Libertarian Party of Oregon: Sarwark, Harlos to Speak at Convention


The Libertarian Party of Oregon will hold its 2017 business convention, featuring Libertarian National Committee Chair Nick Sarwark and the founder and chair of the Libertarian Party Historical Preservation Committee, Caryn Ann Harlos as speakers.

The convention will be held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland on 17 June 2017, starting at 9:15 in the morning.  In addition to the featured speakers, attendees will hear officers’ reports and have the opportunity to enact bylaws amendments.  All are welcome to come and hear the speakers, but to participate as a voting member of the convention, attendees must be registered as a Libertarian voter in the state of Oregon as of the date of the convention.  While there is no charge for the event, donations are welcomed.

Sarwark will speak on the opportunities and challenges for the Libertarian Party moving forward from the 2016 elections and adapting to a changing and chaotic political environment.  Harlos will speak about the foundational principles of the Libertarian Party and how they have changed over time to foster party unity.

The Libertarian Party of Oregon has just completed a record-breaking election, with more candidates, higher vote totals, and more registered Libertarian voters than at any time in our history.   “We had a tremendous election, and we’re ready to continue the hard work of increasing and defending the freedoms enjoyed by all Oregonians,” said Lars Hedbor, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Oregon.

Libertarians have been instrumental in bringing about equal treatment under the law for all who wish to get married, as well as starting the long process toward unwinding the disastrous war on drugs with legalization of recreational use of marijuana.  At the same time, the Libertarian Party of Oregon has stood firm in defense of the inalienable Second Amendment rights of Oregonians, and have worked tirelessly to reduce the overall size and expense of government at every level.

About the Libertarian Party of Oregon

The Libertarian Party of Oregon was founded in 1971, and today represents over 19,000 registered Oregon Libertarian voters.  Embracing social tolerance and fiscal restraint, its common-sense positions are focused on maximizing individual freedom in all aspects of life.

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2 thoughts on “Libertarian Party of Oregon: Sarwark, Harlos to Speak at Convention

  1. George Phillies

    It is wonderful to see that the LNC is now treating its Oregon affiliate, the organization that put huge numbers of people on the ballot, as a welcome part of our national libertarian movement.

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