In interview, Augustus Invictus says he supports eco-terrorism and calls John McAfee a “total degenerate”

Max Dickstein, a contributor to, recently interviewed Libertarian Party U.S. Senate hopeful in Florida Augustus Sol Invictus; the video, titled “Libertarian Candidate Seeking to Unseat Rubio Calls John McAfee a Degenerate,” was uploaded on July 8th (volume should be increased, a partial transcript of highlighted quotes is below the video in this article):

Several highlights of the interview below, with quotes from Invictus in boldface and italics -KL:

At around the 3:10 minute mark, Invictus says, “I’ve had a rough life and I’ve done my share, and probably 5 other people’s share of illegal substances, but that is not why I oppose the War on Drugs.”

At around the 3:32 minute mark, Invictus says, “I might be a fan of John McAfee, he did endorse my opponent, but also he’s also kind of a total degenerate.” Invictus adds, about McAfee, “he’s got commercials with him banging seven hookers while doing coke, so it’s not like he doesn’t make that part of his persona.” 

At around the 15:25 minute mark, Invictus says “the federal government is clearly colluding with corporate interests to destroy the wilderness in certain places, so do I think they’re the best, most noble people on earth and we should worship them and allow them to do whatever they want with our environment? Absolutely not. Which is why I also support eco-terrorism.” Invictus then argues that the word is a “slur for people who take matters into their own hands” with regards to environmental issues.

At around the 17:46 minute mark in the video, Invictus calls Gary Johnson “a leftist at heart.” Invictus continues, “I think a lot of the things he says are totally antithetical to libertariansim.”

At around the 18:46 minute mark, Invictus says that ” I like Trump personally” and that “[Trump] is as American as apple pie,” but criticized Trump’s policies. Invictus stated that Trump “is talking about basically circumventing the Second Amendment, saying that anybody on a terrorist watch list or who’s under investigation by the FBI doesn’t have Second Amendment rights. And as a person perpetually under the investigation of the FBI, I am 100% opposed to that policy. So I can support him for president either.”

At around the 21:34 minute mark, Invictus says “If we weren’t giving billions of dollars a year in aid to Israel just to piss off everybody around Israel, it might go a long way for us” when discussing ways to fight terrorism.

At around the 25:12 minute mark Invictus says, in response to a question, “I don’t think I have to do anything for there to be violent revolution. I think it’s coming and Americans know that it’s coming, and that’s what terrifies them. For someone to be saying it publicly who’s in my position, that’s what’s terrifying. Because it’s something that we all whisper about inside our living rooms and people chat about it at the bars, but nobody’s getting on television and saying it. Certainly nobody running for public office. So for somebody to make that real, I think that scares a lot of people. But it’s coming. Believe that.”

At around the 26:15 minute mark, Invictus says, in response to a question about borders, “Libertarians have…and this is coming from a guy who probably has Aspergers, libertarians are a little autistic when it comes to that.” Invictus goes on to say “If there are no borders, there is no America, there is no England, there is no European Union, there’s just one world and you are a hippie. And this is not a John Lennon song, this is reality. There are borders and there must be borders.” 

At around the 27:24 minute mark, Invictus says “The other thing that I do mention habitually is I’d like you to think about, when somebody says ‘in the event of a revolution, the media outlets should be the first thing burned to the ground, because they’re the ones who spin the disinformation and they’re the ones who are going to turn the public against you’ maybe think about that when the media comes out with stories against that person, calling them a neo-Nazi, devil worshipper, whatever else comes out.” 

(Via American Third Party Report)

32 thoughts on “In interview, Augustus Invictus says he supports eco-terrorism and calls John McAfee a “total degenerate”

  1. Kareem Caliente

    Gotta love Augustus! I’m a big fan! Kick Little Marco’s cum filled ass!

  2. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Bondurant, accent or no accent, I found the interview to be very interesting. IMO it’s definitively worth the 28 minutes. That’s why a transcribed a partial transcript of what I thought were the most interesting quotes.

  3. Magnus Dahlstrøm

    “Gotta love Augustus! I’m a big fan! Kick Little Marco’s cum filled ass!”

    This is somewhat offensive. Marco Rubio’s excessive homosexuality is not a reason to attack him. His laziness, ineptness, and cronyism are much better reasons to attack him.

  4. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    I’ve decided I’m not going to engage in conversation with Nathan Norman, aka Magnus Dahlstrøm. Norman/Magnus is a comment troll who was dismissed from ATPR for legitimate reasons.

    If trolls need an outlet where they can vent, they are welcome to migrate to for the time being. I hope all these amateurs will leave IPR alone.

  5. Magnus Dahlstrøm

    And I’m sorry about what I said earlier. I didn’t even read your post. I just read the first few lines and I had an angry reaction because it seemed like you were joining with Coty’s unjustified attacks.

  6. Jacque Donahue

    Kareem Caliente ~ What is your ass filled with other than your head?
    What you said is offensive.

    We discuss issues, policies, positions, etc. I don’t care what some has in their bung hole at any given time.
    I don’t support Marco Rubio, however I would never be so crass as to make a remark like yours.

    Also for further reference, it’s pronounced MAC-UH-FEE. If you are going to delite in slighting someone at least get their name right. Agustus looks better with his boot on. I think that as a lawyer, maybe Agustus can defend his opinion that John McAfee is a degenerate. I can’t believe he kept a straight face and said he liked Trump. But now that I know more about who Agustus really is, you owe me a drink buddy!

  7. Cody Quirk

    “And I’m sorry about what I said earlier. I didn’t even read your post. I just read the first few lines and I had an angry reaction because it seemed like you were joining with Coty’s unjustified attacks.”

    No; basically you’re a dumbass, Mr. Lake

  8. langa

    “I think a lot of the things [Gary Johnson] says are totally antithetical to libertariansim.”

    Well, at least Invictus is right about something.

  9. Thane Eichenauer

    Augustus Invictus is certainly one of a kind. I personally am not worried about his rhetoric or his advocacy of border enforcement or his support of burning the media down. If he is willing to advocate for an end of the US government war on terror and the US government war on drugs and points out fiscal problems with the US government he will have plenty on his hands should he be elected.

  10. Magnus Dahlstrøm

    So I’m Don Lake now? Well then, get your shit straight, am I Don Lake or Nathan Norman? There’s about a 50 year age difference between the two.

  11. Thomas L. Knapp

    Every time I’ve written Invictus off, he says something I like. I suppose it’s POSSIBLE that “eco-terrorism” exists, but I’ve never heard of an alleged act of “eco-terrorism” that was actually terrorism.

    For example, when the federal government leases timber rights on “public” land to corporations at less than the taxpayer cost of building roads into the areas to enable the exploitation of those rights, and my fellow Earth First!ers spike trees to make it unprofitable for those rights to be exploited, they are not trying to “terrorize” anyone. They’re just defending unhomesteaded land from thieves.

  12. Andy

    “Magnus” may have just given himself away. There is a former Libertarian Party State Chairman who got a big kick out of Don Lake. Used to post here a long time ago.

  13. Andy

    Was Invictus at the LP National Convention in Orlando? I do not recall seeing him or hearing about him being there. I think he lives in or near Orlando, so I am just curious if he was there.

  14. Matt Cholko

    I definitely was not aware of his attendance. I seem to recall asking a Florida libertarian if he was there, and the person didn’t know.

  15. Jeremy

    I mean, I think if you went up to John McAfee and told him he was a total degenerate, he would wear it as a badge of honor.

  16. Andy

    “Krzysztof Lesiak Post author
    July 10, 2016 at 16:43
    Invictus stated on Facebook that he voted for Petersen at the convention.”

    I never saw, or even heard about Invictus being at the National Convention. Did he just slip in only during the presidential vote, and then leave, or what?

    I thought somebody else said that he was not there.

  17. Kareem Caliente

    He hung out with Nathan Norman almost the entire time. Both were there.

  18. Thane Eichenauer

    I did not attend the 2016 National LP Convention. From my reading about Augustus Invictus, he claims to have been there but didn’t write about anything save his challenge to Paul Stanton to debate him at a location that didn’t seem to be the convention hotel. If you have a deep desire to get confirming details I imagine you would need to either ask more people that did attend or contact the Invictus for Senate campaign and ask for additional details. I know a few attendees but I don’t imagine many of them had all that much interest in him or his campaign.

  19. Thane Eichenauer

    At the 10 minute mark he is asked for his favorite US Supreme Court justice of all time: Antonin Scalia.
    At the 12 minute mark he offers his thoughts on the Ross Ulbricht trial.
    At the 18 minute mark he mentions that he has read Hillary Clinton’s book Hard Choices from cover the cover.
    At the 20 minute mark he mentions US government foreign policy, he doesn’t use the word blowback be he clearly describes the idea.
    At the 22 minute mark he advocates for the abolition of the US Department of Education and the Food and Drug Administration.
    He didn’t say anything he hasn’t said before. In 28 minutes I think you can get 99.9% of what Augustus Sol Invictus (for US Senate [FL]) is about.

  20. Thomas L. Knapp

    “Knapp, some eco-terrorists have set fires to SUVs and/or slashed SUV tires”

    I suppose the people who did those things might have been eco-terrorists, but those things aren’t eco-terrorism.

    Terrorism consists of attacks on non-combatants for the purpose of creating terror among the general populace that results in political pressure for change. The purpose of banning/slashing an SUV is to keep an SUV off the road, not to create terror. Or at least I’ve never heard of anyone being terrorized by that kind of thing. I’m not defending that practice, by the way. Just saying that it’s no more “terrorism” than is shoplifting, double parking or public intoxication.

  21. Phillipius Augustus Ceasar(but you can call me phil)

    Sat at table with some Orlando LP peeps and Augustus in the FLorida Liberty PAC suite and the crazy thing is, and I had heard this before and thought it was a joke, he is a cool normal dude in person. I did see him for some voting as I’m also from Florida so we sat in the same general 3 rows in the center front.

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