Gary Johnson and Bill Weld talk with John Stossel 6/3/16

Governor Gary Johnson and Governor Bill Weld appeared on Stossel today (14 minute video, via American Third Party Report)

8 thoughts on “Gary Johnson and Bill Weld talk with John Stossel 6/3/16

  1. Be Rational

    This is a great interview. Brilliant candidates.

    What a great team the LP has nominated!

    Johnson / Weld for the win!

  2. Green Party Voter

    Great to see Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein on Stossel. Green Party Green New Deal eco jobs for the economy is winner. Green Party money makers. Green Party winners.

  3. robert capozzi

    Can’t quite give this an A+, but a very solid A.

    GJ has been working out the kinks in his presentation. Still room for improvement, but his core “Jimmy Stewart” is in nice contrast the DJT’s bombast and HRC’s poll-tested slickness.

  4. Tony From Long Island

    This might have been Gary’s best media interview so far. He came across well. Too bad it was one of the least viewed news networks. Of course, Stossel would make GJ look good. He’s a libertarian also.

    My minor gripes:

    GJ has used the “mickey mouse” line enough. Move on.

    GJ said “DEMOCRAT” party! Come on, Gary! We all know that term is used as a pejorative by Republicans! The word is DEMOCRATIC party. Don’t be a ditto head.

  5. Be Rational

    I didn’t notice that he said, “Democrat” Party, but we shouldn’t parrot the Republicans and we shouldn’t be afraid to say the name of the “Democratic” Party.”

    “… fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.” Albus Dumbledore

  6. Tony From Long Island

    I notice it all the time. It’s like nails on a chalkboard because it’s so petty and unnecessary. Republicans do it because they KNOW it annoys democrats. I know that’s not why Gary Johnson said it. Should democrats have a thicker skin and just ignore it? Of course, but it still bothers me. 🙂

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