What Questions Should We Ask Austin Petersen, Candidate for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination?


It appears that I will have the opportunity to interview Austin Wade Petersen this week. What would you all like to know?

I’m taking suggestions for questions.

28 thoughts on “What Questions Should We Ask Austin Petersen, Candidate for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination?

  1. Rebel Alliance

    Thanks for asking, and I think I can summarize it adequately for most everyone here.

    “If you don’t agree with the Non-Aggression Principle, the core foundation of our principles and all of the LP’s platform positions, why do you believe you’re still qualified to become the LP’s candidate?”


    “As someone who disagrees with the NAP, upon whom do you intend to initiate force against?”

  2. Thomas L. Knapp

    Proposed question:

    Your mother’s death was the result of fraud committed in the context of an industry (medicine) that is regulated from top to bottom by the federal government. Did that family tragedy shape your political views, and if so how?

  3. Caryn Ann Harlos

    I posted my questions to ask on the Facebook IPR thread. Don’t really want to go and repost them all again here. I also invited Jill to call me as my list of questions was extensive and consisted primarily of the ones he has … avoided answering in other contexts.

  4. Caryn Ann Harlos

    Rebel, I formulated it to Jill a bit differently because there is a typical sidestep he does that I would like to not see happen here.

  5. George Phillies

    How is it, according to FEC reports, that you raised more money that any other Libertarian candidate? And not you own money, mostly, either?

  6. George Phillies

    What do you propose to do to leave behind you a stronger Libertarian party?

    Will you accept donations up to the limits imposed by Federal law?

    Will you complain if your supporters organize a SUPERPAC to support you?

  7. sparkey

    Do you agree with McAfee that we should abolish the TSA and use the money saved to create a Digital Transformation Office and develop cyber weapons?

    Do you agree with Gov. Johnson that Sharia Law is a worrisome threat to America?

    Would you consider VP?

  8. George Phillies

    What are your positions on (i) foreign military aid, (ii) military support for countries (e.g. England) with which we have mutual defense treaties, if they are attacked, (iii) military support for countries (e.g. Republic of China, Israel) with which we do not have mutual defense treaties, if they are attacked.

    What is your position on the war on Islam, including attacks in the Philippines, Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalis, Sudan, Chad, and Mali, for starters?

    There is considerable evidence that the second War on Iraq was an unprovoked war of aggression based on faked trials. If the evidence is correct, would you support War Crimes Trials for President Bush and his administration (for launching the war), and for President Obama and his administration (for failing to prosecute the Bush administration), as is your duty under American Law?

    Will you criminally prosecute the national security apparatus for their illegal and unconstitutional wiretapping of all phone calls in the United States? Mindful that electronic warfare is warfare, and you for sure have at least two witnesses to the same act, would you prosecute them for waging war on the United States, i.e., treason?

  9. George Phillies

    Based on fund raising, as found in FEC filings for end-of-year, Austen Petersen is currently our leading Presidential candidate.

    Why has he raised money? Contemplate “he calls people and asks them for a donation”.

  10. Matt Cholko

    Sausage or pepperoni? Are there any adult humans that go for one of those, but not the other?

    A better question would be whether he prefers dark meat or white meat…..poultry, of course.

  11. Matt Cholko

    Austin spoke and took questions at the Libertarian Party of Northern VA convention in November. At that time, someone (maybe me, I can’t recall) asked him whether he would accept the VP nomination. He tried hard to avoid giving a direct answer, as POTUS candidates often do when asked that question, but the answer was a pretty clear maybe.

  12. Jose C

    1. In the Democratic and Republican presidential debates there has been a controversy concerning using the term “radical Islam” to describe Muslims who commit terrorist attacks. Democratic Party candidates refuse to use the term “radical Islam.” Republican Party candidates say they will use the term “radical Islam.” Would you use the term “radical Islam”?

    2. How would you have responded to the terrorist attacks committed in Paris, France? What should the response be of the United States to terrorist attacks committed by those who follow the faith of Islam? Do you feel ISIS is a threat to America and if so how should the United States respond to this threat?

    3. The Middle East immigration crisis is in the news. Do you support having a moratorium on Arab and Muslim immigrants from the Middle East comming to the United States? Or do you support the continued immigration of Arabs and Muslims from the Middle East? If you support the continued immigration from Arabs and Muslims from the Middle East what would you do to insure terrorists are not included in the immigrants coming to the United States?

  13. George Phillies

    The President of France had his Air Force bomb the Islamic State’s capital, killing large numbers of civilians. He was then shocked, truly shocked, when the Islamic State returned the favor, bombing the capital of France. If the same thing happens to the United States, will you also be surprised. Or will you have told the American people before you started bombing the Islamic State that when you start a war, the other side may shoot back?

  14. George Phillies

    We have invaded Yemen, placing there a number of troops far above the number the Yemeni government authorized. Yes, that’s an invasion. Should we keep invading foreign countries?

  15. José C

    Top rated radio and telivision talk show host Glen Beck has stated if Donald Trump gets the nomination for president of the Republican Party he will vote for a third party candidate. If Donald Trump gets the nomination what will you say to get the endorcement and vote of Glen Beck?

  16. Steven Wilson

    1. Do you support Industrial Hemp farming in America?
    2. Would you support complete removal of the USA from the United Nations?
    3. Would you support criminal investigations into our government’s actions against Islamic people at Guantanamo Bay and the war in Iraq by The Hague?
    4. If American Presidents or military personnel were found guilty of crimes against humanity want actions would you take?

  17. smart alex

    Your candidate Kernel has been in trouble witn the insurance commissioners of several states on more than one occasion. He has paid fines. This could represent serious lack of ethics. I won’t be supporting Kernel.

  18. smart alex

    Also you are being disingenuous when you say that Johnson and McAfee didn’t participate in your debates. Neither of them had announced they were winning yet.

  19. paulie

    Your candidate Kernel has been in trouble witn the insurance commissioners of several states on more than one occasion. He has paid fines. This could represent serious lack of ethics. I won’t be supporting Kernel.

    This is a question for Petersen?

  20. Mark Axinn

    Hi Jill,

    Please ask him why he hasn’t bothered to respond to my two invitations to attend the LPNY Convention on April 30. So far, Johnson, McAfee, Kerbel, Reid and Perry were kind enough to respond but Petersen could not be bothered.

    New York has 41 delegates to the National Convention, so we are not an insignicant player in the field.

  21. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I sent the questions over last night. There were 13 of them, but of course he may not answer all of them.

    I’ll post the answers soon after I get them.

  22. smart alex

    I posted my comments to the wrong thread. I’m very sorry. Someone can delete them if you wish.

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