Travis Irvine: Biggest Political Winners and Losers of 2016

Travis Irvine at Huffpo:

As the wildest political year in recent memory comes to an end, it’s time for politicos across the spectrum to take stock of what worked and what didn’t in our modern political era. What victories should be hailed and what mistakes should be avoided in the future? Whether you agree or disagree with any of these, everyone can acknowledge that they all played YUGE roles in an election year that will be talked about (and studied) for years to come.

The Winners:


Alternative Media Outlets and Citizen Journalists — While much fuss has rightfully been made about “fake news” this election cycle, alternative media outlets played an enormous role as well. On the left, outlets like The Young Turks, The Intercept and Democracy Now! took the left to task, and on the right, Breitbart News, Infowars and James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas made (and probably created) plenty of headlines. Couple this with more citizens shooting news events on their phones, and it’s clear journalism in America has changed forever.

The Libertarian Party — Yes, their presidential candidate bumbled his way out of relevance by October, but America’s largest third party also grew by leaps and bounds, almost quadrupling their previous high vote total and securing ballot access in 37 states in 2018. And while some blame their ballot presence for Trump’s win, most understand they statistically drew more Republican voters and will be the main conservatives — along with some libertarian-leaning members of Congress — to oppose Trump’s potentially unconstitutional agenda the next four years.

Irvine’s article says the other winners of the year were Donald Trump and The Alt-Right, Bernie Sanders and The Progressive Movement, and Vladmir Putin and The Russians. See the original article, linked at the top, as to why he thinks so, as well as for embedded links supporting his reasoning for the selections listed here.

Among his losers:

Hillary Clinton and The Democrat Establishment, John Kasich, Jeb! Bush and The Republican Establishment, Saudi Arabia and ….

Mainstream/Corporate Media — No group got the election more wrong more often than our major news outlets. From The New York Times to The Washington Post and CNN, the established newspapers and networks blatantly wore their biases on their sleeves, but none of their analyses mattered in the end. While most of them bashed Trump, they still covered him relentlessly, only making him the political Frankenstein they all feared. Like The Clinton Machine, their credibility with average Americans is severely damaged, and they still don’t seem to realize it.


The American People — From closed primaries to superdelegates to the two-party system and the Electoral College, the American people have been subject to a “rigged” election process that’s controlled by those at the top once again. That’s not to say the American people are exempt from sharing the blame — in a crucial election year, just over 50 percent of the eligible electorate even bothered to show up. If anything is going to adapt in our country and Americans want to prevent another 2016, we can’t just demand change — we need to make it happen ourselves.

As with the winners, see the original for the author’s reasoning on the other items and the embedded links.

If any of our readers would like to provide reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with these choices or the supporting reasoning, or offering their own picks, please do so in the post comments.

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