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North Carolina L.P. debate thread w/ live video (Johnson, McAfee, Petersen, Kerbel, Perry, and Robinson)

Debate starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern.

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Andy Craig


  1. McAfee'16 McAfee'16 March 7, 2016

    BREAKING NEWS!!! John Mcafee will be participating in tonight’s debate! Thanks to the Libertarian Party of North Carolina for inviting us to participate!

  2. Andy Craig Andy Craig Post author | March 7, 2016

    Headline updated to so reflect.

  3. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt March 7, 2016

    Is anyone getting anything?

  4. Anthony Dlugos Anthony Dlugos March 7, 2016

    I am.

  5. Anthony Dlugos Anthony Dlugos March 7, 2016

    Holy crap this Johnson character is going after people.

  6. Anthony Dlugos Anthony Dlugos March 7, 2016

    I mean Robinson.

  7. Stewart Flood Stewart Flood March 7, 2016

    Why was Robinson included? He is not a libertarian. His proposals are not libertarian. He said that he wants Apple to write software to break their security “in case” the government forces them to in the future.

    Please stop including him in debates. Getting votes in a stupid online poll, where non-libertarians cast ballots, is not justification for inclusion in anything!

  8. Matt Cholko Matt Cholko March 8, 2016

    It was nice to see a lot of the candidates here. Unfortunately, the technical difficulties and delays made this difficult to watch at times.

  9. Krzysztof Lesiak Krzysztof Lesiak March 8, 2016

    “Ready for a debate focused on policy rather than personality and issues not insults? ”

    I’m only at the 20 minute mark of this debate right now, but Robinson’s attacks and insults levied against the other candidates definitively entertained me.

    Robinson”There are only two credible candidates in this race, Gary Johnson and me.”
    “I’m angry over my opponents who tarnish the credibility of this party.”
    “We have a drug kingpin, a businessman under investigation for securities fraud, a hobo anarchist, another who wants public hangings in front of children in order to induce fear and forced compliance (Reid?), and finally Austin Petersen, SIN, a cowardly liar who having been soundly beaten by my son at the Georgia debate, misled his followers by editing him out of the video. As a businessman and his opponent, I find him immature, surely a failure in all he has attempted, believes cute is more important than competence, has irresponsible policies and who is by his own admission a razzling, dazzling liar.”

    Then he mutters some negative things about Berne, Clinton and Trump and says “put on your big boy panties gentlemen, this is going to be a debate.”

    My prediction is Robinson gets zero votes at the convention. The candidates who will get votes as I see it are Johnson (first ballot victory), McAfee, Petersen, Kerbel and Perry.

  10. Andy Andy March 8, 2016

    “My prediction is Robinson gets zero votes at the convention”

    I’ve never even heard of this Robinson guy.

  11. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt March 8, 2016

    I suspect that Derrick Reid will have the same results as Robinson (very few votes or none) . I also doubt that Shawna Sterling will get many.

    The LP website listed two more names as running for President last week, so now there are a total of 14. I made a personal decision not to cover them here on IPR unless they truly start campaigning at this late date.

    We’ll see what happens.

  12. William Saturn William Saturn March 8, 2016

    “hobo anarchist”?

    Hmm. Where have we heard that before?

  13. Stewart Flood Stewart Flood March 8, 2016

    Will Johnson actually win on the first ballot? My sources indicate that just about all of the other candidates, with exceptions of Reid, Robinson and a few others, have been picking off supporters. It is a slow leak in the balloon (pun intended), but it is a leak.

    Will he still have overwhelming support by the end of May? I was a supporter last time, but have publicly stated here and elsewhere that I’m leaning strongly against him repeating. I have not been contacted by his campaign to find out why. Part of the reason may be that his state coordinator for our state (last I heard) is a fugitive and not even in the state anymore.

    Are they just assuming that it will all magically come together in Orlando? Or are they so confident of victory that they feel they can just ignore delegates who are actively speaking out about questioning a second run?

  14. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt March 8, 2016

    I noticed that as well, William.

    Also. this is the first time I’ve heard Kerbel’s legal troubles being mentioned.

    Is it possible Mr. Robinson reads IPR?

  15. Andy Andy March 8, 2016

    I just spent a few minutes looking over Robinson’s platform. Sounds nutty.

  16. Steven Wilson Steven Wilson March 8, 2016

    Gary Johnson: the sequel will be a mistake.

    NOTA is the clear leader here.

  17. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi March 8, 2016

    A, took a glance, too. The birth loop thing looks like a spin on Georgism. I’m not a Georgist, and I found it nutty at first. But it has some merit, despite its being a construct like plumbline NAPsterism.

  18. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp March 11, 2016

    Any post-debate straw poll results? It’s difficult to get good and accurate polling in the LP.

    My recollection is that Johnson polled less than 50% after the Biloxi debate. He is very vulnerable.

    If he doesn’t win on the first ballot, he doesn’t win.

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