L.A. Times “Libertarians hope to exploit frustration with main parties”

Nicholas Sarwark, the chair of the Libertarian Party, likens his political movement to a cataclysmic chunk of space rock.

And he means that as a good thing.

Say you’re a fan of the Washington’s NFL franchise, as his wife is. “If you see the Cowboys and the Eagles play, you don’t care who wins,” he said in an interview Friday morning. “You kind of wish both could lose. Maybe a meteor could hit the stadium?”

“This is the opportunity for the American people to vote for the meteor,” he said.

Such is the role Libertarians are looking to play this election year, as large swaths of voters remain dismayed by the likely Republican and Democratic nominees. Sarwark, a mild-mannered former attorney who now operates his family-owned used car business in Phoenix, sees friendly terrain to blow up the established two-party system.

“This is the biggest thing happening in American politics right now,” said Sarwark, just before he kicked off the party’s convention in Orlando this weekend. “Because the two old parties are committed to self-destructing in front of us by nominating candidates who are the most hated in the modern era… we offer that option for people to vote for something that they want instead of something they’re afraid of.”

Full article @ The Los Angeles Times http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-pol-libertarian-chair-convention-20160527-snap-story.html

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