Tom Hoefling is Seeking the Constitution Party Presidential Nomination

The following appeared on the Constitution Party Candidates FaceBook page. It appears here with the permission of Mr. Hoefling. The original article can be found at Mr. Hoefling’s website.

Greetings to all Constitution Party patriots and friends,

For those who don’t know me, my name is Tom Hoefling, of Iowa.

I’m a committed Christian, a long-time conservative activist, and the founder and chairman of America’s Party.

I would like to discuss with each of you the possibility of my obtaining your nomination for President in 2016.

I think I can win your support on the merits, in terms of constitutional principle, vision, and consistency over the last two and half decades.

But I also bring some real, immediate, practical value to the race. Not only can I muster a relatively large number of serious principled activists to your cause from every part of the country, I have a good shot at obtaining the American Independent Party of California general election ballot line, just as I did in 2012 — which would, of course, greatly strengthen the C.P. challenge to the corrupt political status quo come November.

Having discussed this with A.P. leaders, I can say that we are willing to subsume our own interests in terms of party building and put the Constitution Party completely at the head. Of course, opinions and decisions of A.I.P. leaders are their own, although I believe them to be very open to the possibilities that would be created by a principled coalition for 2016.

If I get the sense after talking with your leaders across the country in the coming days and weeks that the welcome mat is out for me to compete, at least, I’m ready to put the word out for volunteers to step up right away and without reservation to help the Constitution Party obtain as many state ballot lines as possible.

At this point, all I’m asking for is a fair hearing and fair shake.

In closing, let me say: we are stronger together than we are separate. This constitutional republic is in ever-more-dire straits, and I believe that we have a duty to the LORD, to our country, and to our Posterity, to find common cause if we possibly can, while there is still time.

Thank you for listening.

For Life, Liberty, and the Constitution,

Tom Hoefling

PS … Please contact me at the email address below. If you would like to talk, please include your contact information and the best time of day to reach you.

Your are also very welcome to join our calls, which we’ve been doing to the last eight and half years:

America’s Summit, Restore the Republic – National Town Hall
Every Tues. and Thurs evening – 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central
712-432-3566 – passcode: 340794#
All of good will are welcome!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


20 thoughts on “Tom Hoefling is Seeking the Constitution Party Presidential Nomination

  1. P.J. Sullivan

    Whatever happened to Alan Keyes? He had a pretty good racket going with his four presidential runs. I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to just take over the CP.

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  3. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    So here we have the lieutenant of Alan Keyes, whose Republican Establishment lackeys/moles deliberately filed fake documents with the state to break away the AIP from the CP, seeking the nomination of the CP – the party which his Capo, as I document at, deliberately worked to destroy. And he hints of getting the AIP ballot line – the same AIP that is now completely controlled by the Robinson Crime Syndicate which performed the criminal act of filing the fake documents so that everything Bill Shearer built could be destroyed.

    Mr. Hoefling, I have heard your ” sirens song ” of bringing people to the party before and this from your Capo Alan Keyes and his moles Robinson and Seidenberg of how he was going to bring people into the party for the long haul – a pledge which was instantly abandoned when he failed to get the party nomination and hence went to ” Plan B ” to fulfill his original, and real, intent of destroying the party.

    And so we have one of the original snakes now slithering back and whispering that ” we are stronger together ” when he was an integral part of the assassination team that was dispatched to take out the party from being any potential future competition to the Republicans; i.e.; the Republican Establishment.

    And of course we hear of how he could unite the CP and the AIP – still controlled by the same criminal Robinson Crime Syndicate that from its first seconds in the AIP was always dedicated to fulfilling their Masters bidding of destroying the CP; by either getting the nomination for Keyes or the ” Plan B ” which they ultimately did of filing fake documents.

    To imagine these criminals, traitors, moles, and proven betrayers/backstabbers in a ” principled coalition ” is a real laugh, although a sick one. Demons can never have a ” principled coalition ” except to do what they inherently do in every second of their existence – destroy.

    But I will keep an open mind Mr. Hoefling and hence will be willing to believe your intentions when you do one simple thing – Have Mark Robinson and Mark Seidenberg renounce all connection to the AIP and immediately reconnect it back to the CP with no strings attached; i.e.; restore everything back to where it was before they filed their fake documents with the state.

    When Robinson and Seidenberg are gone from the scene and the AIP is reconnected to the CP I will believe your good intentions – and not a second before.

    Until then I will view you as part of the effort WHICH HAS NEVER STOPPED to make sure that the CP is dead; which itself is a subdivision of the overall movement to kill 3rd party conservative and/or Christian opposition to the ” Big Box ” parties.

    In my book, learned from the painful experience of seeing your Gang of traitors and criminals in action, you are part of the plan to accomplish the exact opposite of what you or your fill-in-the-blank friends; Keyes ( the highest mole within the conservative movement that I know of ), Robinson, Seidenberg; CLAIM to want.

    I will be quite happy if you prove me wrong.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

  4. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Looks like Don Grundmann is back after a long hiatus.

    Realistically speaking, which candidate for the CP presidential nomination has the best chance for victory at this point? Hoefling will likely lose since he’s a neocon, so that leaves who else? Scott Copeland? J.R. Myers? Has anyone heard what happened to former congressman John Hostettler? Is it still possible that he will throw his hat in the ring?

  5. Cody Quirk

    Chris, Trent Hill said that he’s no longer interested in running for the CP prez. nomination; he never even expressed a serious interest in the idea at all in the first place.

    So it’s pretty much between Scott, J.R., and two other people I believe… Darrell Castle is not included, however, since he dropped out about a month ago due to health reasons.

  6. Lester Fulcrum

    Good evening my friends. Longtime IPR reader. My name is Lester Fulcrum and I am announcing today that I will seek the presidential nomination of the Constitution Party. I have set up a MySpace page. Come visit. I look forward to introducing myself to this community.

    God bless.

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  8. Mark Seidenberg

    Wow, Don Grundmann is at it again. He is again talking about “Fake” Documents. I expect next he will be
    talking about “Fake” phones and “Fake” meetings again. The bottom line the last time Don Grundmann
    held a office in the American Independent Party was on 2 September 2008. He did run for the U.S.
    Senate in 2012, but the AIP endorsed Robert Lauten for that race and not Don Grundmann. That office was
    a member of the National Committee. He was removed from all other AIP offices early that year by Chairman, Ed Noonan and Patrict Colglazier, Alameda County Central Committee Chairman of AIP.

    Now on February 16, 2016, a lawsuit by the “Independent Party and William Lussenheide” was filed
    in the Eastern District of California of the United States District Court, to force the California Secretary
    of State to give the CP ballot status as the Independent Party, because it could get only 338 electors
    to register as Constitution Party by January 5, 2016. I predict that lawsuit will fail, because it was
    filed in the East District of California and the claimed venue was in the Northern District of California.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party of California

  9. Don Grundmann

    Mark – You had your corrupt judge aid you in destroying the AIP and the CP for the benefit of your Republican, SPLC, and ADL masters but I am so happy to know that you won’t outrun The Creator. There is a nice eternal spot in hell waiting for your arrival, which can’t come too soon. But even if you, as the God damned liar that you are and always have been, pollute the planet for another 1,000 years He will bring you to justice and you will finally pay for your crimes and love of evil. A very happy thought indeed.

  10. Mark Seidenberg

    I have confirmed yesterday that Dr. Don Grundmann will be running in 2016 for United States Senate under the label NPP and not the Constitution Party to which he registered circa April, 2015. The good news for the AIP , because it will not have to deal with Dr. Don Grundmann any more, because he re-registered to the “Constitution” Party. The Constitution Party of California has as of January 5, 2016 a total of 338 electors in California and is a Political Body.

    While that has been going on William “Bill” Lessenheide has filed a lawsuit against the California Secretary of State saying he wants the “Independent Party” formed in California to have ballot status.
    Mr. Charles M. Deemer, who is a National Committeeman for the Constitution Party is also serving as
    the purported State Chairman of the so-called designated “Independent Party”. The lawsuit was filed
    by attorney Robert E. Barnes, Esq. who was the attorney for Jim King in the 2008 lawsuit against against
    Secretary of State Debra Bowen. In 2010, Mr. Robert E. Barnes, Esq. informed a court in Solano County
    that he was the attorney for Markham Robinson. Yet Markham Robinson has no retrospection of hiring
    him. Robinson’s known attorney at that time was Mr. Gary G. Kreep who is now a judge on the Superior
    Court for the County of San Diego.

    It is my view that the lawsuit entitled “INDEPENDENT PARTY AND WILLIAM LUSSENHEIDE v. ALEJANDRO
    PEDILLA”, case number 2:2016cv00316 is going no where, because the venue was claimed in the Northern District of California and it was filed in the Eastern District of California.

    Grundmann serves as Co-Chairman to Gary Odom of the Constitution Party of California.

    I am currently waiting on documents from the California Secretary of State on a Public Records Request,
    so I can file in the case of INDEPENDENT PARTY et al v. PEDILLA soon.

    This reminds me of the event in 2008 that lead up to the name “Three Dates Don” Grundmann, because he made a bogus claim he was elected Vice Chairman of the American Independent Party on three different dates.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party

  11. Mark Seidenberg

    It should be noted that I have made contact with the Office of the California Attorney General over the
    of “INDEPENDENT PARTY et al v. PADILLA” case 2:2016cv00316.

    My expectation the case entitled “INDEPENDENT PARTY et al v. PADILLA” is not going to be around long.
    It makes no sense to file a case in a venue that has noting to do with the claimed venue in the complaint.

    Here Attorney Robert E. Barnes, Esq., for Plaintiffs Charles Deemer and William “Bill” Lussenheide, claimed that “venue is proper in the Northern District of California [of the United States District Court] and files the case in the Eastern District of California at Sacramento.

    Mr. Charles M. Deemer claims to be the State Chairman of the “Independent Party” at the same time he
    is a National Committeeman of the Constitution Party. Don Grundmann claims to be the California
    Chairman of the “Constitution Party of California”. Mr. Gary Odom also claims to be Chairman of
    the “Constitution Party of California”.

    I recall that attorney Robert E. Barnes, Esq. in 2010, claimed that he was the attorney for the California
    State Chairman of the “American Independent Party”, viz. Markham Robinson. I question Mr. Robinson
    of the claim by attorney Robert E. Barnes, Esq., made that he was the attorney of Markham Robinson
    in 2010. Mr. Robinson replied that he had no retrospection of hiring attorney Robert E. Barnes, Esq., because his attorney was Gary G. Kreep, Esq., who is now a judge on the Superior Count of the County
    of San Diego.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party of California.

  12. John walker

    De Ja vi u…..don’t these people have anything better to do? Whoops, I answered my own question.

  13. Trent Hill

    Tom Hoefling won’t sniff the nomination. It’s hilarious he’s even trying.

    I suspect a long-time party official will step forward at convention and run. It’s a bad year for the CP to not have a nominee with strong name ID, as there are likely to be a lot of disaffected voters no matter who the GOP nominates.

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