Quick, New Interview with Reform Party Secretary Nicholas Hensley


Nicholas Hensley

Independent Political Report/ ATPR Exclusive: Quick Interview with Reform Party Secretary Nicholas Hensley

Below is brand-new, exclusive interview with Nicholas Hensley, the Reform Party’s national secretary:

Tell me about who you are, and what you do for the Reform Party?

My name is Nicholas Hensley. I am the current Secretary of the Reform Party of the United States, and current Chairman of the Reform Party of North Carolina. My role for the national Reform Party organization is to handle all of the record keeping, correspondence, internal communications and public relations. The secretary position of any party is usually the most work intensive, but I don’t mind the challenge.

Professionally I own a marketing and public relations firm called Lason Media LLC. It specializes in Spanish language marketing, but it is a full service firm that offers a wide array of services to different organizations.

What is the Reform Party?

The Reform Party is a moderate, centrist and populist party that seeks honest leadership, and real solutions. As the largest moderate branded party in the United States, it stands as a referee between the Democrats on the left and the Republican on the right. It seeks to represent the sixty percent of voters that sit in the middle of the political spectrum, and don’t fall into the tents of the establishment parties.

What is the Reform Party’s platform?

The Reform Party wishes to open the ballot for all political parties and independence, and end the winner take all system the establishment uses to rig elections for incumbent officeholders. To do so, we wish to elect the president through popular vote, and end the practice of gerrymandering districts.

We wish to return the governance of the United States to The People. To do so, the Reform Party wishes to restrict the influence of special interest groups, including political action committees and lobbyists. In this way, we wish to restrict outside influences on lawmakers and make the beholden to the American people.

Economically, we want to end America’s reliance on free trade. Since the beginning of free trade, with NAFTA we have seen the American trade deficit grow exponentially. In 1992, the United States had a trade deficit of 39.2 Billion dollars, and by 2011 that trade deficit had exploded to 559.8 billion. When the United States signed the Central American Free Trade Agreement, the United States had a trade surplus with every other signatory, but today the only signatory the United States has a trade surplus with is Panama.

On foreign policy, the Reform Party acknowledges that the United States cannot be the policeman of the world. We have sacrificed American prosperity to create problems that were worse than the ones we tried to fix. America should support its allies, but limit its role in situations that don’t involve American sovereignty.

The Reform Party recently nominated Roque de la Fuente as for President. What can you us about him? Why should people vote for him?

The reason that I am doing this interview is to campaign for my friend Rocky. Roque de la Fuente was born at Mercy Hospital in San Diego, California. He was educated in both Mexico and the United States, and has Bachelor of Science degrees in both physics and mathematics.

He is a career entrepreneur. He was able to acquire twenty eight car dealerships in the United States and Mexico. He also worked in banking, and owns commercial properties across the United States and Latin America.

Roque de la Fuente is one of the few candidates that has not accepted massive amounts of money from political action committees and large donors. Most politicians rely on special interests to fund their campaigns, and once a politician gets elected it has to keep those interests happy, or they will find their financing dry up. Roque de la Fuente has never fallen into this trap, and is free to make his own decisions without political consequence.  This means he can stand up to the special interests, and change the system.

Rocky understand the market and the economy. Due to his experience as an entrepreneur, he understands the market and how things effect it. He also understands the barriers that hinder economic growth, and needlessly reduce productivity. As someone that has done business internationally, he understand how trade deals and other regulation have hindered the American economy

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