LP.org: Seeking volunteers for IT Committee – apply by November 23, 2016

volunteers-neededThe Libertarian National Committee is seeking three to five volunteers to serve on its IT Committee. Additionally, even if you are not interested in serving directly on the committee, if you are an IT practitioner and are willing to volunteer your services occasionally, we’d like to hear from you as well.

The IT Committee helps our national headquarters and state affiliates evaluate and implement technology and tools. Examples of areas where the IT Committee may focus include:

membership databases
email systems
get-out-the-vote technology
donation systems
social media integration
Examples of some of the tools that are used by the national Libertarian Party and state affiliates include:

Website content managers: WordPress, NationBuilder, Drupal, Weebly, Joomla
Membership databases: Raiser’s Edge (by Blackbaud), Nationbuilder, CiviCRM, SalesForce
Broadcast email systems: iContact, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, NationBuilder, CiviCRM
Donation systems: PayPal, NationBuilder, Authorize.net, ClickandPledge, CiviCRM, IATS, Piryx
The committee will meet and do most business online or via conference call. On rare occasions it might have physical meetings but expect 95%+ of the work to be online

You don’t have to be a software developer or web designer to apply to the committee. The party also has hardware needs like networking, servers, telecom and office equipment. If you know how to create RFPs, RFQs, make good LOE estimates, or construct the business case for technology, please consider applying. With three to five members to appoint, we are looking for a breadth of experience to ensure the IT Committee can make good evaluations that lead to technology and budgetary recommendations to the full LNC. Our recommendations will influence the party’s IT budget for 2017 and 2018.

Job Requirements:
must be a team player
must have broad technical background
must have understanding of ROI and TCO calculations
should have 4+ years as an active member of the LP
should have 10+ years IT experience
should have experience in consensus building
IT managerial and/or decision making experience preferred
volunteer management preferred

When you apply, please provide:

a resume and/or a summary of your IT technical and managerial experience a brief note with your ideas for improvements in the LP’s IT platforms description of any IT work you’ve done for the Libertarian Party Upload the information above preferably in a single PDF here: https://lpaction.org/it-apps/

Please apply by November 23, 2016.


Ken Moellman & Sean O’Toole
Libertarian National Committee

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About Caryn Ann Harlos

Caryn Ann Harlos is a paralegal residing in Castle Rock, Colorado and presently serving as the Region 1 Representative on the Libertarian National Committee and is a candidate for LNC Secretary at the 2018 Libertarian Party Convention. Articles posted should NOT be considered the opinions of the LNC nor always those of Caryn Ann Harlos personally. Caryn Ann's goal is to provide information on items of interest and (sometimes) controversy about the Libertarian Party and minor parties in general not to necessarily endorse the contents.

5 thoughts on “LP.org: Seeking volunteers for IT Committee – apply by November 23, 2016

  1. Jake Leonard

    I guess this disqualifies me then and I work in the industry:
    must be a team player – CHECK
    must have broad technical background – CHECK
    must have understanding of ROI and TCO calculations – CHECK
    should have 4+ years as an active member of the LP – FAIL became a member of National this year
    should have 10+ years IT experience – CHECK 12 years
    should have experience in consensus building – CHECK
    IT managerial and/or decision making experience preferred – CHECK
    volunteer management preferred – CHECK

  2. George Phillies

    4+ years. Yes, there have been significant issues raised a, for better or worse, about the intellectual content of the redesign. The committee needs people who have been around long enough to be sensitive to these issues.

  3. Stewart Flood

    But don’t disagree with those in power. Make sure you are prepared to rubber stamp things if you want to be on this committee.

    I sincerely hope that Ken can turn it around. The leadership last term did not belong on the committee. It was a complete waste of time, to the point that by the middle of the term half the members had quit and the rest of us were just speaking into the wind. They put non-technical people in charge, who should never have been on an IT committee.

    We’re six months into the term and they are just getting around to looking for volunteers? This is LNC insanity at its best!

  4. Stewart Flood

    Oh yeah…and they made us write resumes last time too. Then they took over three months to decide who was on the committee!

    It was insulting, to say the least. A lot of really qualified people were not even considered.

  5. Caryn Ann Harlos

    Stewart, several LNC members, such as Daniel Hayes and myself publicly and privately pushed to have the IT Committee populated in July and kept asking. We were put off.

    I love complaining about the LNC as much as anyone and did a lot of it. But I also watched the list pretty carefully to know who if anyone was bringing up the same issues I did

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