NM Libertarians aiming for full statewide slate

Tris DeRoma at the Los Alamos Monitor via GD’s Political Animal:

January 3, 2018 – “An Albuquerque attorney is in talks with various would-be candidates across the state of New Mexico who are interested in running on the New Mexico Libertarian Party ticket this year.

Attorney A. Blair Dunn, the son of New Mexico Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn, said it’s time to give New Mexicans a third option. He posted an open letter on his Facebook page urging citizens to consider the ‘Liberty’ ticket….

“‘Being a candidate is no easy or comfortable task, but without those willing to put themselves out there in an election, there will be no alternatives that vote for the principles that we all share in, and we would be left to our status quo decision of the lesser of two evils between two parties that have offered no solutions in 100 years of control,’ Dunn said in his letter.

“Dunn declined to mention any candidates that are interested, only saying there would be an official introduction, and announcement as soon as next week.

“‘There will be a slate, I do not know whether or not the land commissioner is going to be on the slate. That is still a decision he’s contemplating,’ Dunn said. ‘But, as far as a Libertarian slate, there is going to be a full slate of candidates for the statewide executive office.’

“That would include governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state and other positions….

“Dunn said the slate is a healthy cross section of New Mexico, young, old, some … former legislators and candidates.

“‘They can articulate what the Libertarian Party means as an opportunity for New Mexico,’ Dunn said. ‘We think that there are a few races, for instance the AG race and a couple others where we can be actual players because the incumbent option is so bad that there’s a real desire for something other than the status quo.'”

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