Darrell Castle: “Our nation may have reached a state of terminal decline”


Darrell Castle is the Constitution Party’s 2016 presidential candidate. Today, Castle released his newest podcast, titled “Terminal Decline”.  Castle’s podcast series is called The Castle Report. The following is the full text of the podcast,which can also be listened to here:

Darrell Castle argues and presents evidence for the proposition that our nation may have reached a state of terminal decline.

TERMINAL DECLINE: the life cycle of nations and how we can determine when they reach a state of terminal decline.

Nations have life spans like people, and their life spans are often observable. A nation begins its existence and its rise, based on a shared determination and a strong work ethic. These things propel its rise to a high level of productivity which in turn creates prosperity. A greater and greater abundance is enjoyed by the nation’s population, which leads the population to become easy prey to empty political claims that largesse from the state can and will enrich all. The largesse results in complacency, which then turns into apathy.

When a nation reaches its peak, a majority of the people will have traded in their work ethic for the un-achievable promise of ever-increasing government largesse. At that point the decline is terminal, and set in stone. The population never realizes that the largesse to which it is addicted is, in effect, the reason for the ever increasing need for more and more largesse because the declining work ethic has destroyed prosperity. Once this has occurred the work ethic continues in decline and the nation continues into a death spiral.

A nation reaches terminal decline not just economically but in many ways. Moral values, sound principles of economics, productivity, an independent media and basic freedoms, once taken for granted, all decline together.
Education levels decline to the point where the only things being published whether in electronic media or print media are more empty promises, along with empty theories to support them. The classic mistake of empowering the government to take charge and make changes usually results in the weight of the nanny state’s boot on the neck of the economy, which causes the economy to lose its vibrancy and its way.

These things work to the detriment of all except those directly connected to or employed by the government. The government also recognizes this and tries to employ more and more, and even imports more and more, people to become dependent on its largesse. The nation peaks and heads to eventual collapse as government actions continue to feed the decline.

The question then becomes what happens after the crash? Will the nation be able to just hit the reset button and start over? Will new James Madisons and Thomas Jeffersons emerge to restart the process? The decline envelops everything and all aspects of socio-economic and political existence are included. The nation must be completely rebuilt from scratch. Moral certitude, which once destroyed, is virtually impossible to rebuild. A sound economic foundation, a return to productivity, and a solid work ethic, require basic freedoms to drive them. If it were even possible to accomplish these things it would require generations. Nations normally are never able to return to their former levels of prominence.

Some of the things that our society faces which have led me to this conclusion are everyday news. Many people seem unable or unwilling to keep two thoughts simultaneously in their heads. For example, it is quite possible to oppose the police murdering citizens and also oppose citizens murdering police at the same time.

The security system that holds true in America is trust, and that trust plays out as legitimacy, which makes it possible to govern a huge nation mostly by consent. We have played the racial, religious, etc., card one time too often, and it is having results. It is not possible to set one group against another endlessly without serious consequences. Suddenly our fragility is so obvious that it looks as if we might morph into an unrecognizable America at any moment. Rule from above through dissension below is tearing apart the very fabric of American society.

After Dallas where do we go and what do we do? We have created a militarized police force and at the same time a racist, terroristic group – and both are tolerated. Some say withdraw the police force but at the same time some cities are already basically at war. There are dozens of casualties of this war in Chicago each weekend. Without the police no ordinary citizen could leave his home. We try hard to spin this narrative into something that makes sense but we are unable to do so.

The President can’t seem to move past the racial rhetoric for which he is known. The police officers in Dallas were apparently murdered by a racist terrorist because they were white, but the President can’t admit that. Instead he has to equate them with the killing of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile. Those cases are under investigation so nothing is certain at this point but there is no evidence that I’ve seen that indicates they were killed because they were black.

Lies will no longer work but the status quo keeps on trying. The status quo is on borrowed time and payment looks certain. Perhaps that’s the way the status quo planned it.

At least that’s the way I see it.

(Via American Third Party Report)

3 thoughts on “Darrell Castle: “Our nation may have reached a state of terminal decline”

  1. John W. Stanis


    With all due respect, as a Christian American, Veteran Patriot. I pray for all Christians, Jewish Brothers and Sisters and their Families in Israel and around the World.

    The People must know the truth for the World to have harmony and peace. Even, if the unthinkable hurt your heart when face by the facts and evidence’s of mankind humanistic tendency for Acts of Evil.

    For over the past years, The Holy God Yahweh(Family), has been removed from Israel and in America. I am not joking or, making it up this is Fact. Godless, men and women are controlling the fate of the human race in the world for the Beast Satan. Let it be known and mention that the Jewish Cabal Elite Secret Society and Syndicates of Financial and Business Tycoons of America and US Government Officials with Dual Citizenship of Israel did conspired, subterfuge and carried–out the 911 False Flag Attacks on September 11, 2001 against humanity and America Establishment to bring in the Beast Evil System, NWO and OWO Reign of Power. Thus, Evil, only brings more Evil. Please, click on AND LISTEN TO THE TRUTH.; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUdOuzngLUs

    I will not go into to details at this point on 911 False Flag Attacks. However, History in the Bible is repeating itself against the Jewish State of Israel. Please click on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2TEq5Dhf4o Thus, the Israel Government minion of MOSSAD secret agents and ROGUE American Officials and Traitors from the highest levels(President) and in the Executive Branches of the Government to our military operations and the private sectors of business and global governmental affairs had hands on knowledge before 911 Attacks. The ISRAEL STATE MOSSAD SECRET SERVICE and in our GOVERNMENT OF: NSA , FBI, CIA, FAA, FCC, DOD, DOJ(Law Enforcement of the Judicial System). In addition, other public media services and private business in COMMERCIAL AIRLINES AND IN THE PUBLIC COMMUNICATION AND NETWORKS NEWS and global governments personnel in the CFR(PNAC, Subterfuge THINK TANK Members and Parties of the Cabal Zion Elite Secret Society) with The United Nations Agenda 21 Century. Back by Jewish/American Officials/ Incorporation’s CEO( Israel/America Dual Citizens and Supporters, PROFITEERS/PIRATES) starting NATION WARS overseas, And, in the Middle East to protect Israel and its policies in their New World Order and One World Order Government in subjugating the world masses and resources for the Beast. The Arab People are only defending their properties and themselves from the Tyrant’s and Slave Masters in the NWO reign of control and by the POWERFUL Cabal Elites Esoteric Zionist Occult of Satanic Worshipers and Rulers.

    THE NWO, IS A DEMONIC GROUP OF SATANIST, Followers of the Devil. Their GOAL is to REMOVE THE HOLY GOD from the face of the Earth. Therefore, do you think Christian Americans and the World Christian Communities will support the State of Israel that caused all the WARS OF THIS WORLD. After, the flood of Noah(The Second Fresh Start For The Human Race). However, Zion Israel Esoteric Teaching continually practice in Sins and rejecting The Holy God and the denial of Jesus Christ as our Holy God and Lord that Israel Rabbis and the Torah Teachings and Worship in their Synagogue Temple of Viper Serpents. Jesus speak of the Churches being Cold, Luke Warm or Cool that teaches the People False Prophecy and the Gospel. God saying, You cannot serve to Masters or, can you serve two Gods.

    The Hypocrites and Leaders of Global Power will destroy Mankind, Money, Property and all worldly things. Satan, is repeating history again that brought down the human race and our relationship with God in the Garden of Eden.

    Therefore, Israel and America Leaders and People need to change and Repent their Sins and sinful ways by asking The HOLY SPIRIT Lord Jesus Christ to come into their Life and House of Governance for the People sake.

    Thus, 911 Attacks caused Evil Acts of Death and Terror in our daily life by our Leaders. America and Israel Demonic Occult Zionist Moguls have committed atrocities and capital crimes against humanity in the world and now the consequence for those actions will be judged accordingly by God Common Law and The Holy Jesus Christ Kingdom to come.

    Therefore, when Israel, UN and America Babylon does fall it was do to the fact Mankind removed Almighty Holy God Yahweh from their NWO and People Souls.

    God, said “Trust NO Man” thus, his Soul is of the devil unless, he be Born-Again in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior and Salvation in the World.

    The Antichrist Spirit and Demons, walks in and among the moguls and tyrants leaders of this world for Satan physical and materialistic things(Principality of this World) having no fear of God. Mankind and the True Human Race is only a tool for the Cabal Elites Beast System and will enslave the populace of Earth to have them worship and taste The Beast Flesh and Blood of Satan Evil Acts.

    The State of Israel and its People have been subjugated by Evil since the beginning of our Fallen Human Race cause by Sin and Born-into-Sin of The World. Since, Israel Leaders, refusal and denial of The Holy God and to follow and practice of His Commandments. The Jewish People now face another serious conflict with their neighbors the Arab People. Because, Israel lack of Faith in the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ as the Lord Our Holy God. Therefore, Israel you lack SPIRITUAL WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE. This is what the Arab Nations know and fear about Israel. The Arab People know the heart of the Jews Seers. And, would do any thing to spread their false religious practice against mankind soul. The Cabal Zion Jews would even murder there allies in America(911 Attacks False Flag) to start a war against their Arab brothers.

    Now, Zion Israel you want America again to support your ways of false religion, esoteric and satanism practice with the help from other Nations to protect and save Israel with our Blood and Money.

    I say this to Israel Zionist Leaders, you have tainted America with Trojan Representatives to destroy our values, faith and beliefs and to cause Americans Terror and Wars against humanity and the Arab People. America invaded Arab Civilizations that had nothing to do with the 911 Attacks. The blame for Murders and Corruption are on the Hands of the Cabal Zion Jewish Elites in America and Israel Zion Leadership.

    PEOPLE, the aftermath of 911 False Flag Attacks, by our Leaders action in their NWO caused ISIS to exist and to spread the Terror and Fear upon the World Nations People we are feeling that, Jewish Zionist inflicted throughout our entire Human Race. For years, the Cabal Elite Society Powers( Prince of Satan) is in control over the world leaders and Rulers that has used conflicts and wars to enrich their pockets and let humanity and mankind go to the dogs as a bone to chew-on. Israel, is just the next pawn on the board for Satan to wage his Bloody Evil Subterfuge of Wars and Murder Attacks against innocent Jewish civilians and the remaining human race that only seek peace. Please,click on: http://www.biblebelievers.org and read the Protocols of Zion Chapters I thru 24.

    I do not blame the Jewish People of Israel, as thou I do not blame the People of America for the 911 Attacks. The Bush’s Esoteric group(Skull & Bones 322 of Secret Society of Moguls) and other Elite Cabal Zion Jews Parties that subterfuge the 911 Attacks committing Capital Crimes, Corruptions and Wars against humanity in the world are to blame.

    Therefore, I take great displeasure in supporting any nation, regimes and people that does have any cause leaving out the The Living Holy God Spirit and Words, The Creator of Heavens, The Universe of The Earth and Mankind.

    I believe that, Israel Cabal Zion Jewish Leaders and America Traitor’s is the 911 MILLSTONE that will bring down all Sovereign Nations and Religious Dogma’s such as; Judaism of The Torah, Islamic Qur’an and The Catholic Religion Doctrine subjugated by Mankind Teachings. These Religious Systems has NO PLACE IN THE BEAST SYSTEM and will all parish once the, the Antichrist is Worshiped throughout the World.

    Past Israel and America Lady Babylon/Liberty is turning into a Whore which delegates and tolerates Evil Acts of Immoralities; GOD WORDS IN THE BOOK OF HOSEA .

    Whereby, our Government Leaders place FILTH on the People and in Public Service Facilities without our VOICE or, proper consent for/of/by We the People.

    Our President Obama Executive Orders are against the health and protection of the human race that the majority of the People are displeased and upset over the practice in unthinkable Acts of Sexual Behaviors, Transgender and Same Sex Marriage that The Holy God forbid mankind to do because it is an act of sin to our Soul and God. All, that sinned in the Flesh, ALSO will die BY SPIRITUAL DEATH IN OUR SOUL.

    Our, Moral Thinking and Conduct is decaying when leadership allow unborn babies to be killed and used as body parts and sold for experimental research and tissues cells for replacement of human organs in our Health Care System and Organizations of The Beast.

    The People Hope and Liberty in America Babylon and Beast System throughout Nations are in serious turmoil and conflict because the Elite Cabal Party and Satan Demons wants world domination by the Antichrist.

    PEOPLE, The True Fact is that, Israel, America and the Nations much Repent and accept the Holy God 10 Commandments and Lord Jesus Christ as Truth and Absolute Power of Authority in order to save the Human Race and be given a third chance to have a fresh and new start in life with The God Holy Spirit(Guardian)of True Mankind and Earth purpose in the universe.

    When, God Hammer drop down what House do you want to be in?


    Date: July 16, 2016.

    Author: John W. Stanis

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