Romney and Obama agree: don’t let Stein debate

Earlier today, Jill Stein, a candidate for the Green Party presidential nomination, released a blistering statement condemning Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama for working behind the scenes to keep the presidential debates limited to the two major parties.

In her statement Dr. Stein said “Unlike Romney, Obama, the DNC and the RNC, I believe that debates are for the people, not the parties, and that open debates are essential if we are ever to have real democracy in our country.”

The Green and the Libertarian Parties have filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the Commission on Presidential Debates violates antitrust law by excluding independent candidates, essentially giving the establishment parties a monopoly on the presidential debates.

Dr. Stein’s full statement can be read on the Green Party web site.

8 thoughts on “Romney and Obama agree: don’t let Stein debate

  1. NewFederalist

    This photo appears to show Dr. Stein being “assisted” by two police officers. What is the context?

  2. Pete Blome

    I am not a Greenie, but Ms. Stein is right that the major Parties conspire to keep real competition away. Fact is there are many laws, procedures, and just plain, old habits that keep third party competition away. To my mind it is clear the law in Florida is used to set up low level barriers for third parties that major parties can leap over with ease (given their resources) but that become major obstacles for anyone else. It keeps the real opposition tied up with administrivial nonsense that costs money while the major parties do their dastardly work. In one case, Republican and Democrat Party Committeemen can be publicly elected on the yearly ballots while third parties are specifically excluded from gaining access to this same privilege by law. How is it their private organization gets privilege over my private organization (not that I am in favor of the public paying for any political party elections in the first place, however). Given how these laws are prevalent, I do not believe that happens by accident. On another level, private organizations, such as the media, assist the major parties with this suppression because it suits their control of the arguments. The Florida Press Association (a private organization of print, radio and TV media in Florida) refused the entrance of Adrian Wyllie, who was polling upwards of 13% of the vote at one point, into the Florida Gubernatorial debates of 2014 by setting the entry requirement at 15% of the vote. The previous level had been 7%. It’s all part of the same game, and I am glad the Greens and Libertarians are united in fighting this blatant injustice and misuse of the law.

  3. Steve Scheetz

    Here I am in polar opposition to most everything that she says, and yet I am going to say: “LET HER IN THE DEBATES!”

    The “debates” are total bullshit since both candidates, whatever they have to say, will do the exactly the same thing once they are in office.

    George W Bush enacted, in the first 90 days, exactly what Al Gore SAID he was going to enact in the first 90 days, and they are all this way…..

    Anyway, make the debates something other than meaningless bullshit.


    Steve Scheetz

  4. Andy

    “Steve Scheetz
    February 10, 2016 at 23:54

    Here I am in polar opposition to most everything that she says, and yet I am going to say: ‘LET HER IN THE DEBATES!'”

    I do not agree with Jill Stein on a lot of issues as well, but I give her credit for having the guts to crash the 2012 debates and get arrested.

  5. Deran

    If these actions by Obama and Romney really are recent, I would speculate they are meant to discourage Bloomberg and have zero to do with Stein or any other Green.

  6. Andy Craig


    It is recent, and it’s because Romney and Obama (alongside the RNC and DNC and the CPD itself) are among the named defendants in the FairDebates lawsuit (plaintiffs: Johnson and Stein and their respective running mates, and the Green and Libertarian National Cmtes.)

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