Alicia Dearn explains Weld endorsement


Posted at Dearn for VP:

Now that the vote is completed, I wish to explain myself.

I learned that the poll companies (and perhaps CPD) stated that they wouldn’t include libertarians without Weld. They’ve agreed to include us if he’s the pick. No Weld, and we get shut out again.

I learned this over the lunch recess while I was preparing for my speech. It was a really good one too.

The GJ campaign didn’t ask me to quit or tell me that. I got that message directly from someone outside the party.

We can’t fight for Liberty with our hands tied behind our backs. So I asked Weld to swear to me that he wouldn’t screw us. And he did. He seemed sincere. I said real libertarians need a seat at the table and I got his, Gary’s and Ron’s word that we would not be shut out and that our principles would be protected.

I did it so that we can have ballot access and make gains for all down line libertarians.

It was force by non-libertarians but I took it so we can stop force and oppression going forward.
It was awful. I’m not bullish on Weld and I was honest about that. But we need to advance for the sake of liberty and the sake of our country.

23 thoughts on “Alicia Dearn explains Weld endorsement

  1. Libertarians Against Streaking Fat Men (LASFM)

    You did the right thing, and for that we thank you.

  2. Dave (I hate acronyms!) Terry

    OK, I’ll bite!!
    Aside from Chicago Police Department and Continued Professional Development,
    or Communist Party of Denmark, what does CPD MEAN?????????????

  3. PetRock

    She sold out. Is that the right thing? She sold your values down the road for the 1% of the vote the Greens/Dems will let these idiots have. Weld compromises the ticket and ensures that #NeverTrump votes (which WERE leaning Johnson without Weld) will not go to Johnson. What she sold your liberty for, your already had the means within yourselves to take, on your own terms. You lost that, today. You became just as corrupt as the Democrats and Republicans.

    This is how freedom dies. Not with a groan, but with a forced cheer coerced by Alicia Dearn, and a shady backroom deal. Just like all of the other worthless parties. Darryl was absolutely correct. You have effectively murdered the LP.

  4. BrianShank

    For those wondering what CPD stands for, I’m pretty sure if refers to the Commission on Presidential Debates. I guess that the idea is that if the poll companies include Johnson as an option in their polls, he can get the 15% threshold necessary to be in those debates.

  5. Karl T. Knight

    Miss Dearn did the right thing. The Johnson / Weld ticket will draw more votes and could lead to a permanent increase in Libertarian Party’s strength. #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary could be a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity for the Libertarians and the Greens to become un-ignorable players in Americans politics.

  6. Andy

    This was an obvious staged event. Dearn was one of Gary Johnson’s attorneys in 2012. I have reason to believe that Austin Peterson might have been in on it as well.

  7. José C

    I voted for Alicia and I regret it. She gave a rambling speech in which her supporters were not sure what she wanted us to do. Was she dropping out and wanted us to vote for Weld? Or was she releasing her supporters to vote whomever they wanted to? Or was she staying in the race and just wanted to make sure Weld is a Libertarian for life.

  8. Darcy G Richardson

    Andy’s probably right. Alicia’s melodramatic appearance during the vice-presidential nominations, feigning concern over Weld’s candidacy while demanding answers from the lifelong Republican-turned-lobbyist — a fuddled favorite of the Establishment (financial oligarchy) who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the Libertarian Party — and followed by a confusing, if not completely incoherent statement as to her own intentions, was clearly a staged event.

    She had to know precisely what she was doing.

    Either that, or she’s a hopelessly naïve nitwit.

    Then again, this statement, issued by Dearn shortly after Weld’s narrow victory over a complete unknown on the second ballot, seems to prove the latter.

  9. Jon

    If the Libertarian Party is ever to emerge as a national third alternative then it has to look beyond the vocal fringes. A Johnson Weld ticket is very credible and will appeal to many independent voters who will not vote for Clinton or Trump. The bigger problem occurs when those voters peel away the veneer and look closer at the party’s platform and discover it was crafted by Loonatarians.

  10. NewFederalist

    Perhaps but if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

  11. langa

    The bigger problem occurs when those voters peel away the veneer and look closer at the party’s platform and discover [libertarian ideas].

    Yes, that is the problem with trying to pad membership and vote totals by appealing to people who have no interest in libertarianism. So, if you realize that strategy is inherently flawed, why do you keep pushing it?

  12. paulie Post author

    For those wondering what CPD stands for, I’m pretty sure if refers to the Commission on Presidential Debates.

    I prefer to call it the CoPD.

  13. RaiderDuck

    Not sure what all the teeth-gnashing over Bill Well is about. Bottom line is that his presence will likely get us more votes than someone 99.9% of Americans have never heard of (any of the other VP candidates).

    We can either have pure, untarnished libertarian principles, or we can get votes and maybe have some significance come Election Day. Can’t do both.

  14. Andy

    I would wager that most people do not know who Weld is either, as he has not been Governor in 19 years. Out of the people who do know who he is, most of them are not libertarians, and he is a guy who is not respected by most libertarians.

  15. Dilligaf

    Alicia was not complicit in any scheme (I can say without a doubt) and their likely was not any scheme. Alicia has a very strong moral compass and was put between a rock and a hard place. She made a decision that only a woman would know how to make and shouldered the burden for the greater good. It wasn’t black and white. Like most of life it was shades of gray. Call her what you will, but that woman has done more for advancing the cause of liberty in the last 6 years than most of us will do in a lifetime. I’m proud to know her.

  16. From Der Sidelines

    The bigger problem occurs when those voters peel away the veneer and look closer at the party’s platform and discover it was crafted by Loonatarians.

    So a consistency of freedom and limited government is looney?

    Got it. You’re three tacos short of a combo plate.

  17. Richard Winger

    Alicia Dearn is a very, very good attorney and legal writer. I learned that when I saw her excellent amicus curiae brief for some political science and history professors, in the 2012 Gary Johnson Michigan lawsuit. Her amicus went to the US Supreme Court.

  18. Stewart Flood

    First, her endorsement came while we were voting, and after many states had turned in their ballots. It was done poorly, and the “leak” after the endorsement caused even more damage.

    The better option, which would have actually helped us, would have been to rather than just ask him to swear with no given reason, to have GIVEN the reason about the poll ban and then ask him.

    It would have gone over better with those of us who did not support him, and it would have probably given him even more votes. Yes, she was pressured into it. She should have told us it was force and let us decide.

    But at this point it is over. We have our candidates, and we have elections to worry about at the local and state levels. Is Weld a sell-out? Possibly. We won’t know until we get through the campaign.

    We need to give JW’16 the opportunity to prove that they deserve the nomination. She has stated that it was not the campaign, but someone she won’t identify that is outside the party. There’s nothing more to do except move forward and hope that those of us who supported other candidates are wrong and that we did make the best choice. To repeat: we won’t know until we get through the campaign.

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