Johnson/Weld Presidential Campaign Launches 50 State Youth Effort


News release from, August 10th, 2016:

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Today the Johnson/Weld presidential campaign announced the launch of Youth for Johnson/Weld. Youth for Johnson/Weld (YJW) is the official youth effort of the Gary Johnson presidential campaign to recruit, organize, and mobilize young people to elect Governor Gary Johnson and Governor Bill Weld as the next president and vice president of the United States.

YJW is pledging to start 150 chapters in the first 15 days of its existence. The youth effort will recruit supporters, organize events, and mobilize millennials to support the Johnson/Weld ticket.

In this critical election, a well-organized youth campaign will be the difference between maintaining the status quo or breaking the two-party duopoly. We can change the face of politics,” said YJW National Youth Director, Jason Weinman.

We’ve seen that having an energized base of youth activists is crucial to a successful national campaign. Young people are tired of the same old Republican/Democrat partisanship. Our ticket presents a new way forward,” said Governor Bill Weld.

Join Youth for Johnson/Weld HERE.

The push for 150 YJW chapters in the first 15 days will display the strong youth support garnered by the Johnson/Weld ticket. With polls showing Gov. Johnson appealing broadly to young people, we take youth outreach seriously. The YJW efforts will be a crucial part of helping Governor Gary Johnson get past the 15% polling threshold required to participate in the debates.

Governor Gary Johnson commented on the launch saying, “The launch of Youth for Johnson/Weld is an exciting step toward building a winning coalition. Young people are the hope for the future of this country and I’m thankful to see so many young people stepping up to fight for our message.


Jason Weinman

IPR Note: A new poll shows Gary Johnson leading in the 18-24 year old voting demographic over both Clinton and Trump.

3 thoughts on “Johnson/Weld Presidential Campaign Launches 50 State Youth Effort

  1. Be Rational

    Reaching out to young people – high school and college age – is an essential part of a strong, growing Libertarian Party and libertarian movement. If they can do this it should help in the long-term struggle for increased liberty.

    However, it is a bit late to start this for this fall’s debates; even if they can establish 150 groups by the end of August, it will have a negligible impact on polling for the debates.

    Other than a massive TV advertising campaign on Major Network Broadcast TV in at least 12 targeted states, there are few options left to raise the GJ/WW polling results to 15%.

    The hope and pray method – waiting for the media to cover the campaign for doing nothing – is not likely to bring Johnson up to 15%. With a planned TV advertising campaign starting before the convention and running during key advertising windows – as outlined on IPR – they’d have earned the attention and media coverage needed to go past 15% to 20% or more.

    While the thread after this wants to remove Governor Weld from the ticket – a really foolish idea – the person who needs to be removed is the campaign manager.

    There’s still time for an advertising blitz targeted to get GJ into the second debate and WW into the VP debate, but it will require someone who knows how to manage a serious election campaign for POTUS.


    “it is a bit late to start this for this”

    Yet another reason to hold the LP Presidential conventions at an earlier date.

  3. Be Rational

    Building LP groups at High Schools and Universities, reaching out to individuals when they are young, open to new ideas and searching should be an ongoing part of the LP outreach program. It shouldn’t wait for a POTUS campaign to get this going.

    But, it is another reason to hold nominating conventions earlier.

    There are also good reasons to hold them in the summer of the election year.

    It would be a good topic to discuss and reconsider.

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