Thomas L. Knapp running for Libertarian Party of Florida exec com

Thomas L. Knapp at Kn@ppster:

Subject: Notice of Candidacy
From: Thomas Knapp
To: selection [at]

To whom it may concern:

It is my intention to seek election to the position of Director At Large (1) at the Libertarian Party of Florida’s 2017 state convention.

Best regards,
Thomas L. Knapp

Elsewhere at his blog, Knapp also offers a proposed LPF bylaws motion and rationale and analysis of a recent LPF exec comm meeting.

11 thoughts on “Thomas L. Knapp running for Libertarian Party of Florida exec com

  1. Thomas L. Knapp

    Thanks, guys!

    There are plenty of other people running for executive committee posts as well, including incumbents, many of them more qualified by experience in this particular organization than me, but I will try to at least put some light on the issues I think are important.

  2. Thomas L. Knapp


    Several reasons.

    One is that to the extent that I have name recognition and a reputation, I have more of that statewide than I do in my region. That’s because I’m fairly new to Florida, which means that my acquaintances built up over time are 1) all over the state and 2) extend back to before the fairly recent development of an active presence in my region.

    Another is that I have a specific candidate in mind to represent my region and am browbeating that candidate to jump in right now. While I disagree with the current regional representative (Ryan Ramsey) on a great many things, the fact is that he pretty much built this region from scratch, traveling around and bootstrapping (if I recall correctly) four new affiliate parties. I don’t particularly care to piss on his efforts, my preferred candidate has been a key part of those efforts and therefore probably has a better chance of beating Ryan if I can get him to run, and …

    … the regional rep selection caucuses are after the at-large elections, so if I don’t win the at-large race, and if I can’t get a candidate to run against Ryan, and if I decide that it’s necessary, I can enter the regional race.

  3. NewFederalist

    How about a slogan? “If you think that fascism is bad for you and me. And if you think the LPF could do more for liberty. Then let the excomm know you consider their retraction crap. Of course that means for at large rep the choice is Thomas Knapp!”

  4. Carol Moore

    Hopefully Tom can get them to define libertarian as someone who is against foreign interventionism, too, per the meme recently posted on LP Facebook page… Which I left a comment on.

  5. NewFederalist

    I think I was already past my prime when grunge ruled the world. I was more of a Doors/Iron Butterfly/Led Zepplin kind of guy than Nirvana. But I also did Who and CCR so I wasn’t a total acid rock dude (or dud). Thanks for the video, though.

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