Utah LP to hold Special Convention on Saturday June 10th

The resignation of (R) Third District Congressman Jason Chaffez, current Chair of the House Oversight Committee, has resulted in a Special Election being called for Tuesday November 7th, 2017 in Utah.  Candidates seeking the nomination of the various political parties have until Friday, May 26th to so declare. Political Parties have until Monday June 19th to submit nominees from their Special Convention process (candidates can also register with the state by May 26th to pursue a separate signature gathering process).

The Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Utah has announced Saturday June 10th as the date for the Party’s Special Convention.  A location within the Third District has been contacted.  Once scheduling with the venue has been confirmed exact time and location will be announced in the comments below, as well as on the Party’s website and in various other social and traditional media.

A fundraising dinner with the nominee(s), as well as Central and Executive Committee meetings are likewise scheduled as part of the Libertarian Party of Utah’s Special Convention Day. (Note: under the Utah Party bylaws should “more than three candidates seek the nomination” and none receive a majority of the votes, it is possible more than one candidate could be submitted to the state for the August 15th primary election  – which would also be the case with the convention nominee facing any candidates who gather sufficient signatures to be included in that primary.)

More information will be posted at the Utah Libertarian Party’s website HERE.

Also see this Salt Lake Tribune article titled, “Utah sets condensed special election calendar — and it’s already started” HERE.

The State of Utah Elections Office has published the following timeline for the Special Election.

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