Open Thread for Activities at the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando, Florida


56 thoughts on “Open Thread for Activities at the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando, Florida

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I suggest we also start an open thread for the presidential nomination process, since that will undoubtedly take up a lot of the convention’s time and energy. I’ll put up a thread tomorrow, unless someone has a different idea.

  2. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I can’t believe how awful I feel that I can’t be there. This will be a tough weekend for me, so keep me posted, everyone!!!

  3. Caryn Ann Harlos

    I am attending the Committee meetings and will post my notes. Credentials notes coming up.

  4. Pro-Choice Libertarians

    May 26, 2016
    Contacts at Convention: Anthony Dlugos 440-339-9497
    & Curry Taylor
    Washington, DC contact: Carol Moore 202-635-3739


    From May 26 til 30, 2016 the national Libertarian Party ( is holding its presidential nominating convention in Orlando, Florida. Pro-Choice Libertarians are fighting to keep the abortion plank in the party’s platform – and thus save the party’s reputation as a party that stands up for individual liberty, self-determination, private property and limited government.
    Heated platform discussions are expected on the floor Friday afternoon and/or Saturday morning. Pro-choice activists organizing with leaflets and buttons will be available to media.
    Of the 18 announced presidential candidates, two leading candidates, Governor Gary Johnson and entrepreneur John McAfee, are pro-choice candidates, as is Vice-Presidential candidate Governor William Weld. Activist Austin Petersen supports states outlawing abortion. See our “2016 Race” chart of all candidates’ positions at our website.
    Most libertarians believe that state imposed compulsory pregnancy is slavery. Now that so many Republican-led states are passing laws to restrict abortion services and shut down clinics, women increasingly are turning to dangerous self-induced abortion or terminating pregnancies much later because of the financial burden of traveling to other states for abortions.
    However, after years of badgering by abortion prohibitionists, as well as party “reformists” who want to appeal to disgruntled Republicans, the LP has whittled down its formerly strong pro-choice platform plank. It now reads: “Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive issue and that people can hold good-faith views on all sides, we believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration.” In 2012 even that abortion plank survived complete removal only because of last minute impassioned speeches from the floor.
    Pro-Choice Libertarians was formed in 1987 when it was feared that anti-abortion Representative Ron Paul would try to change the Libertarian Party’s position on the issue.
    See our website

  5. Jongeun Kim

    I fully support Austin Peterson and the Republican Party in their efforts to require state control of pregnancy and abortion. “State imposed compulsory pregnancy” allows us to plan for an optimal population level, and state control of the bodies of select females from an early age provides an important moral boost for senior public officials and military leaders. Following in the bootprints of the Immortal Great Leaders who came before me – my father and grandfather – my moral has been boosted regularly by this program.

  6. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Other than CSPAN covering the debate and presidential (and vice-presidential nomination?) vote, will any other portion of the convention be live streamed anywhere?

  7. Losty

    Next to no standing committee reports available?
    Next to no regional reports available?

    The one that is weird, Credentials and Convention Oversight. You are At Convention…

  8. Caryn Ann Harlos

    I am sorry if the notes are a bit scattered – I was multi-tasking several things for the Radical Caucus, and this is my first cinventuon.


    Starchild moved for adding functionality and transparency which failed.

    The agenda passed.

    There were issues with three states: Oregon, Alaska, and South Dakota.

    Emily Salvette was elected Chair. Gary Johnson was elected Secretary.


    Richard Burke and Tim Reeves spoke in favour of seating the PAC as delegates. Arguments were made that Sarwark is in defiance of the JC and that Wagner has shown disrespect to the body. A history of the controve

    Scott Pettigrew moved to reconsider their prior (April) decision to not seat any Oregon delegates. This passed without objection.

    Dr. Phillies spoke against seating the PAC delegation.

    Sarwark spoke against the points made by Burke and Reeves- and Burke (and Reeves to a lesser extent) kept interrupting and attempted to shout him down. Sarwark stood his ground. Sarwark’s argument was primarily about the entity that controls the ballot line and is the legally recognized entity. Mattson spoke in rebuttal of Sarwark’s points.

    Pettigrew moved to seat the Oregon PAC delegates. Pettigrew and Johnson voted in favour- all else opposed/abstained, the motion failed.

    Pettigrew moved to refer this decision to the delegates. Pettigrew and Johnson were in favour, all else opposed, the. motion failed.

    That was it for Oregon.

    Alaska: a dispute has arisen between the Delegation Chair and the new Board of Directors. The Delegation Chair says that the convention authorized him to make all decisions regarding delegates and their delegation. The new Board disputes this and the convention minutes are sketchy, and the Alaska Constitution offers no guidance.

    The has resulted in two different delegate lists being submitted with three delegates in dispute. The Committee decided to recognize the list submitted by the Board.

    South Dakota: issues arose on whether they complied with the requirement to name a resident delegate by the thirty day deadline. It was argued that the rule is ambiguous as to whether this person must be someone reasonably expected to attend. None of the proposed delegates are current national party members but this should be remedied shortly. South Dakota does not require state party membership.

    It was moved and passed that no action be taken at this time.

    Caryn Ann Harlos (me) inquired about the prior issue of Alaska and Miami-Dade binding their delegates. The Committee stated that these bodies have rescinded these binding.

    I had to leave at his time before they approved the present lists.

  9. Caryn Ann Harlos

    I am at Platform Committee now. Missed some of it, but will get notes on what I have.

  10. Losty

    thanks Caryn.

    Question, can the Body take on any issue it wants or seat from the floor, or only on a recommendation from the Committee.

    If no, Oregon is apparently Closed.

  11. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    It’s hard to believe the Burke will give up. I would expect literature to be passed out regarding the judicial committee decision, then something from the floor regarding some new angle from the JC decision.

  12. Losty

    Well, In case someone (Wes) Needs it…..

    The Ohio Petition:

    Charlie Earl/Ken Moellman….

    Rested and Ready….

  13. Caryn Ann Harlos

    First to everyone – sorry for the dropped sentence and typing errors…. The wifi really stinks and I am goung quickly between meetings.

    To Losty, the delegates can still take this up on their own initiative (Oregon) so it is not closed. The CC though will not be suggesting it.

    Mr. Burke is at the LNC meeting and spoke to accomplishments of the PAC during public comment.

  14. Caryn Ann Harlos

    There are 985 delegates appointed, 344 alternates. Max is 1047 (that hasn’t accounted for subtracting Oregon since the PAC is not recognized and the affiliate is not sending any delegates)

  15. Dylan Robnett

    I eagerly anticipate the decision from the delegates this weekend. This will be a make-or-break year for the Libertarian Party as we seek to balance the boldness of our message with candidates’ ability to spread that message.

    I have my favorite candidates but I find myself wondering why is Kerry Bentivolio not more popular? I don’t know who we should nominate but I believe that Bill Weld shouldn’t even be considered & Bentivolio is a respectable option.

    After receiving a bunch of medals for his heroism in the military, he went to Congress to carry the torch along with Justin Amash and Thomas Massie as Ron Paul made his departure in 2013. In his two-year term, Bentivolio has sponsored 13 libertarian bills including a 6-month grace period for businesses facing penalties, a bill blocking the transfer of weapons to Egypt, a resolution to require the public release of every law before it is passed, a 15% pay cut for congress in the event of a budget deficit, a bill prohibiting the U.S. Armed Forces from detaining citizens and lawful residents without charge, and a tax allowance for the expenses of attending a private school.

    He looks the part of a vice president and he has a way with words. So, am I missing something that makes Kerry Bentivolio unappealing to Libertarians?

  16. Caryn Ann Harlos

    Platform Committee meeting… I had to miss the tail end because the LNC meeting was starting. Also there were documents referred to that the gallery did not have on hand.

    An amendment to Immigration 3.4 will be presented to the delegates. The Committee rescinded its prior email vote taking this out of consideration. Starr had objected for the reason that the delegates would be blindsided as it was not included in the report or the survey.

    File sharing was renumbered due to advertent mis-numbering from 1.7 to 2.7.

    A brand new environment plank different from the rewrite proposed was submitted. This did not pass (and contained horribly statist insertions).

    There was a proposal to combine the energy proposals- I had to step out, but I don’t think this passed.

    Shuey moved to amend to rescind the recommendation of the deletion of the abortion plank. This failed.

    Extensive discussion was had on the order of presentation to the delegates. Mattson’s proposal was by order of percentage over thresholds needed to pass in the survey. Madden brought up that these percentages differ when one takes into accounts self-identified delegates and attendees and proposed a different order based on this infor,action. Madden’s proposal passed.

    Apparently discussion was had on death penalty plank after I left for LNC meeting.

  17. Matt Cholko

    No official was had on death penalty. Anything that happened would have happened after adjournment, as I did not leave until that time, and I am not aware of any discussion of the matter.

  18. NewFederalist

    I sure as hell prefer Kerry Bentivolio to William Weld! Weld does it for me. If the convention nominates him I vote Castle/Bradley. I can stomach Johnson for all his screw ups but NOT Weld.

  19. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Curiously, I just saw this new comment from Alicia on Facebook:

    “People have suddenly noticed today that in the FEC filings for Johnson 2012 is a debt to me/my law for for $151,000.

    Here’s my official response to that.

    I wrote it off.

    I basically ended up doing all my work for the Johnson campaign pro bono, which happens sometimes with clients (usually 1 or 2 a year because I will take clients for justice reasons, even if they end up not being able to pay me).

    I have to invoice the time and expenses from my firm at fair market value because I’m a corporation. I paid employees to work on campaign work and I paid court expenses.

    And this was on top of my volunteer work as Midwest Director.

    Look, it’s a risk I took and accepted as a business. I’m not upset in any way about it. It would’ve been nice to have been paid for some of it, but it didn’t work out that way.

    But I do wish that I got some acknowledgement for being one of Johnson’s biggest supporters… Also helping with the CPD case for another year (with another six figure write off) and helping with OAI legally for free. I’ve given a lot even though I’ve been quiet about it for the most part.

    In short: Let it be known that I will give to this party in any way I can, so long as I leave enough for myself to also be healthy, happy, and successful. I have a track record of it. My support also goes to other libertarian causes, groups, and parties — not just GJ.”

  20. Caryn Ann Harlos

    LNC meeting….

    This was a pretty standard meeting. Regional reports were struck from the agenda. The conflict of interests list was updated. Nick spoke of the tremendous media interest in the past three weeks. The treasurer report mentioned our increased revenues over the past few months. Wes Benedict mentioned the work that Andy Burns has done for the affiliates.

    For restrictions the audit committee composition it was decided that now that Starr is a Region 4 alternate that he cannot be on the audit committee as “alternates” is in fact an LNC member.

    Comp rooms from the hotel to the convention committee was approved as it was a use it or lose it and it is not paid for by the LNC.

    More later

  21. Carol Moore

    Thanks John Shuey for trying to bring some LIBERTY to the Platform Committee!!

    So the prohibitionist fanatics and the badgered, weak kneed platform members who can’t take prohibitionists ranting at them all the time are going to go ahead and recommend the plank be removed.

    I hope that impassioned speeches from the floor convince delegates that to do so would make a mockery of the “Libertarian Party”. If not, I hope pro-choicers are getting together in Orlando to decide what to do if the plank is deleted. A 20 minute demonstration until the police have to be called in certainly would show the world libertarians take liberty seriously!

  22. John Slevin

    @CarolMoore It would be nice to know what specific issue you are referencing.

  23. Roger Roots

    William Weld just arrived in the lobby and I had a very brief exchange with him. He is now repeating libertarian buzz phrases such as “taxation is theft.” Apparently his advisers are telling him this is all it will take.

  24. Antirevolutionary

    As a pro-lifer considering voting for the Libertarians this year as the lesser of many evils, I hope the efforts of the Pro-Choice Libertarians are defeated! Peterson-Bentivolio 2016.

  25. Weld my Johnson

    Awaiting the appearance of Robert Milnes . . . Seriously considering supporting him for VP over Weld. Just have a few questions.

    I see Weld now . . . Just gave him the finger . . . He acted like he didn’t see.

  26. Carol Moore/Secession.Net

    Antirevolutionary. You don’t even know the meaning of this paraphrase from Goldwater: EXTREMISM IN DEFENSE OF WOMENS LIBERTY IS NO VICE.

    However after the libertarian decentralist revolution you and whatever women you can talk into it can outlaw abortion in your own voluntary community. (Though if they need an abortion they can always skeedaddle out of there or else it’s a Slave Contract.)

  27. AMcCarrick

    Weld my Johnson… Why are supposed libertarians so quick to act like children? It’s something I’ve noticed…. most just act out in childish outbursts.

  28. Carol Moore

    McAfee has to speak more distinctly. Must be tired. POTORSON… i want to smack his fresh little face… even when he’s right…

  29. langa

    Here’s a good article on the 3 “leading” candidates for the LP Presidential nomination:

    Unfortunately, the article ignores Perry, but it still does a nice job of capturing the basic issue at stake:

    The Libertarian Party will never succeed by trying to defeat the two main parties playing traditional politics, and John McAfee’s campaign seems to be the only one who understands this. All one has to do is compare the campaign videos of Gary Johnson and John McAfee to see the difference inherently different views of how to advance liberty in politics.

    At the Libertarian Party convention this weekend, the LP has the potential to introduce a wildcard into one of the most unpredictable election seasons in recent memory.

    Will Libertarians embrace it? Or will they simply maintain their inept status quo?

  30. Jeremy Siple

    When I get to the convention (likely Saturday afternoon), I may have to converse with delegates about uniting behind Alicia Dearn, should Johnson be the nominee. I like Will Coley a lot, but Dearn seems like a better fit for Gary.

  31. Krzysztof Lesiak

    So is it a foregone conclusion that Johnson will win easily on the first ballot? It’d be a lot more fun, for both delegates and those following on IPR, if that did not happen. It would also bode well for the future of the Libertarian Party and the libertarian movement in general if the delegates rejected Johnson. The party could return to its libertarian roots and once again become “the party of principle.”

  32. Krzysztof Lesiak

    By the way, I was 16 at the time of the 2012 presidential election, but I filled in the bubble beside Gary Johnson’s name on my mom’s ballot. But if 2016 ends up being the first election I actually vote in myself, I won’t vote for a Johnson/Weld ticket. If it was a Johnson/Coley ticket, however, that might be okay. At least that ticket would be balanced out.

  33. Weld my Johnson

    Here’s to hoping for Johnson-Milnes . . . Experience and Intelligence . . .

  34. Jeremy Siple

    “So is it a foregone conclusion that Johnson will win easily on the first ballot?”

    Not at all.

  35. Dave

    How many of the delegates are likely to just support whomever Johnson wants for VP if he gets the nod and makes a speech in favor of it? I figure if the crowd’s willing to nominate Johnson they then won’t want to reject him if he then makes a speech asking them to get behind Weld.

  36. Joshua K.

    @Caryn Ann Harlos: The secretary of the Credentials Committee isn’t Gary Johnson the presidential candidate, is he? Is it another person with the same name?

  37. Darcy G Richardson

    “How many of the delegates are likely to just support whomever Johnson wants for VP if he gets the nod and makes a speech in favor of it? I figure if the crowd’s willing to nominate Johnson they then won’t want to reject him if he then makes a speech asking them to get behind Weld.” — Dave

    Despite the fact that there are probably a number of shepherds and herding dogs committed to the bumbling and unimpressive former governor in Orlando, the delegates at the Rosen Centre Hotel & Resort aren’t your typical, run-of-the-mill sheep. They’re Libertarians, and they’re quite capable of making their own decisions, regardless of whom Johnson — or any other prospective presidential nominee — might prefer.

    While Johnson’s handlers would undoubtedly prefer to the see the LP further imitate the two major parties by merely rubber-stamping their candidate’s choice for VP, I seriously doubt that will happen this weekend — and that’s a really good thing.

  38. steve m

    The party could return to its libertarian roots and once again become “the party of principle.” what?

    The Libertarian party isn’t that different then any other political party in that it has people in it who will engage in skulduggery and mudslinging and slander and back stabbing for their own personal reasons.

    Yes it happens here on IPR.

  39. NewFederalist

    “Where’s Dan Imperiato when you need him?” – Losty

    I’m pretty sure he is a Cardinal now!

  40. Carol Moore

    SHOULD PRO-CHOICE LIBS ORGANIZE A WALK OUT if delegates remove the plank?

    Even 15 minutes will make the point. But only AFTER 10 minutes of booing and yelling PRO-CHOICE and WALK OUT. I mean only putting up a real stink works with these authoritarians…

    Ah, to be there doing it!!

    (I have a great new meme: “AUSTIN PETERSEN LOVES DEAD WOMEN” with a bloody dead woman from an illegal abortion in the 1960s. Hope it does NOT have to become the MEME for the LP *IF* it gets rid of the abortion plank… Well, we’ll have to start by strenthening all the state planks!!

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