LNC chair candidate Charles Peralo invites prominent Republicans, including Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan, to Libertarian convention

Charles Peralo is one of four candidates for the the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) chair position. The following is from his Facebook page (via American Third Party Report)


Today, May 11th, the Charles Peralo campaign formally wrote to over a dozen prominent Republicans who has publicly voiced discontent with the direction their party is taking. These Republicans have voiced despair with their fellow party members support of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump.

The campaign formally invited these individuals to attend the Libertarian National Convention in the coming weeks on Mr. Peralo’s dime, so that they might consider our presidential nominee, and maybe find a new political home. We want to grow our party, and introducing these people to our ideals is one of the best ways to do it.

The list of these names include the following:

– Speaker Paul Ryan
– Senator Ted Cruz
– Senator Susan Collins
– Senator Lindsey Graham
– Senator Rand Paul
– Senator Pat Toomey
– Senator Mike Lee
– Senator Marco Rubio
– Senator Jeff Flake
– Senator Ben Sasse
– Congressman Thomas Massie
– Congressman Mark Sanford
– Congressman Justin Amash
– Congressman Bob Dold

Senators Lee and Graham were the first to get back to the Peralo campaign stating that while they were thankful for the invitation, the convention, which is held May 26th-30th would conflict with prior travel arrangements. However, both wished the campaign the best of luck with the convention.

Whether or not one or any of these prominent Republicans will accept is yet to be seen. However, Peralo has shown that he is willing to show initiative with this bold move by extending the olive branch to these prominent and disenfranchised politicians.

10 thoughts on “LNC chair candidate Charles Peralo invites prominent Republicans, including Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan, to Libertarian convention

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    I wonder if Peralo contacted Johnson to find out if he “deeply” wishes Republicans to attend the convention?

    Hubris, they name is Charles Peralo!!!

    (I’ll be supporting Nick.)


    One article talking about how unlikly it is to have the Republicans take over the part and the next article we are inviting them.

    If your desire to succeed is so strong that you sell us out to the republicans so they can sabotage there own candidate, then we deserve to never be more then a “wasted vote”.

  3. Gene Berkman

    Inviting people to attend The Libertarian National Convention is not the same as inviting them to become our candidates. Republicans opposed to Trump are looking for a way to reject Trump and Hilary Clinton at the same time, and some will feel comfortable voting for the Libertarian candidates.

    In some cases that will open them to voting for other Libertarian candidates; for many it will be a one-off.

    But a higher protest vote total will increase future opportunities for media coverage.

  4. steve m

    Isn’t the libertarian national convention open to all observers that don’t disrupt its proceedings? If it is we absolutely should invite all disgruntled republicans and democrats to come and observe our parties proceedings. We should invite them to join us in political and philosophical discussions. To break bread with us, to drink with us to make them sure that their backing the candidate we select is a great idea.

    By all means they should be welcome.

  5. robert capozzi

    Interesting stunt. Inviting Graham, however, is an especially BIG mistake. And Cruz calling for patrolling Muslim neighborhoods is someone I’d want to keep at a long distance.

  6. Jay Wildwood

    Brilliant move by Charles Peralo. This is the sort of thinking that is all too lacking among Libertarians.

  7. Joe Wendt

    After reading this, I am now 100% sure that he will not receive my vote in Orlando.

  8. Andy

    Joe, that is an odd statement to come from a guy who endorsed Rick Santorum for President.

  9. Joe Wendt


    Am I openly inviting Rick Santorum to come to the Convention? Just because I happen to like a particular candidate for my own reasons, doesn’t mean they should be invited to the Convention or invited to join the LP. Plus, in Santorum’s defense, he is sane compared to half the crap that comes out of Ted Cruz’ mouth (or Trump’s mouth for that matter).

  10. Jay Wildwood

    Invited to a convention…you always want to invite people to a convention. Who knows, maybe you’ll change their minds. Or maybe just open lines of communication to find things you want to work on together down the road, even though there are still lots of other things you don’t agree on. For the purist/extremists among you, how do you envision being able to enact real changes in public policy, or do you just want to stamp your feet forever? Do you expect a majority to adopt 100% of your views? Will it involve existing political leaders who have voted and voiced opinions contrary to yours many times in the past switching over? If yes, do you expect them to convert completely overnight, or perhaps evolve gradually as other people (including presumably many of you) have? Might inviting them to observe be a first step to opening some doors or would you rather keep the doors closed and keep launching barely noticeable spitballs at the windows?

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