie

    No he is not the only person running against Sensenbrenner.

    Who else is running?

    And why would a libertarian be running on Term Limits?

    Not all libertarians agree but the basic arguments are already in this thread above. Scroll up.

    It is obvious this is yet another candidate who is going to run on “principle” and of course not bother to hire any real staff or raise any real money,

    I don’t know whether that’s obvious, but if he’s not able to raise a lot of money or hire staff it’s most likely because it’s damn difficult for a non-duopolist who runs on principle, which should not be in scare quotes.

    when when they lose because they werent smart enough to run a real campaign,

    There are many intermediate goals for alt party and independent campaigns short of an outright win. An outright win is practically impossible, but there are still many other valid reasons to run these campaigns.

    they will just blame the system instead of themselves for having an overblown ego.

    It’s not about ego, it’s about building the party organization and promoting the message of liberty.

    Why does every single libertarian candidate website say the same, old, boring crap? Pot…. liberty…. Ron Paul…. I hate everything and every one.

    Patently untrue. We don’t even come close to “hate everything and everyone,” but we do believe in liberty and ending the insane, costly and destructive drug war that destroys millions of lives, and many but not all of us like Ron Paul who does in fact agree with us on a lot of issues, has been an LP nominee in the past and continues to be a life member of the LP and sometimes still votes Libertarian. If you find liberty to be boring naturally we are not for you, but we find it to be very exciting and indeed as imperative as the air we breathe, and the job of LP candidates is to give voice to and identify those who agree and get them organized, as well as spread the message to others who have yet to discover our ideas.

  9. Debbie

    The point is, this is just another candidate who did not bother to put together a viable campaign which you somehow believe that is going to HELP the LP? Please explain. This is what I call an *ego* candidate. Because they think they are SO great that they need nothing to win a race. Not trying to be mean here.

  10. Andy Craig Post author

    “Not trying to be mean here.”

    Yes, you are, though ‘obnoxious’ is the word I’d use.

    “who did not bother to put together a viable campaign ”

    You can judge that from a single press release and less than 24 hours of him being a candidate?

    I also second paulie’s question- if somebody else is running against Sensenbrenner, I’d like to know who. The Democrats sometimes run token candidates against him, sometimes not, but none have announced yet that I’m aware of, nor any independent or other third-party candidates. The state elections board hasn’t posted the filings online yet, and probably won’t until after the Spring elections are over.

    Milwaukee County is covered by three Congressional districts (with one tiny silver in another): the 4th, where I’m running against Gwen Moore, which is the urban core of the city itself plus the suburbs on the shore. The 5th, which covers the western suburbs of the county, plus most of Waukesha Co. and parts of three other rural counties to the west/northwest of the city. And the 1st, which takes a bit of the southern part of Milwaukee County and extends down to the Illinois border, which is the home district of Paul Ryan.

    There is a good chance that there will be Libertarian candidates on the ballot in all of these districts, and a plausibly decent chance that all three or at least some of them, will be races where the only major-party candidate is the incumbent. Wisconsin House districts are not very competitive, tending to be either strongly red or strongly blue, and John and I are in the reddest and bluest, respectively. Most years WisDems and WisGOP have been pretty decent about running at least paper candidates in all 8 districts, but there are signs both are going to step that down and let some districts go uncontested in 2016, to prevent resources being drawn off from state leg. and U.S. Senate, to “unwinnable” other-party safe seats.

  11. Andy Craig Post author

    Good to know. Apparently, politics1 and a few others are listing her based on an FEC filing. There hasn’t been any press release or announcement anywhere that I could find, including on the usual WI aggregators, so we’ll see.

  12. John

    He is a very active person in the pro-life movement. He would rather a woman be dead than have an abortion. Sickens me. I would never vote for someone that wishes death to women, simply because their birth control failed.

  13. Michelle Donovan

    John Arndt is not the sort of man who should hold any office. Any man who feels the need to gather other peoples’ words and use them, without those peoples’ permission, in a press release to further his own political goals is not fit to hold office in any way, shape, or form.

    John Arndt should be ashamed of himself. If he cannot use his own mind and come up with his own arguments, and instead sinks to the level of taking others’ thoughts and using them for his own personal gain, then he has no place in government.

  14. Andy Craig Post author

    ^^ just in case anybody is wondering, the above is a crazy person who threatened to sue over being quoted (approvingly, actually) in a Facebook post (not a “press release”).

    Nor does John support banning abortion. He has his personal religious views on the matter, but is actually quite adamant that a government prohibition isn’t the answer, and isn’t even an effective way to reduce the number of abortions.

  15. Neil Martin

    John Arndt has been pretty clear on his position regarding abortion.
    He openly holds the belief that the reduction of abortions since its legalisation is due to favourable opinions being less likely to be passed on to the next generation. He seemed to hint at this being a sort of ‘breeding out’ system. An opinion he supports using data of declining numbers of abortions since 74
    He is in favour of pro-choice as he believes that in time women will eventually no longer consider abortion as a reasonable option.
    But here is where we see his failings as a potential representative, when asked to clarify his position he was reluctant to respond.
    When, after posting his position several times, he was asked to answer whether he considered improvements to contraception or sex education to have contributed to the decline in unwanted pregnancies he refused to answer.
    Indeed though he has posted repeatedly in debate groups regarding this point when called to answer he rarely replies, when he does he is inconsistent and unclear which often results in deleting the thread so as to hide it from record. (screenshots were taken).

    A representative should be someone who stands up with a clear message, can communicate with his opponents and is able to defend them in debate. Skills John Arndt has shown no sign of.

    We currently have a poll regarding which candidate would be better suited to representing womens rights… There are but two candidates, a potato and John Arndt and the present total is 26-1
    This in a group that includes a fair division of pro-life and pro-choice, Christians and atheists, men and women, young and old.
    If he cannot convince just one pro-life Christian or just one pro-choice atheist to support his position in a group that frequently clashes skulls over the issue how will he stand up to a real life opponent or answer to the real life issues of the good people of Wisconsin?

  16. Andy Craig Post author

    That he manages to piss off nasty, crazy FB trolls on both sides who argue either extreme just to hear themselves argue, augers pretty good for having a reasonable position that will appeal to the other 95% of the population that don’t think abortion is the single most important all-consuming issue in American politics, and who are sick of the kind of uncivilized mud-slinging that the obsessives at either end try to drag the rest of us into non-stop.

    That’s just my $0.02 on the matter, though. It took about five seconds looking into your Facebook “debate” group to see there was nothing even remotely productive or important going on there.

  17. Neil Martin

    He joined 3 different abortion debate groups to make his point, you will also notice he tends not to respond to questions aimed at him.
    He applied to the groups, made the posts and was unable to answer the questions that were subsequently directed back at him.
    He initiated the discussion and now refuses to answer for his position even for the purposes of clarification.
    Do you think that if he is asked a direct question that John Arndt would be able to give a clear and direct answer?
    Given that he has repeatedly noted the decline in the number of abortions since its legalisation, what role does John feel that sex education and improvements in contraception have played in that decline?
    Because that is the question John seems unable to answer.

  18. Neil Martin

    So why is John so reluctant to answer this one question…

    He has done everything he can to avoid answering that question…
    Remember HE joined the groups with clear names and descriptions, HE posted his comments in 3 different DEBATE groups and then when he is asked questions regarding his statements he flatly refuses to answer questions. And indeed he was very clear that joining the groups and posting his comments was part of constructing his opinions and position for his campaign.

    So I repeat my question yet again…
    Given that he has repeatedly noted the decline in the number of abortions since its legalisation, what role does John feel that sex education and improvements in contraception have played in that decline?

    (screenshots available on request)

  19. John Arndt

    Better sex education and contraception are the result of open and frank discussion regarding abortion and society realizing that these are better alternatives to abortion. This open and frank discussion would not be happening if abortion was illegal .

  20. Neil Martin

    Thankyou, it certainly took long enough.
    Now, you have already said that you no longer believe a 9 week limit on abortions is a good idea and you say that you support womens right to choose. But given your clear stance that you yourself are opposed to abortion what assurances can you give to potential voters that you will defend a womans right to choose over greater restrictions on abortions?

  21. Neil Martin

    Hi John,
    You seemed to have so much fire and then just burnt out.
    How’s the campaign? It’s so hard to get any new information, any attempts yield this page and your facebook page that has been inactive for some time.
    Maybe if you had taken better stances on things and doing effective research instead of testing out your press releases by antagonising people on the internet this wouldn’t be as hilarious as it is…

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