Montana Court Decision kicks Greens off the ballot

Yesterday a Montana Court ruled in favor of a lawsuit brought by the Montana Democratic Party, thereby kicking the Green Party off the ballot. Among the arguments made by the Democrats was that they would have to work harder and spend more money if the Greens remained on the ballot. Below are responses by members of the Montana Green Party.

Greetings Green folks,

Bad news from the court today.  The Judge granted the Democrats their emergency injunction to remove us from the ballot.  From here we have to either live with this decision or appeal; however our lawyer does not feel like he can afford to continue the process pro bono.  So, we need to determine what is our best way to move forward.

Dani Breck

While Judge Reynolds strict adherence to the letter of the law can be admired, it is indeed an injustice when the rights of over 10,000 Montanans to “petition the government for a redress of grievances” against the corruptions of the 2-party system are abridged.  Disqualification of just 43 petition signatures based on subjective handwriting comparison or on errors in complex and ambiguous clerical procedures, and to order the removal of several earnest and qualified candidates from the public ballot, is truly an insult and an injury to the thousands of Montana citizens who took a stand and asked their government for a new solution.   I look forward to this argument For The People being re-heard on appeal, and this seemingly un-Constitutional judgement overturned.

Thank you, Danielle, for your dedication to this effort.

Doug Campbell
Candidate for U.S. Congress

I firstly want to say how much I love you all! I really appreciate all the love and support you have shown through the whole election process! Even those who didn’t support this cause, actively fought against it, or could care less either way, I also have love for you!

I continue to believe that the policies of our government must be focused on environmental and social consciousness.

Due to the ruling of Judge Reynolds this morning in Helena, The Courts have granted the Lawsuit in favor of the Montana Democratic Party, and thusly I have been removed from the November General Election.

Although I very much look forward to the countless hours of the Judicial Appeals process, Effectively this means that as of Today, July 9, 2018, My campaign has been forced to an end.

Even though it is a somewhat heartbreaking moment, from the Bottom of my heart, I thank you all so much

  • for supporting the cause of ending the corporate law of money that afflicts our state and nation
  • for supporting the cause of protecting the air we breath and the water we drink from the grasp of corporate privatization and monopolization
  • for supporting the cause of providing free education for our youth and bailing out a generation of students trapped by the cage of collegiate debt
  • for supporting the cause of believing that the health and welfare of our people is a right and not a privilege of wealth
  • for supporting the cause of forever banning the practice of Hydraulic Fracking, which poisons our waters to this day
  • for supporting the cause of ending the racist war on drugs, and educating the people to the medicinal and psychological benefits provided by Marijuana
  • for supporting the cause of love in our society, and the protection of our fellow Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, 2-spirit and Queer Brothers and Sisters
  • for supporting the cause of rejecting Columbus Day in the State of Montana in favor of the Recognition of Indigenous Peoples Day
  • for supporting the cause of bringing PEACE to the world in ending perpetual Corporate Backed World Warfare
  • for supporting the cause of ridding the influence of Corporate Money in our Political Practice

For these reasons among countless countless others, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I shall forever continue to fight for these reasons, and urge you all to go out and support all the candidates who truly believe in these issues, and how they will benefit the world.

While this door has been closed with locks that I have not the keys for, I can not wait to see which window opens next.

Keep Optimism in your Hearts

May The Music Forever Play On

Adrien Owen Wagner

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  1. George Phillies

    If you can’t advance, send a message to all your members, urging them that payback is voting for the Republican in these races. Be sure every member of the Democratic State Committee and the County chairs gets a copy of your appeal to your members.

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