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Augustus Invictus: Letter to the People of Europe

Augustus Invictus
Augustus Invictus

By Augustus Invictus, previously published at linkedin:

To the People of Europe,

Fate lays upon me the task of writing you from distant shores. My name is Augustus Invictus, and I am a candidate for the United States Senate. Though I am an American, I am by blood a son of Europe. My ancestry is British, my name Roman, my religion pan-European. I am trained in Anglo-American law, educated in continental philosophy and politics, steeped in Western aesthetic. Though Florida may be a great distance from my ancestral land of Scotland, I am in blood and in soul your brother.

And though I am an American politician, the issues I raise in my campaign for the Senate here affect every man, woman, and child of the West. I write to you today not to condescend or to advertise my American arrogance, but to call for the unity of all Westerners against the powers that would destroy our people.

From New Zealand & Australia to the United States & Canada, and even to South Africa, we share a common civilization, born of Europe. This is impolitic to say in any country, and it is now evidence of “hate speech” in several. We must ask ourselves why the self-described elites in our respective countries would keep us divided, why they would insist that we have no common culture, why they would insist that we take literally countless immigrants into countries callously neglecting their rightful sons and daughters.

I hope that we may come to see each other as fellows. I pray that we may come to cherish what we share more than we might lament the differences between us. Though we have warred, though we have viewed each other with great suspicion, these misfortunes are, I hope, passed. We share a common bond that the millions of immigrants recently recruited to our ancestral land will never share. We, as Westerners, are brothers, though long-separated; they are foreigners being imported by your own governments to destroy the proud heritage and people of Europe.

Your officials have betrayed you. The European Union and your various state governments have encouraged special interests to buy your politicians like whores. The legislation passed by your so-called leaders benefits those special interests, not the people of Italy or of France. And now we see these so-called leaders clamoring to prove who can sell out their countries fastest, who can break down their borders most thoroughly, who can destroy their own cultures with the greatest zeal.

Neither is Europe the only region of our civilization being corrupted from the inside. Our officials in America have betrayed us, as well. Year by year, election by election, they have eroded our national identity, such that we no longer know who we are or what we stand for.

The Federal Government and our various state governments have encouraged special interests to buy our politicians like whores. It is the Israel lobby, not the United States Congress, that decides which countries we invade. It is the pharmaceutical companies, not the United States Congress, that decides what drugs to outlaw and what drugs to legalize. It is a private bank called the Federal Reserve that prints the U.S. dollar and loans it to our people at interest. The legislation passed by our so-called leaders benefit the Israel lobby, the pharmaceutical industry, the banks, and other special interests – but not the American people.

And now we see our so-called leaders clamoring to prove who can sell out our country the fastest. Whether the issue is subjecting American law to the supervision of the United Nations or to the whims of the global market through free trade agreements, the members of our Federal Government serve the god of money, not the people of this country.

And now we see our so-called leaders clamoring to prove who can break down our immigration protections most thoroughly. The left wants hordes of illegal immigrants in order to swell their voting constituency; the right wants hordes of illegal immigrants to help their friends in big business to hire cheap labor en masse. Both parties running this country have a vested interest in flooding the land with foreigners until it can no longer be recognized. Both parties act in concert to the detriment of the American people.

And now we see our so-called leaders clamoring to prove who can destroy our culture with the greatest zeal. Marxist ideals are shoved down our throats from our first year of school, and we are taught to be ashamed of our European ancestry. Our greatest heroes – those liberty-minded rebels of the American Revolution – are now derided as racists (as though they should have apologized for being of British blood) and elitists (as though our mass democracies are indicative of enlightenment). We have become so obsessed with this program of radical egalitarianism that our children can no longer spell, can no longer recognize references to ancient mythology (or even the Christian religion), can no longer distinguish Chopin from Bach.

It matters not whether you are Serbian or French, Italian or Scottish, Portuguese or Latvian: All of Europe is in existential danger. A disease has slowly but surely been spreading throughout our ancestral lands for the past several generations, and we are now seeing the boils come to the surface: mass immigration of Arabs and Africans; the criminality of criticizing the Zionists or of questioning the official account of the Holocaust; entire cities of parasites defying assimilation into their host countries; the Paris attacks; sexual assault mobs in Cologne; big businesses hiring swaths of new “refugees”; your shores and streets flooded with the unwashed rabble of the foreign lands your ancestors once conquered.

These are issues that affect not just Europe, but all Western counties. This is true, if to a lesser degree, for the United States of America. My campaign for the Senate has been an attack on the System, and for this I have been variously labeled as a Fascist, a warmonger, a neo-Nazi, a racist, a degenerate madman, an elitist, a devil-worshiper, and a domestic terrorist.

I have argued against the control of our country by the financiers. I would destroy the Federal Reserve and the power of the banks over our people. I would have my countrymen worship the Spirit and turn their backs to the god of money. Yet I am condemned as a Fascist because I despise international finance and warn of the evils it perpetrates in every country and upon every nation in the world.

I have argued in favor of implementing a non-interventionist foreign policy, contesting the notion that America should be the policeman of the world. I would have our President wage war only when it directly affects American interests and the war could be called just by the standards of our ancient philosophers. Yet I am called a warmonger because I call for the armed defense of our people against our traitorous government.

I have argued against our suicidal policy of “open borders” for immigration and trade. I would refuse mass immigration and the recruitment of so-called refugees until we can rightly address our own problems. I would expel those who infiltrated our land illegally, flouting our laws and acting in their own interests and the interests of their home countries rather than the interests of our country. Yet I am condemned as a neo-Nazi because I would defend the integrity of my people.

I have argued in favor of destroying our federal Department of Education and returning to more traditional learning programs. I would put the responsibility of our children’s education in the hands of their parents rather than the government. I would allow exceptional children to excel, scholastic children to pursue academia, athletic children to pursue sports, practical children to learn a trade. Yet I am condemned as a racist because I would recognize the self-destructiveness of forcing all children to a single standard imposed by a malicious bureaucracy.

I have argued vehemently against the rise of the police state in America, warning of the militarization of our police forces and calling for the end of the “War on Drugs.” I would have our police be part of our communities, not lords over them. I would have the executives hanged who poison our people with synthetic medications. Yet I am condemned as a degenerate madman because I do not believe we should spend billions of dollars terrorizing our citizenry and devastating Third World countries to benefit the pharmaceutical companies.

I have argued in favor of raising our political culture. I would insist that the American people listen to my words, no matter how difficult, rather than speak at a grade-school level. I would demand my fellow citizens take responsibility for the state of our nation rather than preach dependence on the media to inform us or the elected leadership to guide us. Yet I am condemned as an elitist because I demand that my countrymen rise to this occasion rather than waste away in self-entitled indolence.

I have argued with all my soul for the exultation of Western culture. I would raise awareness of the arts and resurrect our ancestors’ virtue ethics, emphasizing bravery, integrity, worship, loyalty, and excellence. I would urge my countrymen to struggle to understand Wagner rather than rot their minds on the latest pop album. Yet I am condemned as a devil-worshiper because I daresay our common roots are to be found in ancient European paganism.

I have argued that the government must fear us before it will recognize our rights. I would arm every man and woman in these United States so that they may be able to defend themselves and their families, whether against thieves and murderers of local gangs or the thieves and murderers of our federal, state, and local governments. Yet I am condemned as a domestic terrorist because I say in public what every American whispers in secret: that the Federal Government has become inimical to its people, which demands that we prepare to defend ourselves by force of arms.

These struggles we all share, Americans and Europeans alike. Yet we are told in our earliest days of school that we are worlds apart. We are reminded by the mass media every day of our lives that we are divided by cultural rifts wider than the Atlantic Ocean. We are lectured by our political leaders on the dissimilarities of European and American culture. We Americans have become convinced that we share more in common with the indigenous peoples of Mexico than with our European siblings; and the people of Europe have become convinced that they share more in common with the peoples of the Middle East and Africa than with the descendants of European settlers in the United States and Canada.

These divisions are lies. They are perpetuated and solidified by falsehoods told to us by educators and political leaders alike. America, they tell us, is a land of immigrants, and so we have no right to deny immigration to anyone. Germany, you are told, must apologize perpetually and forever act against its own interests because of the Second World War. Europe, we all are told, must accept all the peoples of the world, shelter them and feed them, give them free healthcare and education, all to compensate for the “evils” of colonialism. The West, we all are told, has no culture, and what common history we are allowed to admit must be abhorred.

These divisions are lies. We are a common people with a common heritage, but to counter the untruths of our enemies we must consider well what it means to be European. Does it mean simply to live in the geographic territory of Europe? This would make all those newly arrived “refugees” Europeans – and those of us in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa descended from European settlers anything but European.

No, we of European blood are European, and the soil of Europe is our land, the land of our ancestors, the land that bore our people, our civilization, our culture. Your leaders abandoned long ago their innate drive to conquer and to civilize. That was sad enough. Now all the people of Europe seem to all the world to have abandoned the primal instinct – or even the basic desire – to defend one’s home.

People of Europe, do not express regret for your history. The blood of sea-conquering Vikings and world-shaking Romans still courses through your veins. And if you saw now the faces of your ancestors before you, would you feel proud of yourself and the civilization you have worked to uphold? Or would you feel ashamed of your weakness and of the decadence we have all perpetuated?

People of Europe, do not feel shame for your blood. You have been taught to hate yourselves because of the cruelty of your ancestors, but your ancestors were marked as much for their virtues as for any vice. It was our ancestors who braved the waters and conquered distant lands, yes to obtain their gold and spices, but also to give to them civilization. Our ancestors were simultaneously the war-bringers and the light-bearers. As Nietzsche once wrote, terribleness is part of greatness.

People of Europe, fear not to defend your home. You have been told that we sons and daughters of Europe do not belong in countries not our own. Colonialism having ended, your leaders now force a reverse colonialism upon you. But you do not have any obligation – moral or otherwise – to accept all the peoples of the world into your homeland. Europe is for Europeans, and to act otherwise is suicide on a colossal scale.

People of Europe, awaken to your destiny. Our ancestors civilized the world. The cultural achievements of our people are too numerous to list. Homer and Botticelli, Dante and Vitruvius, Dali and Bach, have created a world impossible without our people. It is our destiny to reach out into the highest heavens and to descend to the most abyssal depths, to explore the outermost and innermost reaches of time and space, to conquer and to create, to civilize and to brave the wilderness.

People of Europe, revolt against your leaders. The fact that you were not elected to high office does not make you any less a European than they. The Arab and African immigrants that your leaders have forced upon you are not the sons and daughters of Europe: you are. Your leaders have sold your homeland and the futures of your children for the financial interests of their political backers. Rise up against those leaders and try them for their treason.

People of Europe, this is a moment of grave significance. Should you continue in this wretched, seventy-year peace, our homeland is lost, and with its abdication comes the death of our civilization. We in the West will be forever exiles, our ancestral lands occupied by hordes of foreigners, if you do not act now.

Your leaders will do nothing to expel the invaders. The Communists, the globalists, the moral relativists, the worshipers of money, and all the others have led you astray. You, the people of Europe, must do your duty, as your ancestors did centuries ago. Once more you must reclaim your lands and hold them sacred. You must defend them, and you must execute the traitors. Godspeed you to the historic task laid upon you by Fate.

Libertas et Imperium,

Augustus Sol Invictus

Orlando, Florida USA

31 January 2016 Imbolc

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Wang Tang-Fu


  1. Thane Eichenauer Thane Eichenauer April 1, 2016

    I am puzzling on the question if Augustus Invictus was elected if he would pursue anti-immigration effort first or his other platform items such as non-intervention, ending the drug war or ending the Federal Reserve.

  2. Brian Brian March 31, 2016

    This dude is a LARPer that got lost on his way to the park and ended up in a Senate race.

  3. Dave Terry Dave Terry March 31, 2016

    It’s unfortunate that some of my Native American ancestors failed to scalp
    his ancestors as they first put their foot on my ancestor’s land.

    It’s ALSO equally unfortunate that some of my native ancesors was unable
    to scalp my European ancestors when they first got off the boat they came in.

    Fighting Terrorism since
    – 1492 –

  4. Jim Jim March 31, 2016

    Let’s understand what this document actually is. I think we can agree that it would result in opposition by people who call themselves “anti-racist”. (We can also agree that the Libertarian party shouldn’t support this nut.)
    But that doesn’t mean that it contains things which are explicitly “racist”. An objection to foreign immigration may, sometimes, involve “racism” but not necessarily. It’s more likely to be an attack on foreign cultures, and the behavior of their people. It’s possible to imagine an American who objects to Canadian illegal aliens, but that would be rare because Canadians can be virtually indistinguishable from Americans.
    (In 1979, when the American hostages were taken in Tehran, Iran, some Americans were still loose in the city, and they made their way to the Canadian Embassy, and they left by air, “disguised” as Canadians. )
    If Invictus’s essay is deemed to be “racist”, nevertheless it presumably contains things which:
    1. Are explicitly racist. AND
    2. Are not racist, but are expected to be opposed by people who call themselves “anti-racist” AND
    3. Things which shouldn’t be objectionable at all.
    (Example: Within the last week, I saw a brief and comedic reference to the idea that ‘progressives’ don’t like NASCAR. Full disclosure: I detest NASCAR too, but for the entirely different reason that it involves under-powered, over-regulated vehicles that don’t advance the automotive art at all. If Invictus’s essay contained a statement supportive of NASCAR, that would probably be classified as Item 2 above.)

    Wang Tang Fu, how about you go through Invictus’s essay, inline, and tag it for whether which sentence qualifies under the three categories I describe above. This might tell us something about Invictus, and it certainly would tell us about you as well.

  5. Bondurant Bondurant March 31, 2016

    He could be the leader of an evil emo band.

  6. NewFederalist NewFederalist March 31, 2016

    Andy’s right. He would make a great super villain on the CW!

  7. Andy Andy March 31, 2016

    Augustus is very dramatic fellow. He should consider quitting politics and becoming an actor.

  8. Jed Ziggler Jed Ziggler March 31, 2016

    The American Freedom Party would love this guy. He should go there, and leave the Libertarian Party for libertarians.

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