Liberty Against Fascism: ‘Restating the Obvious: An Open Letter from the Libertarian Movement’

This letter from came out before the Charlottesville attack.

Today (August 12th, 2017), the “Unite the Right” rally is scheduled to proceed in Charlottesville, VA. The “Right” being united there isn’t just any “Right,” but one that welcomes white supremacists and self-described fascists. Multiple speakers will say this themselves, and the chants at a chaotic pre-event march the night before included Neo-Nazi slogans.

The purpose of this letter is to clarify the role for libertarianism in this rally – which is no role at all.

That clarification is necessary because it might appear otherwise. Three of the listed speakers have at one time or another identified as libertarians: Mike Enoch, Augustus Invictus, and Christopher Cantwell. Mike Enoch previously called himself a libertarian, but now mocks the philosophy as “autistic.” Augustus Invictus previously attempted to run for Senate through the Libertarian Party. Recently, though, he publicly changed his registration to Republican in disgust. Christopher Cantwell now seems ambivalent about his relationship with libertarianism and anarchism, but his primary identification is with fascism.

Regardless of how any speakers or attendees have identified in the past or present, we want to make clear that this event is not in any way a place for libertarianism. Among libertarians, some identify as “right-wing,” some as “left-wing,” and some as “radical centrists.” Virtually the entire outside political spectrum is mirrored within libertarianism, and this makes for no shortage of infighting. One area where the undersigned have consensus, however, is in a rejection of any attempt to connect white supremacy and fascism to libertarianism. Libertarians, including those who see themselves as on “the Right,” have no interest in uniting with the horrifically authoritarian “Right” – often called the “Alt-Right” – rallying in Charlottesville.

All this should be exceedingly obvious from even a cursory glance at the two movements.

On a historical note, modern-day libertarianism largely took root in the English-speaking world through Jewish intellectuals, some of whom fled the Nazis. Our movement grew as a revolt against fascism, Communism, and early twentieth-century progressivism. As Thomas Leonard has shown in his Illiberal Reformers, that third enemy’s intellectual history is closely interwoven with eugenics.

On the level of philosophy, libertarianism stresses the freedom of individuals even when that freedom goes against some supposed collective will. The entire point behind a politics of white supremacy is to replace free association with endless central planning and regulation on collectivist racial grounds. “Unite the Right” speaker Richard Spencer actively seeks to turn the United States into a 100% white ethno-state. It is impossible to conceive of this happening without a return of the total state and its horrors.

Despite the obvious incompatibility of that totalitarianism and libertarianism (of any kind), an attempted association between the two is unsurprising. Attempts at rebooting authoritarian movements often operate through a tactic called entryism. Entryism is where a smaller political movement attempts to capture a larger one and seize its resources. In cases like fascism and Communism, the tendency towards entryism is probably a joint product of amoral opportunism and an inability to rationally defend their views.

It is necessary, then, for libertarians to restate the exceedingly obvious and insist on the stark differences between our views and those of anyone with any affinity for National Socialist Germany.

We, the undersigned, affirm such a gulf between liberty and its opposite.

To sign this letter, please send your name and any other information you’d like to include (such as an institutional affiliation) to libertyagainstfascism at gmail dot com.

SIGNATORIES (currently in the process of alphabetizing):


  • Dominique Abshire
  • Corey Adkison
  • Julian Adorney
  • Paul E. Altum
  • Joshua Ammons
  • Melanie Angel
  • Ibrahim B. Anoba (Acting Executive Director, African Liberty Organization for Development – Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Alex Aragona
  • Meg Arnold (Social Media Coordinator, Center for a Stateless Society)
  • The Badmin (Bad Memes for Bad Boys with Bad Politics)
  • Adam Bates
  • Omar Benmegdoul
  • Scott Bieser (cartoonist / creator, Quantum Vibe)
  • Chris Bordelon (Member, Libertarian Party of Louisiana)
  • David T. Beito
  • Erin Berkenpas [Lahman]
  • Vincent Birrittella
  • Eric Boehm (Reporter, Reason Magazine)
  • Donald Boudreaux
  • Adam Brooks
  • Elizabeth Nolan Brown (Associate Editor,
  • Jason Lee Byas (Fellow, Center for a Stateless Society)
  • Zach Cadman
  • Ryan Calhoun (Fellow, Center for a Stateless Society)
  • Kevin A. Carson (Senior Fellow, Center for a Stateless Society)
  • Gary Chartier
  • Billy Christmas
  • David Colborne (Chair, Washoe County Libertarian Party; Vice-Chair, Libertarian Party of Nevada)
  • Nick Cooper (Campus Coordinator, Students For Liberty; Former Chapter Chairman, America’s Future Foundation)
  • Alexander Wade Craig
  • Tyler Crock
  • Allen Dalton
  • Jonathan Daniel (Undergraduate Student Philosopher, William Jewell College)
  • Nathan C. Davis
  • Eric D. Dixon
  • Paul Dutton
  • Joanna Fransisco
  • Colin French
  • Cody Frosh (Students For Liberty)
  • Alexis Garretson
  • Cole Gentles (self-identified Really, Really, Really Cool Dude)
  • Charlie Gers (Students For Liberty)
  • Matthew Gilliland
  • Mike Gogulski
  • Peter Golightly
  • Camilo Gómez (Young Voices Advocates; host, Late Night Anarchy)
  • Nathan Goodman
  • J.P. Gonzales (Former North American Executive Board Member, Students For Liberty)
  • Anthony Gregory
  • Phillip Griffith
  • Caitlin Grimes (Global Communications Manager, Students for Liberty)
  • Gilbert Guerra (President, Swarthmore Conservative Society at Swarthmore College)
  • Brian Hagen
  • Romo Hallahan
  • Tracy Bruce Harms
  • Sean Haugh
  • Lee Herridge (creator, Aussie Liberty; host / producer, Taking Liberties Radio)
  • Steve Horwitz (John H. Schnatter Distinguished Professor of Free Enterprise, Ball State University)
  • Chris Hernandez
  • Crystal Hollis
  • Adam G. “Brick” House
  • Jack Hunter (Politics Editor,
  • Christopher R. Hudson, Jr.
  • Trevor Hultner (Investigations Coordinator, Center for a Stateless Society; cohost/producer, The Terminus Podcast)
  • Cliff Hyra (Candidate for Governor of Virginia, Libertarian Party)
  • Parker M. Jenkins
  • Charles W. Johnson
  • Bill Jokela
  • Peter Jordan
  • Angela Keaton
  • Jason Keisling
  • C. Edward Kelso (author of The Market Anarchist: Do Not Let the Hero in Your Soul Perish)
  • Ashley Kessler
  • Shane Killian (podcaster, Bogosity, YouTuber, shanedk)
  • Thomas Knapp (William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism)
  • Kevin Currie-Knight (Teaching Assistant Professor, East Carolina University College of Education)
  • Jason Kuznicki
  • Paul Krane (Vice President, BSC Spectrum, Birmingham-Southern College; Perennial Congressional Candidate)
  • Jared Labell (Executive Director, The Libertarian Institute; Taxpayers United of America)
  • Dr. Wolf von Laer (Chief Executive Officer, Students For Liberty)
  • Angel Lauver
  • Mark LeBar
  • Eric Leja
  • Jacob T. Levy
  • John Lindley
  • Roderick Long (Professor of Philosophy, Auburn University; President, Molinari Institute & Molinari Society; Senior Fellow, Center for a Stateless Society; Co-Editor, Molinari Review & Journal of Ayn Rand Studies)
  • Karl Thomas Luecke
  • Stephen Lusk (Campus Coordinator, Students For Liberty)
  • Siobhan Lynch (Outright Libertarians)
  • Earl D. Lyons
  • Yusuf Mahmood (Students For Liberty)
  • Akiva Malamet
  • Sean Malone (Director of Media, Foundation for Economic Education)
  • Melissa Mann (Reason Foundation)
  • Bruce Majors (Contributor, The Hill; writer, Breitbart, Daily Caller, The Federalist)
  • Keir Martland (Cambridge University; Ludwig von Mises Centre UK)
  • Cory Massimino (Senior Academic Programs Chair, Students For Liberty; Mutual Exchange Coordinator, Center for a Stateless Society)
  • Joey McAuley (wanted me to list him as being with the Human Fund, may as well.)
  • Matthew McCaffrey (University of Manchester; Editor, Libertarian Papers; Associated Scholar, Ludwig von Mises Institute)
  • Alex McHugh (Communications Coordinator, Students For Liberty)
  • Noah Mickel (Campus Coordinator, Students For Liberty; Campus Coordinator, Turning Point USA; Campus Ambassador, Foundation for Economic Education)
  • Gabriel Mitchell
  • Andie Moore (Vice-Chairperson, Australia & New Zealand Students For Liberty)
  • Corey Moore
  • John Moser (Professor of History, Ashland University)
  • Iain Murray (Vice President, Competitive Enterprise Institute)
  • Nicholas O’Connell
  • Jonathan Okun
  • Tom Palmer
  • Geoff Parks
  • Sam Parkinson
  • Leslee Ann Petersen (Outright Libertarians; Povertarian Caucus; Audacious Caucus)
  • Jeff Peterson II (We the Individuals)
  • Nick Pham (Officer, Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Texas at Austin)
  • Alex Pilkington (Students For Liberty)
  • Kyle A. Platt
  • Colin Flynn Porter
  • Tony Prashad (Sovereign Individual, Urban Farm Educator)
  • Joseph F. Pritchard (quadriplegic poet and author)
  • Daniel Pryor (Education Manager, Adam Smith Institute)
  • Sheldon Richman (Executive Editor, The Libertarian Institute)
  • Brendan Roman
  • Sarah Skwire (Senior Fellow, Liberty Fund, Inc.)
  • Dawud Talib (Muslims 4 Liberty)
  • Jeffrey Tucker (Foundation for Economic Education)
  • Matt Zwolinski (Professor of Philosophy, University of San Diego)
  • Jesse Walker (books editor, Reason)
  • Robby Soave (associate editor, Reason)
  • James Tuttle (Financial Coordinator, Center for a Stateless Society)
  • Bill Woolsey (Associate Professor of Economics, The Citadel; Mayor, Town of James Island)
  • Andrea Shepard
  • Lucy Steigerwald (writer)
  • Marc Scribner (Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute)
  • Mara Jyn Roth
  • Robert K. Stock
  • Nicholas Singleton (Students For Liberty)
  • Kelly Wright (Former Student Leader, Students For Liberty & Young Americans for Liberty)
  • Will Walker
  • Kieran Wall (University of Ottawa Liberty Society)
  • Michael Tanner
  • Sam Raptis (Former Campus Coordinator, Students For Liberty)
  • Jody Weitzman
  • Veronica Stefanko
  • Cooper Williams
  • Alexander R. Smith
  • Zachary Woodman (Students For Liberty)
  • Kelly Kidwell (former student leader, Students For Liberty & Young Americans for Liberty)
  • Otto Lehto
  • Andrew Taranto
  • Mike Shipley (Chair, Outright Libertarians)
  • Steve Lolyouwish (blogger, A Sisyphean Revolt)
  • Omry Shapira (Former Local Coordinator, Students For Liberty)
  • Ryan Willis
  • Brett Ritchey
  • Keith E. Whittington (William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Politics, Princeton University)
  • Chris Shaeffer
  • Robert Wicks
  • Justin Tucker (Chair, The Libertarian Party of Chicago; Deputy Field Director, Libertarian Party of Illinois)
  • Justin Vavak
  • Ellen Young
  • Jacob Woolbright
  • Wendy Stolyarov (Legislative Director, Libertarian Party of Nevada)
  • Rob York
  • Adam Raby
  • Zachary Yost (Young Voices Advocate)
  • Tavish Kelly (Former State Chair, Young Americans for Liberty)
  • Zachary Silva
  • Brian Ramsdell
  • Geoffrey Allan Plauché
  • Eric Yao
  • Ben Stone (Bad Quaker)
  • Bryant Jackson-Green
  • Joe Wendt
  • Eric Joseph Szymanski II
  • Rachel Douchant (Professor of Philosophy; Director, Liberty & Ethics Center, Lindenwood University)
  • Paul Stanton
  • Thomas J. Webb
  • Jerry Ladd
  • Nick Reid / Comrad Hermit (Exiled in Happy Valley)
  • John David Ward (Santa Clara County Libertarian Party)
  • Michael Payne (Libertarian Party of Kentucky)
  • Stephen J Goulet (The Society for Creative Anarchism)
  • Mark Hilgenberg (Former State Chair, Libertarian Party of Utah)
  • Jerrod A. Laber (writer & non-profit program director)
  • Jake Douglas Bobay (Ronald Reagan Fellow, Goldwater Institute; surrogate delegate, Iowa for Rand Paul; veteran political operative; former Executive Board Member, Arizona State University College Republicans; former member, ASU Young Americans for Liberty; former Campus Coordinator, Students For Liberty; political writer, libertarian, activist, commentator, social critic, The Libertarian Republic; Liberty Viral;; Punk Rock Libertarians; Newslogue; – *formerly* [emphasis in signature email] contributed content at The Liberty Conservative)
  • Jonathan Steinbiser (Member, Libertarian Party)
  • Trey Reginelli
  • Andrew Criscione (organizer, Boston Austrian Economics Group)
  • Zac Gochenour
  • David Huther
  • Lizz Sawyer
  • John Jascob
  • Kent Weatherbee
  • Eric Fogelberg (Free the People)
  • Corey J. Rusko (Former Campus Coordinator, Students for Liberty; Koch Fellow: Policy, Summer 2016)
  • Michael Kielsky (Attorney at Law; former Chairman, Arizona Libertarian Party; Libertarian Candidate for Arizona Attorney General)
  • C. Michael Pickens (Libertarian Leadership Academy)
  • James Peron (Moorfield Storey Institute;
  • Shal Marriott (Campus Coordinator; Students For Liberty)
  • Angel Clark
  • Peg McIntyre
  • Paul Nicolosi (Attorney)
  • Dan Johnson (Former National Director, People Against the NADA; Solutions Institute; Tax Revolution Institute; Current Executive Director, We Do Better)
  • Luke Henderson (Contributor, The Libertarian Vindicator; Executive Committeeman, Missouri Libertarian Party)
  • Scott King
  • Kennita Watson (Executive Committee, Santa Clara County Libertarian Party)
  • Conor McGarry (Former State Chair & Chapter President, Young Americans For Liberty; Former Campus Coordinator, Students For Liberty; Member, Republican Liberty Caucasus)
  • Josh Guckert (Former Editor in Chief, The Libertarian Republic)
  • Joseph Howe (Officer, Libertarian Party of Iowa; Johnson 2016 Volunteer Coordinator; Rand Paul 2016 Polk County Chair)
  • John C. Martin
  • Eric Mytko
  • Dave Dellinger (Former Member of the National Platform Committee, Libertarian Party)
  • Ava Sophia Brightstar
  • Andy Craig (Political Director, Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus; Endorsements Director, Johnson/Weld 2016)
  • Rob Addison Van Tuinen (Artists for Free Expression; Host, The Third Perspective)
  • Campbell Ray (State Coordinator, Students For Liberty Queensland, Australia)
  • Joel D. Wurnig
  • Kevin Boyd (writer and commentator)
  • Scott T. Stevenson Fred Hewitt (Libertarian Christian Anarchist)
  • Richard Reynolds (Libertarian Party of Missouri, Buchanan County)
  • Sharon Presley (Association of Libertarian Feminists)
  • Association of Libertarian Feminists
  • Ellen Young (Libertarians For Immigrants)
  • Libertarians For Immigrants
  • Harriet Jesper
  • Paul T. Charters (Secretary, NEOK LP)
  • Carolyn “Care” Clift (2014 Libertarian Candidate for Alaska Governor)
  • Bruce W. Schultz
  • Jackson Howard Wagner (Students for Rand – Michigan State University; Michigan State College Libertarians)
  • Jose Amilcar Camilo
  • Guilherme Reis
  • Bobby Wakesleep
  • William Nava
  • λιμπερταριανισμός (Greek YouTube channel)
  • Or Ben Zvi Reif
  • Anna Shnaidman (Regional Director for Southern Europe, European Students for Liberty)
  • Jay P. Hailey (Taxi Driver, Spokane, WA.)
  • Maryam Mohammed
  • Avens O’Brien (Chapter Leader, Ladies of Liberty Alliance; Contributor, The Libertarian Republic; Former Vice Chair, Libertarian Party of New Hampshire)
  • Kathryn Kuntz
  • James R. Oaksun (Former National Treasurer [2010]; Libertarian Party)
  • Jim Cunagin
  • Scott Bowers (industrial chemical / robotics manufacturer)
  • Michael Croteau (Member, Libertarian Party)
  • Skylar Walker
  • Bunyamin Aydin (3H Movement)
  • Nazlican Kanmaz
  • Michael Mangold MD
  • Angela Fisher (Philanthropist)
  • Andrew J. Richter (Ohio)
  • Dan Ust
  • D.K. Williams (Former State Chairman, Libertarian Party of Colorado)
  • Tom Tague
  • Elisha Valdez (ERRVoluntaryist)
  • Thomas T. Simmons (Professor Emeritus of Economics, Greenfield Community College; 2016 Libertarian Congressional candidate)
  • Sam Erickson (Founder and President, Illini Libertarians)
  • Jon Gabso (Member, Libertarian Party & Libertarian Party of Rhode Island)
  • Kitty Antonik Wakfer (Self-Sovereign Individual Project)
  • Garrett S. Watson
  • Jillian Waller
  • Sergio Méndez
  • Michael W Lettie
  • Ashley Kuvet (Former Texas State Chair, Young Americans for Liberty; Campus Coordinator, Students For Liberty)
  • Caleb Franz (Podcast Director, OUTSET Network; Host, MilLiberty
  • Jill Galvan (Dankertarians; LPMN; LP)
  • Philip Cavender
  • Jason Casella (People Against the NDAA; Tax Revolution Institute; Solutions Institute)
  • Leslie Scardigno
  • Max Ortengren (Vice President, College Republicans, Florida Gulf Coast University)
  • Michael Bronspigel (Capitalism is Freedom Foundation)
  • Steve Dutner (Candidate for Illinois Secretary of State, Libertarian Party; Activism Director, Libertarian Party of Illinois; Vice Chair, Dupage Libertarians)
  • Steve Suess (Communications Division Director, Libertarian Party of Illinois; Candidate for McLean County (IL) Board)
  • David Earl Williams III (2018 Illinois Libertarian Lt. Governor candidate)
  • Helen Dale (Miles Franklin Literary Award Winner)
  • Donald J. Henning, PhD. (Member, Libertarian Party, Libertarian Party of Illinois, Sons of Confederate Veterans)
  • Lisa Charly (Member, Outright Libertarians)
  • Andrew Scobie
  • David Clement (North American Programs Director, Students For Liberty)
  • James E. O’Gallagher
  • Todd A. “Yogi” Light (Member, Libertarian Party of Chicago)
  • Grant A. Mincy (Energy & Environment Advisory Council Member, Our America Initiative)
  • Anthony Q. Thompson (Attorney)
  • Danielle Davidson (Australian Libertarian Society)
  • Tim Andrews (Executive Director, Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance)
  • Boris Karpa
  • Mikayla Novak (Adjunct Fellow, Institute of Public Affairs, Australia)
  • Andrew Reynolds
  • Tyler Lindsey (Executive Director, #VoteDifferent & #DisruptTheVote
  • Desarae Lindsey (Operations Director, #VoteDifferent & #DisruptTheVote
  • Steve Foerster (President, New World University)
  • Janet Bufton (Program Coordinator, Institute for Liberal Studies)
  • Steve Trinward (Soul Proprietor, trinWORDS; Contributing Editor, Rational Review News Digest; Editor, Progressive News Digest)
  • Daphna Morell (Students For Liberty Israel; Ladies Of Liberty Alliance)
  • Richard Bennett (libertarian in Illinois)
  • Ian Peak (Volunteers Director, Libertarian Party of Illinois; Chair, South Central Libertarians)
  • Bob Weber (Two-time Southern Vice-Chair, Libertarian Party of California)
  • Michael Jage
  • Michael Barker (Cañada Tree Care)
  • Satyajeet Marar (Director, MyChoice Australia)
  • Richard Sincere (Co-Founder, Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty; Former Chairman, Libertarian Party of Virginia)
  • Jesse Velay-Vitow (Students For Liberty)
  • Thomas R. Eddlem
  • Stuart Hatch (Executive Director, Australian Libertarian Society)
  • Christopher Santo Mason
  • Mase R. Molina (RVG Libertarians)
  • Ed Enos
  • Gabriel de Andrade (Students For Liberty Brazil; Instituto de Formação de Líderes de Santa Catarina – Brazil)
  • Robert Bartnik (Regional Coordinator – South Australia; Australia & New Zealand Students For Liberty [ANZSFL])
  • Cody Davis (Vice-Chairman, Mohave County AZ Libertarian Party; Member, Libertarian Party Radical Caucus)
  • Brandon Gunn (Libertarian Party; Libertarian Party of Illinois)
  • Charles Richardson (blogger, The World is Not Enough, Australia)
  • J.C. Cook (Vice Chair, Libertarian Party – Henderson County, TX)
  • Christopher D. Osborn (Member, Lions of Liberty podcast’s Lion Guard [Oslo, Norway])”
  • Todd Myers (Professor of Political Economy)
  • Reece Holl
  • Micah J. Fleck
  • Jonathan Winder (Libertarian Party – Mohave County, Arizona)
  • George Godwyn
  • Jim Rongstad (Secretary Libertarian Party of Minnesota [1998 – 2003])
  • Carla Gericke
  • Brinck Slattery
  • Nicholas Cote (President, Right Way Forward Virginia)
  • Scott Bush
  • Joel Williamson (Non Serviam Media)
  • Eric Schuler (Contributor, The Libertarian Institute)
  • Idan Eretz (Liberty for All; Students For Liberty)
  • Duston Barto (Co-Director, Foothills Interfaith Assembly)
  • Trey Morrison
  • Asaf Almog (University of Virginia)
  • Josh “Jack” Walsh
  • Bradley K. Hobbs (Clinical Professor of Economics, Clemson University)
  • Nathaniel Scalf
  • Kenneth Mulvena
  • Adam Whitley

10 thoughts on “Liberty Against Fascism: ‘Restating the Obvious: An Open Letter from the Libertarian Movement’

  1. DJ

    The purpose of this letter is to clarify the role for libertarianism in this rally – which is no role at all.

    Exactly. Defend both or neither. Both have a right to their beliefs and as long as neither forces his beliefs its all good.

    On the level of philosophy, libertarianism stresses the freedom of individuals even when that freedom goes against some supposed collective will.

  2. Carol Moore/

    Good statement! Now that it is over it’s important to emphasize that you had a lot of guys on both sides just out for a good fight and most of them support pro-government policies that libertarians reject. It’s the statism, stupid!!

  3. Carol Moore/

    I might have posted this before on another thread, but here’s a SUMMARY of the video. Worth listening to!

    In May 2017 the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance conference sponsored a panel called “Physically Removed, So to Speak: Making the LP Inhospitable to the Alt-Right and Other Nazis”. The topic was infiltration of Libertarian parties by individuals who have been labeled “alt-right” or worse.

    The panelists were libertarian activists Josh Katz, Jody Weitzman, Mike Shipley, and Leslee Anne Petersen. The following questions are the issues discussed by panelists.

    The LP is small and vulnerable to co-optation by others. Libertarians may be too unaware of outside political forces, too naive about the motivations of others and too welcoming of new comers. Those who are labeled “alt-right” have some views in common with libertarians, but also are motivated by aggressive nationalism and even racial and religious bigotry. Some even have talked of using the state to advance their non-libertarian goals. Like “Nazis” and white supremacists (and Donald Trump), these individuals manipulate people through base and excessive emotions. (Some of those “alt-right” types in libertarian circles may call themselves “revolutionary conservatives”.)

    The Trump movement seems to have fascist elements: a nationalist government appealing to fear of enemies from abroad and crime at home (even though crime is at a lower rather than ever before). There is scapegoating of individuals because of race and religion and zenophobia. And there is the desire to find charistmatic leaders, ones so controversial they divide friends and family. However, libertarians can take advantage of the splintering of old left and right alliances to reach people looking for alternatives.

    For years Republicans have made a lot of promises regarding abortion, LGBT, health care, economics and trade, immigration, etc. and now they have to push them so they don’t lose control of party. So Libertarian Party can be an alternative for those who reject Democrats.
    To be successful libertarians must emphasize that our views are based on love, not forcing others, and we’re really for peace and freedom. We must be intolerant of intolerance and be the best libertarian we can be.

    We must realize that former Democrats and Republicans often use different language to support the same issues and try to attract nonaligned individuals by talking of our love of liberty. We should talk openly about social issues like LGBT and immigration and work on issues that attract Democrats as well as Republicans, like initiative and referendum.

    We must balance growth of the party and vigilance, keeping eyes open for “Red Flags.” There are organized groups discussing on places like getting into the LP. Some of these groups are very well organized to attack the LP. To find out if they really are alt-right types ask for their opinions on social issues like drug legalization, LGBT, minority religions, abortion, sex work, open marriage, anti-war issues, etc. and their true views often slip out. Then explain that those views are “not in our philosophy” and even that they are in the wrong party. Best to get them to use their own words to out themselves. Freedom of speech doesn’t meant we have to host debates with these people.


    Larry Sharp asks what do with those who already are here? Debate them and show they are wrong so they leave? Have votes on expelling them?

    Answer: The alt-right infiltrators only applaud debates as a chance to show their numbers. So it’s better on a one on one basis to get them to understand they do not agree with our principles. Also we must not allow them to take positions of power in parties to use our name and ballot access to propound their views. However, because most parties are regulated by state boards of election so you have to allow them to be members. If a state party was totally taken over by alt-right types the national party could disaffiliate it.
    Something else can do to get rid of them. Get more lefties in. Talk about drugs and sex work and trans rights etc and that will flush them out and freak them out.

    Most important, keep showing up for libertarian events and activities. The fewer of them show up, the less they can infiltrate us. Remind people that we are a party of principles and human rights.

  4. paulie Post author

    Paulie – how can one add his or her name to this letter? I am in total agreement with it and want to add my name.

    It’s in the letter itself, near the end:

    To sign this letter, please send your name and any other information you’d like to include (such as an institutional affiliation) to libertyagainstfascism at gmail dot com.

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