Another Write-in Candidate Enters Alabama Senate Race, Gathers Mainstream Coverage

Ballot Access News:

Lee Busby, a former Marine Colonel, and a former aide to current White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, says he is a write-in candidate for U.S. Senate in the Alabama December 12 election.

Breitbart has dubbed Busby McMuffin 2.0.

IPR has previously reported on the write-in campaign of Libertarian Ron Bishop in the same race, and there are a number of other active write-in campaigns. Under Alabama law, no formal declaration of write-in candidacy is required, so voters will be free to write in even the names of candidates who have declined write-in draft efforts, such as the current appointed Senator in that seat Luther Strange and the current Attorney General who held the seat for 20 years Jeff Sessions. So far, Busby seems to be getting more media attention than the other declared write-ins.

Despite increasing numbers of allegations that Moore molested teenage girls when he was in his 30s, he is currently running neck in neck in most polls, and that was before President Trump came off the fence and effectively re-endorsed him just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. Alabama has not elected a Democrat to the US Senate in a quarter century, and the margins are usually well in the double digits. However, Moore has had his support and funding cut by many Republican organizations ranging from the leadership and almost every member of the US Senate, to the Republican National Committee, Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee and Alabama Federation of Young Republicans. There is speculation that if elected he could be expelled from the Senate or denied membership in the Republican Caucus, and that he might switch to the Constitution Party which supports him fully.

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