Vermin Supreme says he’ll seek Libertarian nomination; “I look forward to my exclusion from their debates.”

via Vermin Supreme’s Facebook page:

Today, in a calculated fashion,
I am renouncing my membership in the Democratic Party.
After polling at 5% in the recent ‪#‎ISFLC‬,
International Students For Liberty Conference in DC, I am now actively seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party.
I look forward to my exclusion from their debates.

22 thoughts on “Vermin Supreme says he’ll seek Libertarian nomination; “I look forward to my exclusion from their debates.”

  1. Andy Craig Post author

    I don’t think he’ll have much problem being included in the debates, the bigger surprise he’ll have is being on a stage for once where he doesn’t look out of place.

    All the same, I’m a Vermin fan and commented previously that I’d welcome him “seeking” the Libertarian nomination. I would not welcome him *winning* it, but if he wants to bring some of his media-friendly satire dust and sprinkle it on the LP, I’m OK with that.

  2. Ted Brown

    Mr. Supreme is welcome to participate in the presidential debate at the California LP convention April 1 – 3 at Hilton Los Angeles Airport. The debate is at 5 p.m on Saturday, April 2. Gary Johnson and John McAfee have confirmed, as have a few others. If he wants to bring a pony, he may need to check with the hotel. Unfortunately, he is too late to be listed on the California primary ballot.

  3. Phil

    I hope he does have a presence. Really the republicans and dems will keep Johnson off the stage no matter what. Having him in a debate with Vermin is really the same as him debating Bernie Sanders. Also, the Mainstream media does not cover us unless they think we are doing something crazy. They come in to cover Vermin. People see Johnson (or whoever I’m assuming Johnson) and we’ll get more votes. Would love to see Vermin come down to the LPF convention or the National convention in Orlando.

  4. NewFederalist

    More importantly, Mr. Supreme only accepts deposit bottles or cans for contributions to his campaign! 😉


    Why do I get the feeling that if Mr. Vermin were to be the LP candidate, he would break all previous vote totals? Trump, Hillary, et al are making a mockery of the office of the president so why not go whole hog with someone that no one can take seriously?

  6. matt schutter

    He is also welcome to come to Pennsylvania on March 19th to our debate. We have 6 candidates comming. On a personal note I want a free pony!

  7. Steven Wilson

    If Walt Whitman wore a boot for his hat and decided to dress like a “Miami Vice” episode, then he is the perfect fit for the LP.

    Ride the white pony all da way to the White House…sniff…sniff

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  9. James Babb

    At the Pennsylvania debate on March 19, we may be able to bump Gary Johnson to make room for a more serious candidate.

    Nobody would be a better president than Vermin!

  10. Mayall B. Free

    I predict that after failing to win the LP nomination, Mr. Supreme will then seek the nomination of the Green Party, which has its convention in August.

  11. Mayall B. Free

    ^ I then predict that after failing to win the GP nomination, he will run as a write-in candidate in the general election.

  12. Steve m

    News Flash: The Libertarian Party posts memo which starts with….

    “Even the Clowns Are Abandening the Democratic Party… The Libertarian Party Remains Committed to Welcome NAP Supporting Clowns.”

  13. Steve LaBianca

    While I am inclusive by nature, my view is that most D’s and R’s and most other political opportunists “sign the pledge” for LP membership . . . and don’t nor can’t uphold the NAP.

    Virtually every time a “D” or “R” joins the LP for the express purpose of running for office under the LP banner, they are flops as fundamentally principled libertarians, and usually fail to achieve their lofty advertised goals.

    Bob Barr, W.A.R. (Wayne Allyn Root), and Mike Gravel all were complete phonies and they joined the LP specifically to run for president (Barr joined about a year or so before, but it is no secret that he did so to run for the LP nomination).

    Ron Paul did so in 1988 as well, but he was (except for a few personal liberties issues) far closer to libertarian than any of the others – so Paul was moderately successful.

    So. go for it Mr. “Supreme”, but I am not optimistic.

  14. Steve LaBianca

    As a follow up, Gary Johnson was no better. His “make government work better” theme just isn’t libertarian.

  15. Jeff Mort

    Look, I finally found a LP Candidate even more “out there” than Darryl Perry

  16. Marc Allan Feldman

    Ted Cruz (Republican) – 29.9%

    Austin Petersen (Libertarian) – 28.6%

    Gary Johnson (Libertarian) – 11.7%

    Ben Carson (Republican) – 8.9%

    Vermin Supreme (Independent) – 6.3%

    Donald Trump (Republican) – 4.5%

    Bernie Sanders (Democrat) – 3.6%

    Marco Rubio (Republican) – 2.7%

    John Kasich (Republican) – 1.5%

    John McAfee (Libertarian) – 1.5%

    Hillary Clinton (Democrat) – 0.6%

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