UPDATED: Liberty Singer Jordan Page’s Infant Son Needs Surgery-Can You Help?

Thomas Page

Jordan Page is a singer/songwriter who devotes his talents to spreading the message of liberty. We featured a song here at IPR a few months ago that was written and performed by Jordan about the death of LaVoy Finicum.

Jordan is also a family man–I believe the latest baby put him at six children. Thomas Page, his youngest, has been diagnosed with sagittal craniosynostosis and requires surgery and a five day stay in the hospital. His friends have started a gofundme page to help with the expenses.

If you’d like to help, you can go here..


UPDATE 6-09-2016

Jordan posted this today on his Facebook page:

Just wanted to give everyone an update on Tommy: He and Mary are home and we are all very grateful for that! Of course I’m super dad and kept the homefires burning bright, but we just weren’t complete without Mary and Tommy. His surgery was a complete success. He had several hard and painful days post-op and his face swelled up so much he couldn’t open his eyes. But Mary is amazing and took such good care of our little man, and he was discharged a couple of days early because he was doing so well!! Your prayers and support during this time will never be forgotten. His head is nice and round and he will have a follow up in Seattle in a year, then 5 years. Its amazing what these talented surgeons were able to do, and we feel so blessed by them, by the Lord, and by all of you who cared so much, who donated to help with our expenses, and who prayed for Tommy and our family. We love you all!!

 Thomas Page


2 thoughts on “UPDATED: Liberty Singer Jordan Page’s Infant Son Needs Surgery-Can You Help?

  1. Andy

    Jordan seems like a good fellow, and i appreciate what he is doing with his music, but he is not a big star musician, so I do not see how he could earn enough money off of his music to support such a large family.

    Does he have another line of work outside of music, or did he or his wife inherit money, or does he earn more off of his music than I am assuming, or what?

  2. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    From Jordan’s FB page:

    “Today is the big day! Our baby boy Thomas will be in surgery at 11:30am pacific time for about 4 hours. Thank you all so much for your prayers. I have learned so much in this process and have been reminded how much love there is in the liberty community, it is really inspiring. I have also learned for the first time what it is to have God’s peace, having truly given this over to Him. It’s like having foresight, truly knowing what will happen though it’s out of my control. Putting this situation in God’s hands and leaving it there has allowed me to receive the Holy Spirit and I haven’t worried about it at all because I already know the outcome. May the peace of God and His son Yeshua be with you all today as it is with us. Thank you all for your financial support, your prayers, and private messages of encouragement, and I will post updates about Tommy throughout the day.”

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