Video of today’s RT America Libertarian presidential debate

American Third Party Report:

The Libertarian Party presidential debate featuring candidates Marc Allan Feldman, Darryl W. Perry and Kevin McCormick just concluded on RT America. The full video of the debate is available now, and lasts for just under two hours.

3 thoughts on “Video of today’s RT America Libertarian presidential debate

  1. sparkey

    Yikes. Perry was too extreme, Feldman was too abrasive, and McCormick was too nervous. Good thing this isn’t the top 3.

  2. George Dance

    Thanks to one media outlet for letting libertarians know there are more than 3 choices. I put this on my video on my blog today, with this teaser on facebook:
    “Hey, Libertarians: Don’t have a presidential candidate yet? Think Johnson’s too liberal, McAfee’s too weird, Petersen’s too arrogant? Well, there’s more choices on the ballot; and thanks to RT America, you have a chance to learn about these three:”

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