Libertarian Party: At Large Vote Total Released

On the LNC Business list, Alicia Mattson posted the following results from the first round of votes for the At Large election at the Libertarian Party National Convention (the delegates did not get to vote additional rounds due to expiration of time).

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14 thoughts on “Libertarian Party: At Large Vote Total Released

  1. George Phillies

    The LNC appoints up to a total of five including the two elected. Perry declined, so Feldman Starchild Hayes were appointed.

  2. Joe Wendt

    I hope, given the vacancy caused by the untimely death of Dr Feldman, Darryl Perry would consider filling the vacancy. Coming in fourth in the vote is certainly gives a good indication that there is support for Darryl to be on the LNC

  3. Caryn Ann Harlos Post author

    Darryl withdrew his candidacy last meeting. If the LNC decides not to use this list, I would certainly be amenable to hearing if he wanted someone to nominate him. He has not made any indication to that effect, and my position is that the LNC should appoint the next person on the list. But they may decide differently. It is a topic for the next LNC meeting.

    There is an active discussion on this on the LNC list.

  4. Rebel Alliance

    Are you kidding me, Darryl Perry withdrew? He came in fourth place among the many candidates! It would’ve been nice to have another solid, principled leader on the LNC. I hope he reconsiders this.

    Though had I known he’d run and then just drop out, I would’ve used my vote for other candidates in Orlando.

    At least Starchild is back!

  5. George Phillies

    IN my opinion agreeing to rin should be an agreement to serve on the next LNC.

  6. Andy

    I heard that Perry dropped out because he had a plane to catch and he had been told that there were going to be multiple rounds of voting.

  7. Caryn Ann Harlos

    Andy, you were told wrong. But I am not going to get into it here as it doesn’t matter. He withdrew and thus is not in consideration if the LNC decides to use the list. If they don’t, he certainly can be nominated and would have a strong position, IMHO, being the next one in the list as far as delegate preference.

  8. Phillip Laibe

    Kind of surprise only 2 went over the needed 50%. Even Marc Feldmen didn’t break 50%. Almost makes me wonder id some delegates were confused about how to vote. I mean he was popular among about everyone and I would think be a given to vote for. Anecdotally I voted for more than 5 and someone in my delegations saw this and thought we could only vote for up to 5. I thought it was explained well, not sure how it could have been done better to avoid confusion.

  9. Sarah "Daggers" Stewart

    I do think Libertarian Party members should determine the right way to handle this though. Thankfully the next person in line is willing to take the position and has been an outstanding Libertarian Party member. She ran for sheriff as a libertarian several months ago. She just stepped down in her run for congress to support another candidate that wanted to run and is no longer on our State board so she has time to devote. A small percentage of people are so devoted.

    I really hope everyone supports Jennifer Werther regardless of how she is selected. She has so much passion to give to the LP. She came to convention. She was willing to run then and now. She even made buttons. She is the logical choice.

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