Libertarian Hopeful enters New Mexico Congressional Race

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that business consultant Lloyd Princeton has announced he will run for Congress from Albuquerque as a Libertarian Party candidate. U.S. Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham has announced a run for Governor, so the district will see an open race with no incumbent.

A strong showing in New Mexico by Gary Johnson in the 2016 race for President will make ballot access easier for Mr Princeton and other Libertarian candidates.

As the Chronicle reports:                                                                                                                 Princeton touted his professional experience at devising growth strategies for small businesses and said he wants to improve the state economy and reduce reliance on the federal government. It will be his first campaign for public office.

“The two-party system has become about jockeying for power between the parties,” said the 48-year-old entrepreneur who relocated two years ago to New Mexico from New York City. “Government at the federal level is getting exponentially bigger without simultaneously solving the problems for the people.”

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