Zoltan Istvan, Transhumanist Party presidential candidate, says he will likely come in 5th place in election

American Third Party Report: From an email sent by Transhumanist Party presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan to ATPR  yesterday (video below is from July 26th, 2016 – 6 minutes):

I am likely to get 5th overall in the US Elections, accoring to reports and media. We were recently at both the RNC and DNC. At the RNC major articles were done on us by comedian Dave Berry at the Miami Herald, and at the OC Register. At the Democratic Convention, I wrote about my experiences for Vice and Jimmy Dore covered me for The Young Turks.

32 thoughts on “Zoltan Istvan, Transhumanist Party presidential candidate, says he will likely come in 5th place in election

  1. Thomas Knapp

    Is Mr. Istvan actually on the ballot in any states?

    When I wrote to the Florida Transhumanist Party to ask if he would be on the ballot here, the reply I got was to the effect of it not being worth the bother, they want to get better organized for four years from now. But Florida is one of the easiest states to get on the ballot in, if not THE easiest.

  2. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Politics1 does not list any states. I was also under the impression that Colorado is one of the easiest states for ballot access, given how there’s been so many candidates on the ballot there and not on in any other state – that’s the case this year, for example, with the Nutrition Party candidate Rod Silva. Apparently the deadline to file is August 10th, so Mr. Istvan can still make it there.

  3. Thomas Knapp


    Colorado, Louisiana and Tennessee are not very difficult to get on the ballot in. IIRC, in Colorado and Louisiana it’s a filing fee of a few hundred dollars and submission of the candidate’s electors’ names. In Tennessee signatures are required but not a high number. I could be wrong, but I think it may be 25 signatures from each of the state’s congressional districts.

    In Florida, the criterion is something along the lines of “there’s actually an organization with a presence in more than one state and a nomination process.” Being on the ballot anywhere else would presumably be sufficient evidence of both.

    I think New Jersey is supposed to be not too terribly hard as well — less than a thousand petition signatures.

  4. Andy

    Tom, an independent candidate for President in Tennessee needs 275 valid petition signatures to get on the ballot, and they can come from anywhere in the state.

  5. Andy

    I do not think Zoltan stands a snowballs chance in hell of coming in 5th place.

    It will likely go down like this:

    1) Clinton or Trump

    2) Clinton or Trump

    3) Gary Johnson

    4) Jill Stein

    5) Darrell Castle

    6) Rocky de la Fuente

    I do not see Zoltan cracking the top 6, and i doubt he will get #7 either. It would not surprise me if he does not even make the top 10.

  6. Andy

    Small chance that Stein could be Johnson, but not the most likely scenario.

    Rocky de la Fuente could surge ahead of Darrell Castle, but I am thinking that Castle will likely come in ahead of Rocky since the Constitution Party has been around for a while and has a little bit of a following, while Rocky is still new to politics and not many people know who he is.

  7. Thomas Knapp


    Thanks for the information on Tennessee. It’s been eight years since the Boston Tea Party’s ballot access petition drive there, and I had forgotten the details.

    I expect Fuente to place seventh or lower, even if he is the Reform Party’s nominee. In my opinion, the vote totals for the Peace and Freedom Party, or the American Independent Party, or both in California will exceed his vote totals nationwide.

    In 2012, the Reform Party’s presidential ticket received 962 votes. In 2008, 481 votes.

    For purposes of comparison, in 2008 Charles Jay and I, running as the Boston Tea Party’s slate, got about six times as many votes as the Reform Party slate that year. If we had only been on the ballot in Tennessee, we’d have still received more than twice as many votes.

    The Reform Party has quite a bit of rebuilding to do.

  8. Dave

    He’s my current pick for president at the moment, so hopefully he does. Not optimistic though.

  9. Leonardo Quevedo

    Has anyone heard of this Lloyd Kelso guy? He’s claiming to be on the ballot in 43 states as an independent:
    The Best of 03bgood
    If this IS true, no way will Rocky come 6th. Who knows? Maybe Lloyd will even give Darrell Castle a run for his money.

  10. Andy

    I have never heard of Lloyd Kelso. There is no way in hell that he will be on the ballot in 43 states.

  11. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Yeah, I’ve heard of Lloyd Kelso. I would think Richard Winger would know how accurate Mr. Kelso’s claims are. As it stands NOW, if I am not mistaken, Kelso is (or at least says he is) on the ballot in more states than the Libertarian Party. I have a hard time believing that.

  12. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Kelso for president Facebook, July 26th:

    “Just to summarize, I now meet the qualifications as an independent candidate to be on the November 2016 presidential election ballots in:

    Alabama Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Utah Vermont Washington
    West Virginia Wisconsin

    I am being excluded from the ballot in North Carolina, South Dakota, and Texas because of their “sore loser” laws as I was a declared candidate in a party before switching to independent on February 20, 2016.”

    I just checked the Illinois Secretary of State website (my state) and Kelso hasn’t even filed there. So he’s lying.

  13. Thomas Knapp

    If I recall correctly, to get on the ballot in Florida as an independent presidential candidate takes something like 120,000 signatures. I expect that Andy would have heard about a candidate doing that petition drive and others around the country.

  14. Andy

    I follow this stuff closely, and I have never heard of this Kelso guy. This should tell you something.

  15. Karl T. Knight

    I’ve been watching Missouri politics closely and I’ve never heard of Kelso. I also can’t find any information on him on the Missouri SOS website.

  16. Transhumanist Party

    This Oregonian article is a pretty good assessment of Zoltan Istvan’s plan, which is one reason why he’s not focusing all his energy on ballots, but rather influence and media, which he can use to direct the votes of his supporters in November. And please note his cuurent 5th place position in the US Elections is suppported by a widely publicized and reputable iQuanti Report, which generated front page features for Zoltan in USA Today, The Guardian, Daily Mail, and a dozen other places. http://www.oregonlive.com/today/index.ssf/2016/05/transhumanist_candidate_zoltan.html

    Also, don’t forget that Zoltan Istvan broadly has the atheist community behind him, which is many million people strong now in America. His mainsteam media articles, which he puts out at least 2 a week, regularly make it to the front page of Reddit, like this one: . http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/atheist-presidential-candidate-religion-is-literally_us_578a5f62e4b0b107a2411aa1

  17. Richard Winger

    As people who subscribe to the print version of Ballot Access News will have read, the American Independent Party is most likely to nominate Donald Trump. California permits two parties to jointly nominate the same presidential candidate in November. So Trump will probably be on the California ballot as “Republican, American Independent.” But it won’t happen unless the California Republicans agrees, but the state chair of the Republican Party seems favorable.

  18. Thomas Knapp


    I meant to email you the other day. There’s no indication in the PayPal link of how much a print subscription to Ballot Access News costs, and the link to the printable form (where I went to look for that number) doesn’t work.

  19. Andy

    Richard, I assume that California does not allow fusion for offices other than President, right? I have never heard of that being allowed there.

  20. Richard Winger

    California allowed fusion for all partisan office until the top-two system started in 2011. But it was difficult. The candidate could only win the nomination of the party he or she wasn’t a member of by write-ins in the other party’s primary (for office other than president). For instance, Jackie Spier was the Democratic and Republican nominee for legislature in 1988.

  21. Richard Winger

    Tom, thank you very much for letting me know that. It’s $16 per year. I think the “donation” button works and explains the amount. But “donation” is not the best term.

  22. Thomas Knapp


    The PayPal button doesn’t explain the amount — it just goes to a “fill in the blank with whatever amount you like” form. That’s why I went looking for the printable form.

    I don’t know why I didn’t email you about this. I remember intending to and then something distracting me, and I never got back to it. I do intend to start subscribing (again) soon.

  23. Molly Joanna Brown

    I am now supporting the American Solidarity Party’s ticket of Mike Maturen and Juan Munoz, which is running a similar write-in campaign but is generally the opposite of the Transhumanist Party. I think the ASP should set the goal of at least beating the transhumanists. Perhaps Mike Maturen and Zoltan Istvan should have a debate.
    Bad news about the American Independent Party, but that should be yet another opening for the American Solidarity Party which is seeking write-in status in California.

  24. Just Some Random Guy

    The wonderful thing about making a claim like this so far before the election is that it could potentially get attention to him… but it’s so far ahead of the election that if he’s proven wrong, it will be forgotten and no one will bring it up.

    At any rate, he’s not getting 5th. The top 5 will be Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, and Constitution (not necessarily in that exact order). Honestly,I expect Ted Cruz to receive more votes than this guy.

  25. Steven Berson

    From my understanding the Veterans Party of America is going to be on the ballot in Florida, Mississippi, Colorado, Louisiana, and is working on collecting signatures in Tennessee and a number of other States. As such it is very likely that their Presidential candidate Chris Keniston could end up in the #6 spot well ahead of the Reform Party or Transhumanist nominees.

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  27. Just Some Random Guy

    So! After this confident prediction, how did he end up placing?

    It looks like he… didn’t even place. Maybe his name was bundled with the write-ins which means we can’t be exactly sure how many he got, but he definitely didn’t get a high enough percentage of write-ins to hit 5th place, and honestly if you’re not credit with votes that just means it didn’t count. So, as I said:

    The wonderful thing about making a claim like this so far before the election is that it could potentially get attention to him… but it’s so far ahead of the election that if he’s proven wrong, it will be forgotten and no one will bring it up.

    To be fair, I was a bit wrong about Darrell Castle getting 5th (it was McMullin), but I was only off by one place. The guy who thought he would “very likely” come in 5th place didn’t even get top 30.

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