Avens O’Brien Endorses John McAfee

12111998_849715412486_1321241384911011526_nFrom her Facebook post:

I haven’t made a formal endorsement of a presidential candidate for the LP for 2016, and I hadn’t planned to until right before the convention when I could gather all my facts and thoughts, but as it might be somewhat obvious, I’m supporting Team McAfee and tonight I was blocked on a comment thread after stating my reasoning why.

We have an interesting set of options this year, when it comes to viable candidates.

We have an eccentric former tech millionaire with a past that includes jail and prostitutes and drugs. We have a successful click-bait site owner who comes off majorly scripted and has posts on his site and his Facebook that are juvenile, trolling, and that others will perceive as misogynistic, anti-gay, or worse. We also have a two term governor who mishandled his campaign finances in 2012 (read a book called “Can’t We Do Better” by George Phillies to learn more), and whose operatives multiple people have told me directly and in confidence have offered to pay their way to the convention for a vote.

Yeah, we’re the fiscally responsible non-corruption party with THAT guy at the head.

Every one of them potentially makes us look bad. There isn’t a single candidate that isn’t in some way an embarrassment on some issue.

But for the first time we have an election where taking the safer road has not served any of the candidates in the major parties.

Now – I will work to support any one of these potential candidates once they are nominated. But I’m rooting for the guy who actually seems to grasp liberty in a way the others don’t — who knows what it’s like to lose liberty, to fight a corrupt government and win, and what’s at stake in that fight – the innocents who suffer, property damages, beloved dogs killed by government agents. A man who stands up for sex workers’ rights with his former sex worker wife, with a powerful attitude of “Liberty is the concept that you own your mind and your body. You decide what you do with it, put into it…”

Yes. That’s essential. I love how he breaks it down because it is something he’s been living and breathing. It is instinct for him. I’m convinced, particularly in this year, that he’s the best candidate for the audience.

For the record, I’ll support others just fine if they get the nomination. I want the LP to do well, I won’t take my crayons and go home if my guy doesn’t get the nomination, but I’ll work to try to get him there.

With Hillary’s looming potential indictment and other controversies, and Trump’s statements and scandals and everything else – I’m officially *not* worried about McAfee’s past.

This won’t be the end of the LP no matter who gets the nomination, but I think John McAfee would bring about a birth of relevance, and I’d like to see it.a

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Caryn Ann Harlos is a paralegal residing in Castle Rock, Colorado and presently serving as the Region 1 Representative on the Libertarian National Committee and is a candidate for LNC Secretary at the 2018 Libertarian Party Convention. Articles posted should NOT be considered the opinions of the LNC nor always those of Caryn Ann Harlos personally. Caryn Ann's goal is to provide information on items of interest and (sometimes) controversy about the Libertarian Party and minor parties in general not to necessarily endorse the contents.

14 thoughts on “Avens O’Brien Endorses John McAfee

  1. Andy

    Any particular reason that you did not mention Darryl Perry or Marc Feldman?

  2. Avens O'Brien

    Quoting someone who articulated my thoughts well on my own thread:

    “The point of a presidential campaign is to get heard. That requires organization, funding, and contacts. Johnson, McAfee, and Petersen have all three, in varying levels – that’s why we hear about them, that’s why they make debates, that’s why non-libertarians interview them and occasionally endorse them. Outside of those three, the rest of the candidates are counting on their ideology and the LP to make magic happen, and I have news for you – the LP is most certainly not made of magic. It raises roughly $1 million a year, spends three quarters of that on staff in DC (who are mostly there to make sure that $1 million gets raised), and spends the rest on underfunded ballot access drives. There is no money left for “help Presidential candidates get heard”.

    To put that number in perspective, Gary’s campaign debt was larger than the LP’s yearly budget.

    An LP presidential campaign, at its core, is a national advertising campaign. Advertising requires money. It requires a message that isn’t just reassuring to Big L Libertarians (there are a lot of small l libertarians, even in the LP). It requires a willingness to play the game a little and actually, y’know, file with the FEC, which Perry refuses to do for honorable and absolutely quixotic reasons. It requires a willingness to ask for and accept enough money to run a national advertising campaign, which Feldman categorically refuses to do (he caps contributions at $5). It requires a hard nosed, pragmatic approach that recognizes the best message is the one that gets heard by the most non-libertarians. Johnson, McAfee, and Petersen get it.”

    …philosophically/ideologically, I match well with both Perry and Feldman. But since this won’t be a winning election, the next most important thing is who can bring Libertarian ideas to the largest number of people in the most compelling way possible, to get their votes and possibly their membership into our party.

    I feel that Johnson, Petersen & McAfee have all been successful at that. I respect and like other candidates, including Perry and Feldman. My post on FB was started as a reply to a post weighing the top 3, so I stuck to those three.

  3. Andy

    Darryl Perry is one of the co-hosts of Free Talk Live, which is heard on 150 radio stations, plus there are people who listen to the show online. Doesn’t’ this count towards getting heard?

    Perry and Marc Feldman have been running real campaigns for the nomination (by LP standards) so I think they deserve being mentioned.

  4. Avens O'Brien

    If I’d written an article, they would’ve been, and I would’ve linked to sources on information voters could utilize to make up their minds. This was a casual Facebook post that someone has turned into news.

  5. Michelle Catlin

    Didn’t you write for said clickbait site? Also i definitely agree that Gary Johnson should address this debt issue already, but it should be noted that campaign debt is not exactly anything that unusual and i don’t think that should be a complete reason why not to support someone. High profile politicians with a far more professional campaigns have larger debts, trying to run a national campaign with a third party budget is hard enough as it is. I think Johnson’s record in New Mexico is a much better indicator of his abilities than a campaign where most of his focus was on touring and speaking.

    I mean if we want to talk about failed business McAfee’s investments dropped his net worth from $100 million to $4 million in a crisis that plenty predicted.

  6. Jill Pyeatt

    Michelle said: ” it should be noted that campaign debt is not exactly anything that unusual and i don’t think that should be a complete reason why not to support someone.”

    I agree. I’m still supporting Perry, but expect Johnson to be the candidate, at which time I’ll wholeheartedly support him.

  7. Andy

    I disagree. Campaign debt is an important issue. If a person can’t run a campaign without running up a debt, and if a person has years to pay off a debt and fails to do so, then it is something that ought to be held as a strike mark against them.

  8. Jill Pyeatt

    It certainly is and should be a strike mark against the candidate, but should be weighed along with the other plusses and minuses of a candidate.

  9. Andy

    What if you were a person who was owed money by a candidate? Would you be so generous as to consider voting for somebody who did not pay you for goods or services you provided to a campaign?

    I speak from experience as a person who has been stiffed by campaigns, and who has had to endure pay delays from campaigns. Trust me, getting ripped off or having money that is owed to you get delayed 8s no fun. I certainly would not vote for somebody who stiffed me out 9f money.

  10. Dave Terry

    Andy, your entire screed and juvenile attempt at
    character assassination is one big TYPO!!!

  11. Andy

    I do not know to what character assassination it is to which you are referring.

    Saying that Perry and Feldman deserved to be mentioned as candidates?

    Pointing out that Johnson ran up a large campaign debt that he failed to pay off?

    How are either of these things character assassination?

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