Oregon Libertarian Primary Raw Results

The mail-in primary for the Libertarian Party of Oregon concluded on May 27.  Unlike the Libertarian primaries in California, Nebraska, North Carolina, Missouri, and Minnesota, the Oregon primary had general election ballot implications.  Libertarians in Oregon voted to nominate their own ticket based on these primary results rather than follow what the national Libertarian Party decided at the Convention in Orlando.  Still, Gary Johnson won the primary and so will appear on the Oregon general election ballot as the Libertarian Party candidate, just as he will in other states.

Raw results:

President of the United States Round 1

Blank Votes: 0
Illegal Votes: 2
Valid Votes: 742
Majority: 372

Derrick Michael Reid: 10
Keenan Wallace Dunham: 18
Nathan Norman: 8
Mary Susan Nehls: 34
Rhett Smith: 6
Darryl W. Perry: 21
Gary Johnson: 422
John McAfee: 105
Adam Kokesh (Write-In): 1
Austin Petersen (Write-In): 25
Bernie Sanders (Write-In): 34
Bill Mahar (Non-Libertarian) (Write-In): 1
Donald Trump (Write-In): 33
Drew Carey (Write-In): 0
Gemo Dog (Write-In): 1
Hillary Clinton (Write-In): 10
Jack B. Robinson, Jr. (Write-In): 0
Joey Berry (Write-In): 1
John Smith (Write-In): 1
Kyle Markley (Non-Libertarian) (Write-In): 0
Kyle Sheahan (Write-In): 0
Mark Allen Feldman (Write-In): 0
Mark Cuban (Write-In): 0
Mark Stanton (Write-In): 1
NOTA (Write-In): 2
Rand Paul (Non-Libertarian) (Write-In): 4
Rob Hunter (Non-Libertarian) (Write-In): 1
Robert Miller (Write-In): 0
Ron Paul (Write-In): 2
Shawna Jay Sterling (Non-Libertarian) (Write-In): 0
Ted Cruz (Write-In): 1

Special thanks to Wes Wagner, Chair of Election Operations Committee, for providing the data.

Results from the other Libertarian primary races can be found at lporegon.org

Mount Hood from Trillium Lake in Oregon
Image: portlandneighborhood.com

13 thoughts on “Oregon Libertarian Primary Raw Results

  1. Dave

    Surprised by the fairly strong showings for Sanders and Trump. Heck, even Clinton did reasonably well.

  2. Michael H. Wilson

    Was this a state funded election or did the party conduct this on their own?

  3. Lars D. H. Hedbor

    This was funded 100% by our donors, and left us with a small debt that we would love to retire quickly. 🙂


    Lars D. H. Hedbor, Chair
    Libertarian Party of Oregon

  4. Wes Wagner

    This was a dump before all the flags on candidates were fixed. Our election software gives priority to libertarians per our bylaws. For president everyone should have had their flag set to libertarian. Some of those 0s should be a one. This will all get fixed before a final certified total.

  5. Starchild

    Does this mean that William Weld will be the Libertarian vice-presidential candidate on November ballots in Oregon, or will the vice-presidential slot be filled separately?

  6. Kyle Markley


    Oregon ballots do not have a line for Vice President. Remember that the vote for President is actually a vote for electors to the Electoral College, who elect both President and Vice-President.

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