Former Libertarian Party of Arkansas chair Rodger Paxton endorses Darryl W. Perry

Rodger Paxton

Former Libertarian Party of Arkansas chairman Rodger Paxton posted an audio podcast at on May 16th, 2016, discussing the 2016 LP presidential nomination and his official endorsement in the race. A transcript of his podcast was posted to the website, and the entirety of it is below (via American Third Party Report):

In this bonus episode, I have all of my Libertarian Party Presidential candidate breakdowns in this one episode, plus I give my final endorsement.

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This is a BONUS episode, The My Libertarian Presidential Endorsement Edition, and it’s Tuesday, May 17th, 2016. If you’ve been listening to the show the last few weeks, you know I’ve done a breakdown on the top four Libertarian candidates for President of the United States. Based on polling, I chose to discuss Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, John McAfee, and Darryl W. Perry. I wish I could have done more candidates, but there just wasn’t the time for it.

My hope is to get this bonus episode in front of as many delegates to the LP convention as possible before the Memorial Day weekend. Please share this episode anywhere and everywhere that you believe there will be delegates paying attention. So many people are not aware of the good and the bad that I’ve brought up about every candidate, and I think this is vital information for delegates. Thank you for your help in spreading this message.

And, don’t forget, at the end of these breakdowns for each candidate, I will have my endorsement for the office. So without further ado, here we go, starting with my comments about Gary Johnson in episode 34 of The LAVA Flow. You can listen to the entire episode at

Next up is Austin Petersen, from episode 35 of The LAVA Flow. I titled this episode The Libertarian Donald Trump Edition, and you can listen to the entire episode at Here’s that segment.

And, finally, I took on both John McAfee and Darryl W. Perry in episode 36 of The LAVA Flow. You can listen to the entire episode at Here is that segment.

So, now that is all finished, not much in my mind has changed. Gary is still statist, Austin is still a troll, McAfee is still crazy, and Darryl is still principled. I do have to say that McAfee finally did come out with a video showing his support for the non-aggression principle on Facebook on May 15th. He said:

The non-aggression principle is vital to the sanity and health of our nation, as well as to the sanity and health of our lives… You cannot stand sanely on any other point other than understanding that non-aggression is the only way one can live.

I asked for a more clear statement from him, and he delivered in spades. I must say that is a pretty power comment. I’ll have a link to the full one minute video in the show notes of this episode.

So, that makes only two of the four candidates who actually support the NAP, which is pretty fucking sad considering this is a Libertarian Party nomination. What would be even more sad is if one of the two non principled candidates wins the nomination. I hope the delegates in convention realize that before it’s too late.

I also sincerely hope the LP delegates vote for principle over politics. Gary may be prominent as a politician, but he is the least principled in the race. As Tom Knapp has recently reported on his blog at, New Mexico’s state government spending grew faster than the rate of inflation, faster than the rate of population, and, even more damning, faster than federal spending has grown under Barack Obama. The state debt more than doubled under Johnson’s governorship. He also supported the death penalty strongly as governor, even going so far as to support reducing the age at which children can be tried as adults, and summarily killed by the state, to as low as 13 years old. Gary Johnson is a statist, plain and simple. He no more deserves this nomination than Bob Barr did in 2008. Please don’t make the same mistakes again and again by voting for electability over principle. The LP is the Party of Principle for a reason. Let’s prove it this year!

Austin Petersen is a childish troll, and while he seems libertarian on many issues, he is completely against the NAP. And, he is just a horrible human being based on the many comments he’s made on Facebook towards his detractors. We already have one Donald Trump too many in the general election. We don’t need another. Please don’t vote for this asshat.

John McAfee, while a newer member of the Libertarian Party, seems to understand libertarianism much better than either Johnson or Petersen. He describes our philosophy and principles extremely well, and, more importantly, seems to live by them. I can’t help but like this guy. He owns his very crazy past as he should. He speaks extremely well and puts out fantastic content by blogging and videos. And, his name is well known, as is his past. I would be willing to bet he is more well known that Gary Johnson, and certainly more well know than Austin Petersen. McAfee’s hilarious video on how to remove McAfee anti-virus has over 6 million views and counting.

Darryl W. Perry is, like I said, the most principled in the race. He is a libertarian through and through, and has spent years working to promote libertarianism in many ways, writing a book, blogging, and with his three podcasts. He fully supports the NAP, like McAfee and he speaks the message of liberty well. If you missed seeing him on the Libertarian Presidential debate on RT, you need to go check it out. I have a link to the video in the show notes to this episode at My favorite quote of his was in his opening statement, where he says he is running for the LP nomination to make the Libertarian Party libertarian again.

And this is where my difficulty comes in. Both of these candidates, McAfee and Perry would be excellent choices for the LP as the presidential nomination. McAfee, while well know, has a shady past that will turn off lots of voters, but will also attract other voters. Perry’s principle will get the message of freedom and true libertarianism out there further than it has been in quite some time. Since I am 100% principle over party, as you know if you listen to this show very much, my official endorsement goes to Darryl W. Perry, as the most principled candidate in the race, hands down. Darryl’s voice, the voice of true libertarianism, deserves to be heard in this race, and I hope you can help me with that. In order to have Darryl’s voice in the debate, he needs 10% of the tokens that will be given to all delegates at the convention. There is no doubt that Johnson, Petersen, and McAfee have the support needed to ensure they get in the debate that will be broadcast on CSPAN. Darryl is a bit of an underdog, and may not have the support needed for that. Please, if you want to hear the most libertarian voice in the debate, make sure you give Darryl your debate token. This in no way means you will vote for him, although I wish you will, but it will make sure he is in the debate.

I know there are lots of you out there who will disagree with me on this, and believe fully that the mission of this race is to elect a Libertarian US President. We all know that’s not going to happen in 2016. We have a long road ahead of us to make more libertarians before we can ever win a US Presidential election. Darryl Perry teaches that principle better than anyone in this race, but McAfee has been doing a close second in my opinion. I really want Darryl to win this nomination, but I would not be sad to see McAfee win this thing by any stretch.

I will, on the other hand, be very disappointed if Johnson or Petersen win this nomination. This will be further proof that the Libertarian Party is no longer libertarian. After nominating Republicans in 2008 and 2012, and with two of the top candidates this year being Republicans, Petersen and Johnson, how about we do something different this time and nominate someone other than a Republican for President from the Libertarian Party? Please join me in promoting real libertarianism in 2016! What an idea!

Until next time… keep striking the root.

This has been a Pax Libertas Productions Podcast.

2 thoughts on “Former Libertarian Party of Arkansas chair Rodger Paxton endorses Darryl W. Perry

  1. langa

    I agree with pretty much all of this, but especially this part:

    So, that makes only two of the four candidates who actually support the NAP, which is pretty fucking sad considering this is a Libertarian Party nomination. What would be even more sad is if one of the two non principled candidates wins the nomination. I hope the delegates in convention realize that before it’s too late.

    That pretty much hits the nail on the head.

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