Friends of Larry Sharpe, Libertarian for Governor of NY ask for $50 donations for his 50th Birthday

Hesham El-Meligy via FB:

Today is Larry Sharpe’s 50th birthday. He is a husband, father, business and leadership executive coach, anti-war veteran, civil rights activist, and candidate for New York State Governor. He lives in the NYC borough of Queens; the most diverse in the United States. He is half black, was an adopted child, and an empathetic, compassionate, eloquent, and charismatic go-getter. I’m proud to call him my brother and lucky to have him as a friend. On his 50th birthday today, I donated $50 to his campaign. No, wait, let me say that correctly: I invested $50 in a movement to make life better for the people of NY. Most people don’t understand the heavy toll running for office outside of the 2-parties has on one’s health, livelihood, and family. You don’t run 3rd party because it’s easier or because you’re greedy. You know you have an uphill battle just to make it on the ballot, let alone getting your message out to the masses. Corporate Republicans and Democrats raise money and get their message on media outlets by selling themselves to lobbyists and special interests. Win or lose, I’m proud of Larry and proud of the best organized 3rd party campaign ever in NYS, and the movement it’s creating to make our lives better. Get to know Larry at, and consider investing a dollar for a better NY.

LPNY is currently collecting 15,000 valid signatures to get on the ballot (estimated 30,000 raw). 50,000 votes in the governors race is their only shot every 4 years to retain ballot access, which LPNY has never yet done although they have come close and other “third” parties have done it before.

One thought on “Friends of Larry Sharpe, Libertarian for Governor of NY ask for $50 donations for his 50th Birthday

  1. paulie Post author

    Erin Pyle Meadors
    July 12 at 6:54 PM

    GUYS!!! This is it!!! 5 hours left to hit $50,000! Please be a part of Larry’s 50 for 50 and tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY with a donation of $500, $50, or $150!

    Don’t forget to share please!!!!

    You can donate here ?????
    Larry's Birthday Fundraiser

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