Augustus Invictus Announces Republican 2018 Senate Run

24 thoughts on “Augustus Invictus Announces Republican 2018 Senate Run

  1. Andy

    I don’t think that Augustus Invictus stands a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the Republican US Senate nomination, but his entrance in that race is sure to make it more entertaining.

  2. Steven R Linnabary

    I’ll believe it when I see him pony up the filing fees. Florida has a fairly hefty filing fee, IIRC.

    So far, this is just a feeble attempt at relevancy.


  3. Thane Eichenauer

    Re: Andy’s comment

    I think that any person with the moxie to publicly distribute “A Call for Total Insurrection” has at least a 1% chance of winning and a 3% chance of making a large dent in the multi-gazillion dollar US government. <- "A Call for Total Insurrection"

    Re: Linnabary's comment

    Invictus paid a $10,440 filing fee to become a qualified US Senate candidate in 2016. I don't doubt that he is ready and prepared to do so again to qualify in 2016.

    Personally I look forward to the day he establishes his 2018 campaign web site. The difference between it and his 2016 site will be interesting to examine.

  4. Anthony Dlugos

    Wait till the late night talk shows get a hold of this lunatic and his fake accent.

    If they even bother.

  5. Thomas L. Knapp

    “Invictus paid a $10,440 filing fee to become a qualified US Senate candidate in 2016.”

    Did he ever reveal where that money came from? He stopped filing campaign finance reports months before the primary, at which time he reported having raised about 1/3 that much. I always wondered what he was hiding. I assumed it came from either general Republican sources (e.g. Rubio backers) or specific “let’s wreck the LP” sources (e.g. Roger Stone & Co.).

  6. paulie

    According to a comment on a past thread, unless he switched his registration to Republican a full year before the primary he is not qualified. His announcement of his switch was later than that and he was still taking various actions as an LP member of various committees later than that, so it will be interesting to find out if he switched in time, provided that information is true. It came from a Florida source.

  7. Thomas L. Knapp

    “According to a comment on a past thread, unless he switched his registration to Republican a full year before the primary he is not qualified. ”

    The qualifications for Senate are: 30 years old or older, a US citizen for nine years or more, and inhabitant of the state one represents in the Senate. Nothing in the Constitution about registration schemes.

  8. paulie

    That’s correct, and no one is going to stop him from running as an independent if he can meet those requirements. However, at least according to my source, those are the requirements that apply to the party primaries in Florida. Perhaps those requirements are unconstitutional, but it would take additional resources to challenge them with no guarantee that any such challenge would be resolved before the primary.

  9. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Standing around announcing a political candidacy as the state’s residents are occupied with preparations and evacuations for Hurricane Irma is insensitive at best. If he really cared about Florida’s citizenry he’d be out there helping.

  10. paulie

    He announced it some time ago. I was going to post a story about it myself but then saw the thing about him probably not qualifying for the primary due to switching parties too late.

  11. Richard Winger

    I believe anyone who has his address can phone the county elections office he lives in, and ask when he registered Republican. I think it is public information. I might do it but I don’t know where he lives, although I think it is Orange County. Of course government offices are probably closed today in Florida because of the storm.

    The Florida law, requiring primary candidates to have been in their party a year, would be unconstitutional if any qualified party challenged it. The US Supreme Court said in Tashjian v Republican Party of Connecticut that a law, telling a party that it can’t nominate a non-member, violates the rights of political parties to freedom of association. Only a party has standing to challenge the Florida law.

  12. V for Vagina

    Maurice Kane: you sound like you need a stone to grind that axe on.

    Richard Winger: he was an officer of the Orange County FL LP recently. I have not heard of him moving although apparently he was staying in North or South Carolina for a while so who knows.

  13. Tony From Long Island


    I don’t share you sentiment regarding Paulie, but everyone here knows my opinion of Andy.

    I don’t know why you chose this thread to make your case, but your argument is one I agree with 100%.

  14. Tony From Long Island

    I’m a convicted felon too. Should I leave?

    Is there something wrong with trolling alt-right neo Nazis?

    Every post Paulie makes has some sort of relevance to the thread and isn’t just spam like . . . Andy.

    So, “Maurice,” or “Ronald” or whoever . . . stay focused!

  15. Tony From Long Island

    Andy . . you aren’t important enough to have your own personal government trolls. Paranoia is just part of your sickness.

  16. Tony From Long Island

    This is the first time I’ve actually heard Augie speak. Is the strange accent he uses in this video the “fake” accent people speak of? Sound like a mix of Ted Kennedy and Foghorn Leghorn.

    I’m surprised it didn’t show up as being restricted on my computer like most of the video links on here.

    I could only stand about two minutes of it. Once he said “globalists” I rolled my eyes. The rest was hyperbolic jibber jabber.

  17. Andy

    You think a self professed pagan who talked about sacrificing a goat and drinking its blood, and doing lots of drugs, and banging strippers, and who openly called for armed revolution against the government “fits in” with the Republican Party? I don’t think so.

  18. Matt

    None of that stuff matters anymore. That was yesterday’s Republican Party. As long as he bashes non-white immigrants and Muslims he is exactly where he belongs. Trump wouldn’t have belonged in the Republican Party up until now, but he’s shown what is really their core set of values.

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