John McAfee: Here’s what really happened in Belize

John McAfee
The following article by Libertarian Party presidential candidate John McAfee was published on on May 12th, 2016. Brian Doherty also wrote about McAfee’s Belize situation the same day at (via American Third Party Report)

We never escape our past. It is the foundation of who we are. For most people, their past is a selected set of thoughts, actions and feelings that they choose to divulge to others, and that set of disclosures varies depending upon their relationship to those “others.”

A stranger in the street may receive a virtual null set, a spouse may receive everything that the person can remember. It is a choice that most people have a right to exercise. That right is the right to privacy.

However, for most of us in the public eye, we give up that right by choosing to be in the public eye. It is one if the drawbacks of fame, notoriety or prominence.

In no area of life do we we give up that right to privacy more than in the field of politics, and to me this seems just and right. The people need to know, at the deepest level, the people that they choose to represent them.

One of the most strenuous parts of my entry into politics has been disclosing a life that has been lived entirely out of the box. It is not a simple matter of disclosing the life of a businessman who has lived within the norm and has transgressions, such as marital infidelity, lies, etc., which must be scrutinized and explained. That would be a simple task.

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